DeSantis Issues a Fascist Fatwa on Fox News to ‘Destroy Leftism’ – Meaning Millions of Americans

The race to the bottom in the 2024 Republican presidential primary continues apace now that Ron DeSantis is officially a candidate. Never mind that his announcement on Twitter was glitch-filled farce. And set aside that he is trailing Donald Trump by anywhere between 20 and 60 points.

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Ron DeSantis

Despite Trump’s lead among the MAGA cult that dominates the Republican Party, he is feverishly obsessed with the threat that DeSantis poses to his quest for the nomination. Trump posts more comments on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, about DeSantis than any other single subject. Yet he cheerfully welcomes all other GOP contenders into the fray. There’s a reason for that…

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Meanwhile, DeSantis is parading around on right-wing media, hoping to prove that he is more Trumpy than Trump. On virtually every issue DeSantis is running to Trump’s right. He’ll deport more immigrants than Trump. He’ll ban more books than Trump. He hates LGBTQ+ people more than Trump. He’ll suppress more votes than Trump.

Most of all, DeSantis pledges to wage a more hostile, censorious, and totalitarian war against “woke” (whatever that means) than Trump. Even if that means the political genocide of his ideological foes. On Monday morning DeSantis was on Fox News responding why he thinks this is the right time for his campaign…

“Everyone knows that if I’m the nominee that I will beat Biden. I will serve two terms. And I will be able to destroy leftism in this country, and leave ‘woke’ ideology on the dustbin of history.”

First of all, if virtually every recent poll is any indication, DeSantis has little hope of beating President Biden, much less serving two terms. But more disturbing is his promise to “destroy leftism.” Bearing in mind that what Republicans mean when they say anything about the “left” in American politics is every member of, and voter for, the Democratic Party. Republicans thinks that Joe Manchin is a leftist. Having a “D” after your name is a scarlet letter denoting a devotion to Marxism, according to the tunnel-blind cretins of the GOP.

Consequently, DeSantis is advocating the elimination of at least half of the American people. And he thinks that that will be an effective campaign strategy. While it might have some appeal to the glassy-eyed cultists who vote in GOP primaries, it would be disastrous in the general election.

DeSantis is just trying to prove his bona fides as an aspiring autocrat in the mold of Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, and Donald Trump. He believes that diverse opinions and free thought must be stamped out in favor of a philosophy of single minded thought control, and punishment – even destruction – for any offenders. His election to any office is a threat to freedom. And it is a course of action he has already implemented in Florida. He must not be permitted to spread it nationwide.

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