Wannabe Messiah Trump Claims to Be Standing Up to the ‘Demonic Forces’ Destroying Our Country

How did America get to be so lucky as to have its own personal savior fighting a solitary battle against the armies of Satan who are seeking to annihilate all traces of goodness and light from a nation of blind believers? It surely is a blessing that the prospect of a dystopian future has been foiled due to the divine deeds of the deified Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump Messiah

That’s how Trump has been presenting himself and his mission ever since he descended from the heavens on a golden escalator. He views the country as being in a downward spiral that only he can prevent. America is, in his diseased mind, a hell-hole wherein its suffering citizens are too scared to venture from their besieged abodes into a world of terror and pain.

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Coming to the rescue is Dear Leader Trump, who has been anointed by god to confront the evil that has enveloped the nation. And it’s a role that he takes on with pride in order to free his people from perdition and servitude. He told his cult followers at the “Pray Vote Stand” summit sponsored by the ultra-rightist Family Research Council that…

“I wanted to, and had to, stand up to the communists, the Marxists, and the atheists, and the evil and demonic forces that want to destroy our country. They’re destroying our country. I took their fire and I did it gladly. I’m protecting the people in this room, I’m protecting the people of this nation. And I have to tell you it’s not easy. But it’s something that’s such an honor to be doing.”

If anyone is a “demonic force” that is trying to “destroy our country” maybe it’s the guy who was impeached twice and is currently awaiting trial on four criminal indictments with 91 felony counts, including conspiring to overthrow the government and undermine democracy. And it’s hard to argue that you are “gladly” taking fire, when all you ever do is whine and lie and unleash hostile assaults on dedicated public servants in law enforcement, the Justice Department, the judiciary, the media, and any politician that doesn’t kiss your…let’s say ring.

As an example of Trump’s commitment to battling evil, consider his outburst on Friday at the same summit wherein he attacked special counsel Jack Smith saying that…

“He is a deranged individual and he wants to take away my First Amendment rights. They went to court to get an order that I can’t speak.”

What Trump is referring to is the special counsel’s request that the court instruct Trump to refrain from threatening and intimidating persons connected to his indictments. The motion asserted that…

“Like his previous public disinformation campaign regarding the 2020 presidential election, the defendant’s recent extrajudicial statements are intended to undermine public confidence in an institution [and] intimidate individuals — the Court, the jury pool, witnesses, and prosecutors. […] The defendant knows that when he publicly attacks individuals and institutions, he inspires others to perpetrate threats and harassment against his targets.”

It’s notable that Trump’s attack on Smith came after the special counsel’s motion. So in effect, Trump has bolstered the argument that his comments should be constrained. Also, contrary to his pathetic yelping and delusions of victimhood, Trump’s First Amendment rights are not being infringed. The Constitution doesn’t protect threats and intimidation, especially against court officers, witnesses, and potential jurors.

However, when you regard yourself as a holy warrior and disciple of god, anything you say and do is within the realm of divinity. And that is how Trump sees himself and his messianic mission. Or at least that’s how he wants his tiny klan of glassy-eyed disciples to see him. And sadly, too many of them do


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