Jim Jordan’s Judiciary Committee Threatens the First Amendment Rights of American Businesses

The Republican Party has long sought to be the torch carriers for corporations, spearheading their interests by slashing taxes and regulations to the detriment of the American people who are forced to take up the slack. But then, it was the GOP justices on on the Supreme Court who decided that corporations are, in their warped view, people.

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Donald Trump, Boycott

Somehow, that pro-corp bias on the part of the right has been flipped as Republicans are now feverishly engaged in battle with the businesses and lobbyists that they previously catered to. It isn’t a coincidence that this transformation took place during the era of Donald Trump, who has turned “retribution” for any ideological divergence from his doctrine into a political mandate. It’s framed as a “War on Woke,” whatever the heck that means.

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This diseased philosophy is bad enough when it is espoused by individual politicians and pundits. But it is significantly worse, and more dangerous, when the official gears of governmet are grinding it out. Which is precisely what happened on late Wednesday night when Jim Jordan, the Republican chair of the House Judiciary Committee, tweeted this: “Bud Light. Disney. Target. Go WOKE. Go BROKE.”

First of all, if anything is “broke” it’s Jordan’s brain. The companies he is singling out are not remotely at risk for going broke. They are, in fact, among the most profitable businesses in the country/world.

More to the point, what Jordan is doing here is overtly threatening American companies with bankruptcy, or other financial vengeance dealt out by the government, for daring to exercise their constitutional rights under the First Amendment. In this case, the companies offended Republicans by expressing their support for their LGBTQ+ customers. Which is, of course, entirely legal, not that Jordan or the GOP care.

This is not merely an attack on American companies conducting business as they see fit. It is an attack on American workers who would be harmed if these companies suffered financially due to Jordan’s unlawful, autocratic bullying. It is also an attack on local economies that could suffer when businesses are forced to alter their growth plans. Just ask Ron DeSantis, whose feud with Disney resulted in the company canceling plans for an office – and 2,000 jobs – in Florida after he began retaliating against them for rejecting his bigotry.

These neo-fascist tactics by the Trumpian GOP are not new. Jordan recently threatened the anti-trust status of Major League Baseball. Not because that status may not be warranted as a matter of economic policy, but because the League scheduled a “Pride” night to honor their LGBTQ+ fans. And Trump himself has advocated for boycotts of dozens of American companies, including Apple, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Citigroup, Oreos, etc.

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Jordan is not alone in his mission to tear down American companies. He is joined by the GOP’s misnamed “Freedom Caucus” and by, of course, Fox News. Yet all of these fatuous phonies persist in pretending to be pro-business and free speech. But their lies are on display where everyone can see them. They hate American business. They hate American workers. They hate America.


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