Trump Files Ludicrous Lawsuit Against the Washington Post for Defaming His Truth Social Scam

The only business activity that Donald Trump has ever demonstrated any commitment to is baseless and bitter litigation against other enterprises that he is unable to compete with honestly, or simply refuses to deal with fairly. His lawsuits are not much more than personal attacks on anyone he can’t bully into submission.

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Among the targets of Trump’s pathological litigiousness are media outlets that he believes have blasphemed him or failed to appreciate his divine infallibility. More often than not, his efforts have led to legal humiliation as the cases are dismissed or dropped or lost outright. Which is the likely outcome of his latest loopy lawsuit.

The Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), the parent company of his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, has just announced that it is suing the Washington Post for $3.7 billion dollars for defamation, a figure far in excess of what Trump’s anti-social media firm is actually worth.

Trump has no basis for this suit. For one thing, he is constantly claiming that his Pravda Social is a massive success, greatly eclipsing Twitter. Also, it’s hard to defame a business that began as a fraud and went downhill from there. Nevertheless, according to reports

“The lawsuit, filed by Trump Media & Technology Group Corp (TMTG) in Florida’s Sarasota County, claims that a 13 May article that alleged the company may have committed securities fraud was false and defamatory, and posed an ‘existential threat.’

“The article titled ‘Trust linked to porn-friendly bank could gain a stake in Trump’s Truth Social’ alleged that the company had concealed key details about a proposed merger from the Securities and Exchange Commission and shareholders, citing internal documents provided by a whistleblower.”

Right off the bat, Trump’s lawsuit is invalid. He cannot claim defamation if the Post reported that TMTG, which is being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), “may have committed securities fraud.” That’s an accurate presentation of facts. Furthermore, the Post is merely reporting what is happening as sourced to a whistleblower from within TMTG.

Among other things, the SEC is probing TMTG and Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC), the shell company that TMTG is using to get a place on the stock exchange, for possible insider trading and stock fraud. Trump’s operation is also the subject of a Grand Jury investigation in New York. What’s more, it was recently revealed that Truth Social may have violated money laundering statutes in connection with the acceptance of $8 million in Russian funds connected to Vladimir Putin.

The litany of lawsuits by Trump & Co. have not only named the Washington Post, but also the New York Times, CNN, and others. He has even sued the board of the Pulitzer Prize committee to demand that they revoke awards given to the Post and the Times for their accurate reporting on his unsavory associations with Russia and Putin’s assistance during his presidential campaigns. For a primer on Trump’s legal maneuvers, see the following…

Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ Faces Legal and Financial Turmoil Amid Disclosures of Russian Funding
The report notes that the sources of the funding include the off-shore Paxum Bank, based in the Caribbean island nation, Dominica. It is notorious for “providing banking services for the pornography and sex worker industries, which makes it higher risk of engaging in money laundering and other illicit financing.”

Trump Sues the Pulitzer Prize Board for Honoring Accurate Stories of His Russian Collusion
The Pulitzer Board had an independent review conducted after receiving a demand from Trump to rescind the awards. That review found that “no passages or headlines, contentions or assertions in any of the winning submissions were discredited by facts that emerged subsequent to the conferral of the prizes.”

After Goofy Lawsuit Against CNN, Trump Threatens More Suits, Including the January 6th Committee
The crux of Trump’s complaint is that CNN’s use of labels describing him as a “racist,” “Russian lackey,” “insurrectionist,” and comparable to Hitler are defamatory. Apparently his lawyers have not advised him that the truth is a solid defense against allegations of defamation.

Trump Attorney Announces Laughable Lawsuit Against CNN for Accurately Calling Trump a Liar
Lindsey Halligan, one of a string of Trump’s incompetent attorneys, appeared this week on recently convicted Steve Bannon’s ‘War Room’ podcast to announce a threat to sue CNN. The complaint is typically preposterous and offers more opportunity for comedy than for anything of any legal importance.

LOCK HIM UP: Trump’s TRUTH Social Scam is Being Criminally Investigated By a Federal Grand Jury
Digital World Acquisition Corp., revealed in a securities filing Monday that it became aware on June 16 that each member of its board of directors received subpoenas from a federal grand jury in New York.

Trump’s Lawsuit Against His Niece Mary and the NY Times is a Confession that She’s Telling the Truth
Trump announced his latest legal misadventure wherein he is suing his niece, Mary Trump, and the New York Times for, as stated in the filing, “tortiously breaching and/or interfering with his contractual rights and otherwise maliciously conspiring against him.” Because paranoid delusions are another of his known psychoses.

So this latest lawsuit stunt is just another in the series of Trump’s ridiculous and malicious legal misadventures. There is no plausible path for success in these suits. But since Trump is spending the money that he has conned from his cult followers, what does he care about it? He’ll just whine that courts are all rigged after he loses again.

UPDATE: Trump elaborates on his whining with a another post saying “So Dominion gets almost a Billion Dollars and I, after years of Fake News, Hoaxes, Scams, and Investigations, am entitled to NOTHING? Is that really the way it’s supposed to work? I don’t think so!”

Actually, that is precisely the way it works. Dominion proved their case in court. Trump has failed repeatedly, because he has no evidence and no case.

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