HUH? Fox News Can’t Figure Out Why Democrats Support Democrats Over Republicans for President

The bitter and blatantly partisan biases of Fox News have been evident since its inception nearly thirty years ago. But despite the fact that their political prejudices are well known, they still persist in pretending that they are a legitimate journalistic enterprise. They aren’t fooling anyone.

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Nevertheless, Fox News continues to make believe they’re just like other mainstream media outlets. And that futile effort just becomes more conspicuously preposterous every day. You might think that after three decades of dishonest propaganda, Fox News would have gotten pretty good at it. But that is clearly not the case. Even with their hyperactive coverage of the bogus Biden impeachment inquiry being pushed by the Republicans in the House of Representatives, Fox can’t produce a coherent argument to support their position.

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On Monday morning the cast of Fox’s “Outnumbered,” wherein four conservative women and one right-wing man bash President Biden for an hour, did a segment on a recent CNN poll that found 67% of Democrats were open to candidates other than Biden for president. Setting aside their newfound respect for “fake news” CNN, the Foxies found themselves in a quandary regarding the question on Democratic voter preferences. Their confusion manifested in the following exchange between co-host Harris Faulkner and fellow co-host Kayleigh McEnany (who is also Donald Trump’s former press secretary)…

McEnany: What we are seeing in polling is that 67% of Democrats are say they want a different candidate than Joe Biden.
Faulkner: The problem with that are the 33% that actually want Biden. And the 67% aren’t saying that they’ll take, as I like to say, anybody but Biden. They might not take a Republican. And that is the challenge here. Yeah, they might take a Gavin Newsom or a Gretchen Whitmer, we can’t figure out why, but they might over a Republican.”

So Faulkner and her confederates “can’t figure out why” Democratic voters would prefer Democratic candidates for president over Republicans? Let’s see if we can’t help them out a bit, shall we?

To begin with, Democrats are Democrats. That ought to end the debate right there. But Fox News and Republicans are so ideologically isolated, and so far removed from reality, that they can’t imagine anyone supporting the party that has brought more liberty, equality, and prosperity to the United States than any other party.

So let’s give them a little more to chew on. The examples that Faulkner gave as possible Biden alternatives – Gavin Newsom of California and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan – are two of the most successful and effective governors in America. They could be joined by Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania, Andy Beshear of Kentucky, Wes Moore of Maryland, and any number of Democrats in other state and federal offices. And that includes Vice-President Kamala Harris. The Democrats have a decidedly deep bench if they need one. Which they don’t, since Biden is running with a record of unprecedented success.

Perhaps the best reason for, not only Democrats but all Americans, to vote for a Democrat is the person currently leading the Republican Party’s primary contest, Donald Trump. The nation certainly doesn’t need a twice-impeached, four-time indicted (on 91 felony counts), ultra-rightist, financially corrupt, Putin-loving, pathological liar, and rapist, who led a violent insurrection to overthrow the government, to be given another opportunity to advance his authoritarian aspirations.

What’s more, the rest of the GOP field (DeSantis, Ramaswamy, Haley, Scott, Pence, etc.) aren’t any better. They are all conservative extremists who oppose the American people on most issues, including abortion, taxes, immigration, guns, climate change, education, etc. They also pledged to support Trump if he is the eventual nominee, even if he is convicted of numerous felonies.

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Yet somehow, the folks on Fox News can’t comprehend why anyone would support Democrats for president or any other office. That’s because the Foxies and GOP politicos don’t really give a damn about America or the American people. They are fixated solely on their quest for power and personal greed. And on that measure, they have many candidates who will satisfy them. So expect Fox News to remain loyal to the greediest, most corrupt, power seeker of them all, Donald Trump. In fact, Fox News is just as culpable for the crimes of Trump as Trump is himself.


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