Adam Schiff Shames the GOP for its ‘Willingness to Debase Themselves in the Service of Trump’

From its inception, the Cult of Trump has been fueled by a Republican Party that is cowardly or corrupt, or more accurately, both. They were too afraid to hold Trump accountable when they had the opportunity during his two impeachments. And ever since they have remained terrified of invoking his impotent wrath or that of his glassy-eyed disciples.

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Consequently, Trump remains the leading candidate for the GOP’s presidential nomination. And most of the other candidates have promised to support him, even if he is convicted of any or all of the 91 felony counts currently pending against him in his four criminal indictments. They are so proud of their fealty to the Party’s mob boss that they made their devotion known on national television.

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On Sunday morning Rep. Adam Schiff was interviewed by Jen Psaki on MSNBC. And he had some pertinent points to make about the Republican embrace of purposeful and depraved lawlessness. Psaki approached the discussion with a question about the GOP’s enthusiasm for shutting down the government. She specifically referenced Marjorie Taylor Greene’s utterly inane promise to halt critical federal activities – including Social Security and veterans benefits, law enforcement, financial aid for low income families, etc. – if her colleagues refuse to go along with her obsession to impeach President Biden for no discernible reason…

Psaki: Shutting the government down has implications on the public broadly. What is your reaction to her tying a government shutdown to an impeachment inquiry?
Schiff: It just shows the extreme lengths they’ll go to carry water for Donald Trump. They’ll shut down the government. They’ll do whatever they can to initiate an impeachment of Joe Biden. And part of the motivation here, of course, is to distract from Donald Trump’s multiple indictments. Part of it is to somehow try to dilute the stain of Trump’s impeachments. But the common denominator is just this unswerving, undeniable willingness to debase themselves in the service of Donald Trump. (Emphasis added).

Indeed, debasing themselves has become a routine part of today’s Republican Party. Whether they are defending the violent January 6th insurrectionists, seeking to criminalize abortion, organizing book bannings and beer boycotts, imposing racist restrictions on voting, and as always, kissing Trump’s – let’s just say ring. Schiff then continued…

Schiff: I think that many of them would like to shut down the government anyway. This will just give them further leverage to try to shut down the government, having failed to default on the nation’s credit. Many see this as the next demonstration of their commitment to god knows what. So I fear that we are on a path to government shutdown because there are enough members of the Republican conference who want it, and Kevin McCarthy will do whatever it takes to remain Speaker one more day, or one more week. That’s his sole motivation.

Clearly Kevin McCarthy and the Republican Party has given up entirely on advocating an agenda that has any appeal to the American people. They are wholly focused on slandering Biden and his family over baseless allegations for which their evidence is so thin that even some at Fox News aren’t buying it. Meanwhile they are propping up Dear Leader Trump whose crimes are well documented and mostly affirmed by other Republicans and members of Trump’s staff. All they have left is Trump worship and Biden hatred.

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Democrats, on the other hand, are delivering for the American people on matters of great importance, including jobs, reducing drug and healthcare costs, restoring the nation’s infrastructure, supporting abortion rights, mitigating climate change, and defending democracy around the world. It’s a platform that broad majorities of the public support in principle. Democrats just need to better connect the dots between their popular policies and their President. Then let Republicans continue to sabotage their own electoral prospects by clinging to their abhorrent agenda and a soon-to-be convicted criminal candidate.


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