Fox News Hack Laura Ingraham Draws Trump’s Wrath for Showing a Poll that Affirms He’s a Loser

The 2024 primary for the Republican nomination for president is already in full swing with five declared candidates vying to upset the party’s entrenched cult messiah, Donald Trump. And that doesn’t even include undeclared, but probable, candidates Ron DeSantis and Mike Pence, and at least eight others.

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Laura Ingraham, Fox News

For his part, Trump has been waging a feeble campaign from the safety of his Mar-a-Lago bunker, where he frantically posts demented comments on his floundering Twitter scam, Truth Social. Occasionally he will venture out to attend a cult rally or participate in a dreadful, so-called town hall on CNN.

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On Tuesday morning Trump excoriated his Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News, for failing to be unflinchingly worshipful. It’s a posture he has assumed frequently as of late. Earlier this week he complained about a segment that didn’t damn DeSantis to hell, saying that “He sucks, and so does Fox News.” But on this occasion, the target of Trump’s tantrum was one of his most devoted boosters on the network, Laura Ingraham. Trump bellowed that…

“Laura Ingraham on FoxNews just did a hit piece on me (there go her ratings!) showing some polls which indicate that Ron DeSanctimonious may do better against Biden than I would, when actually polls show that I do MUCH better against Biden than ‘Rob.’ The poll your looking at now, which has me doing far better against Crooked Joe, was just put out by FOX, I am sure unhappily. I’m also leading DeSanctus by over 40 points in Primary Voting. Watch Greg Kelly on Newsmax at 10:00 P.M.”

What triggered Trump was a segment on Ingraham’s show Monday night, wherein her conservative pundit guest blasphemed Trump’s divine infallibility saying that…

“Donald Trump, in almost all the polls that we’ve seen that have been done so far, granted it’s early, is behind Joe Biden. Now Joe Biden is running pretty badly against generic Republicans, maybe against a Tim Scott or against a Ron DeSantis type figure, but he’s consistently beating Donald Trump.”

Ingraham should know better than to ever say anything that isn’t utterly adoring of Trump. Doing so lands you a spot on his ever-growing enemies list. And to suggest that President Biden could defeat Trump – which he did decisively already – is unadulterated heresy.

Trump is doing his part to destroy Fox News, which may be the only thing he has ever done to benefit American society. However, his assault on Ingraham may be wasted considering that she is already rumored to have lost her primetime spot in the wake of the firing of Tucker Carlson. Fox has announced programming changes that would move wingnuts Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld to primetime, which would mean Ingraham is pushed out.

Newsmax has been the beneficiary of the Carlson dumping as Fox News ratings have cratered since then, and some of that audience has migrated to Newsmax. Trump’s post exacerbates that exodus as he urges his cult followers to flip over to the ultra-rightist Newsmax during Ingraham’s 10:00pm time period.

As for the battle between Trump and DeSantis, there are several polls that show DeSantis doing better than Trump against Biden. But Trump is known for denying reality and/or deceiving his followers to insist that he is always winning whatever fight he’s in. Never mind that he has been singularly responsible for Republican losses in 2020 and 2022. And there’s no reason not to assume that he won’t have the same impact in 2024. Even without Fox News to prop him up.

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