OH NO! Fox News Frets About Government Shutdown Because it Might Stall the Biden Impeachment

There is less than one week to go before the Republican Congress throws the U.S. government into yet another costly shutdown. In that time the GOP will likely continue debating against itself and making threats aimed at Democrats that will ultimately result in harm to the American people.

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GOP House Squeaker, Kevin McCarthy, has totally lost control of his caucus, Twice he failed to advance a rule allowing the pending appropriations bills to be debated. All of the opposition is coming from within his own party, who seem to believe that a shutdown would actually be beneficial. Sure it is. So long as you don’t ask the millions of Americans who rely on services related to everything from building permits, to interstate and international travel, to financial aid, to veterans benefits, to tax information and filing, and so much more.

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On Sunday morning GOP Sen. Mike Lee was interviewed on Fox News by their Senior Trump-Fluffer, Maria Bartiromo. During their chat Bartiromo and Lee expressed their deep concern as to the potential disruptions that a shutdown would cause. And in this segment they revealed what they regard as the most pertinent matter facing the nation…

Bartiromo: If we see a government shutdown does the investigation of President Biden stop? We’ve learned so much about what he and his family have been doing in the last decade.
Lee: And those allegations are very troubling. They need to be investigated. And I applaud Speaker McCarthy for launching this inquiry. I am aware of no reason, Maria, why that inquiry could not continue if the government were to shut down temporarily. There is nothing suggesting to me that Congress can’t do its work if that happens. In any event, we shouldn’t use that as an excuse unilaterally to disarm and to accede to whatever the Democrats want.

So with vital government services at risk of being curtailed, the top priority for Bartiromo and Lee is a bogus impeachment inquiry into baseless allegations against President Biden. And Bartiromo’s claim that “We’ve learned so much” about alleged Biden wrongdoing is patently false. To the contrary, every attempt to manufacture some pseudo-scandal actually resulted in proof that Biden and his administration have been extraordinarily honest and ethical.

As for Lee’s reassurance to Bartiromo that the shutdown wouldn’t impede the ill-considered inquiry, he is either placating her wingnut anxieties, or he is woefully ignorant of congressional business. While Congress can continue to operate during a shutdown, each member would make decisions as to which staffers would be considered “essential” and keep working. The others would be furloughed. And while the member would continue to be paid, none of the remaining staff would be until the shutdown was over.

What’s more, offices in other branches of government would be closed or reduced in staff during a shutdown. So any requests made by the GOP’s investigating committees would not be able to be answered. Which would, in effect, shut down their work, other than to whine about how the administration is allegedly stonewalling them.

It’s notable that Lee’s position contradicts that of McCarthy, whose post as House leader is more directly responsible for these considerations. And on this matter McCarthy made it clear that a shutdown would indeed impact any pending House investigations. As reported by Reuters

“The looming U.S. government shutdown that some hardline Republicans, including Donald Trump, are cheering for could slow one of their other priorities: the recently launched impeachment inquiry of Democratic President Joe Biden. […] ‘If we shut down, all of government shuts it down, investigation and everything else,’ McCarthy said in an interview with Fox News.

As usual, the GOP is a cesspool of chaos and lies. And it shouldn’t surprise anyone that what worries Republicans should a shutdown occur does not seem to include the loss of critical services that Americans rely on, including housing and food programs for low-income families and seniors, learning and education assistance for students, job training and placement for veterans and the un- and under-employed.

Their only concern is that a shutdown could stall their brazenly partisan political attacks on Biden and his family. Which is further evidence – as if it were necessary – that Republicans couldn’t possibly care less about the American people. They only care about advancing their lust for profit and power. And to hell with the needs of their constituents. It’s an old story that just gets more repulsive with each retelling.


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