Fox News White House Hack, Peter Doocy, Wants to Know Why Biden’s Staff ‘Treat Him Like a Baby’

The absolute dearth of spreadable pseudo-scandals is hitting Fox News especially hard these days. And President Biden’s near flawless presidency isn’t helping matters any for the propagandists at Fox. The success of the President’s agenda is forcing right-wing media to dig ever deeper into their bag of bullsh*t to find suitable slander.

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Fox News, Peter Doocy, Karine Jean-Pierre

The folks at Fox News must be remembering fondly the days when they were able to yammer endlessly about the horror of Biden eating ice cream or riding his bike. And of course, anything remotely involving Hunter Biden and his “laptop from hell.”

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The Fox News White House correspondent, Peter Doocy, has always been at the front of the line to disparage Biden with baseless – and frequently bizarre – allegations stuffed into awkwardly loaded questions. On Tuesday he didn’t bother to disguise his bias at all when he aske White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, the following question…

Doocy: President Biden is the oldest president in U.S. History. Why does White House staff treat him like a baby?
Jean-Pierre: No one treats the President of the United States, the commander in chief like a baby. That’s a ridiculous claim.
Doocy: There’s this book that says when staff walked back what sounded like the call for regime change in Russia, the President quote, ‘Rather than owning the failure he fumes to friends about how he was treated like a toddler. Was John Kennedy ever babied like that?’
Jean-Pierre: Look. I’ll say this. There’s gonna always be a range of books about every administration, as you know, that’s gonna have a variety of claims. […] We dispute the context of the excerpt. And it seems to be making the opposite point about how the value of his experience and wisdom resulted in rallying the free world against authoritarianism.

First of all, Jean-Pierre was wrong about no one treating a president like a baby. Trump’s staff did it for four years. They literally had to dumb-down documents that they showed him so that he could understand them. And they even spiced up his Daily Security Briefs (not that he would bother to read or pay attention to them), inserting charts and pictures and his name in order to ensure that he would remain interested.

More to the point, Doocy was referring to the book (that he didn’t bother to identify) The Last Politician by Frank Foer. The book does contain the exchange above, but what Biden was talking about was his staff clarifying his remarks in a way that “creat[ed] the impression that they had cleaned up his mess.” It had nothing to do with policy and was not a blanket complaint about how he was treated. It was about style, not substance, and was a one-off critique.

This is, however, typical of the shoddy and partisan inquisitions engaged in by Doocy and others at Fox News. His record of asking utterly ludicrous questions that are actually thinly disguised accusations speaks for itself. What follows is a brief sampling of some his more humiliating moments…

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