Trump Spills that CNN Made Him ‘a Deal I Couldn’t Refuse’ to Get Him to Do Their Town Hall

Last Week CNN announced that they will be hosting a town hall with Donald Trump, the twice-impeached leader of a seditionist conspiracy who is currently being investigated for a multitude of crimes, including rape, defamation, financial and tax fraud, hush money payments, hoarding classified materials, election interference, and plotting a violent coup.

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Donald Trump, CNN

Trump has already been found guilty of 17 criminal felonies for falsifying business records, and was recently indicted for 34 felony charges related to his affair with porn star, Stormy Daniels. Previously his “charity” was found to be a scam and shut down, and his “university” was closed and ordered to pay $25 million in restitution to its students/victims.

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In light of that rap sheet, CNN thinks it’s a good idea to give Trump an hour of valuable air time for him to lie, obfuscate, evade, and ramble incoherently. This “town hall” is being portrayed as a forum for “undeclared voters” who CNN defines as those who “plan to vote in the 2024 GOP presidential primary.” Which is the opposite of “undeclared.” And on Tuesday morning Trump posted a comment on his failing Twitter scam, Truth Social, bragging about his scheduled appearance on CNN:

“I’ll be doing CNN tomorrow night, LIVE from the Great State of New Hampshire, because they are rightfully desperate to get those fantastic (TRUMP!) ratings once again. They made me a deal I couldn’t refuse!!! Could be the beginning of a New & Vibrant CNN, with no more Fake News, or it could turn into a disaster for all, including me. Let’s see what happens? Wednesday Night at 8:00!!!”

For a change, Trump is right about CNN being “desperate” for ratings. However, he may be exaggerating his ability to produce them. He has built a puny audience of diehard cultists at his Truth Social website. Attendance at his rallies has been rapidly declining. His segments on Fox News don’t increase their viewership. And he would likely be even less of a draw on CNN, a network that his most devoted fans refuse to watch.

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What’s worse is that his comment let slip that CNN “made me a deal I couldn’t refuse” in order to secure his participation. So you have to wonder precisely what CNN offered Trump to get him to agree to appear on a network that he regards as “fake news” and insists that nobody watches. A clue might be in CNN’s statement that the Trump event would be “the first of many in the coming months.”

CNN appears to be making good on the journalistically inappropriate promise of its new CEO, Chris Licht, to make the network “more Republican friendly.” However, it is wholly irresponsible for CNN to gift a criminal like Trump air time to unleash his fantastical delusions and totalitarian dreams. The media has no obligation to hand over its air to traitors whose past behavior has resulted in violence. and who has shown no indication of altering that behavior. Even if such a despicable person were running for president.

Exacerbating CNN’s poor judgment is the fact that their town hall may be one of the few public appearances by Trump not confined to situations that he controls, such as his rallies and interviews on friendly networks.

Trump has already indicated that he will not participate in GOP primary debates run by his own Republican Party. So CNN is aiding and abetting his cowardice by allowing him a platform where he is unlikely to face any challenges or fact-checking. And by doing so, CNN is shredding what’s left of their own already tattered reputation.

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UPDATE: Trump was just found liable for sexually abusing and defaming E. Jean Carrol. Let’s see if that’s brought up in the town hall tomorrow, or if Trump even shows up.

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