Wannabe Messiah Trump Claims that Only He Can ‘End the Bloodshed and Bring Peace to the World’

The raging Ego of Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump, is once again presenting himself in the terms of the Western hemisphere’s most divine savior of mankind. Trump has often taken on the mantle of holiness despite his conspicuous lack of spirituality and ignorance of the faith he pretends to follow.

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Donald Trump Messiah

Trump’s messiah complex has emerged previously when literally exalting himself the as “Chosen One” and the “Second Coming” of god. When he wasn’t claiming to be the incarnation of Jesus, Trump has outright asserted that he is “the most honest human being god ever created” Never mind that he is the same person who couldn’t cite a single bible verse as his favorite and has no idea what “Original Sin” means.

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On this Sunday morning Trump is, as usual, abstaining from church so that he can post his own revelatory wisdom on his floundering Twitter scam, Truth Social. And the sermon for today is about how Trump is the only person on the planet who can save humanity from World War III. No, really. He posted the following comment for his cult followers:

“Biden continues to bring the world ever closer to nuclear war. I alone am the candidate who can prevent World War 3. I will end the killing and bloodshed and bring peace to Europe and the World!”

Trump is responding to recent reports that President Biden is approving another $375 million dollars in aid to Ukraine, and authorizing F-16 flight training for Ukrainians. It’s affirmation of his commitment to help Ukraine in its battle for democracy for as long it takes.

Trump, on the other hand, is laser focused on helping Vladimir Putin continue to commit war crimes and slaughter Ukrainian civilians. More to the point, if Trump has a plan to end Russia’s war of aggression and avoid World War III, why has he been refusing to tell anyone? Does he want millions to die in a worldwide conflagration that he claims to be able to prevent? Because in a best case scenario from his perspective, he wouldn’t be president until January of 2025, and by then we would all be dead.

More likely, Trump’s “peace” plan is similar to is his infrastructure plan, or his healthcare plan, or his border wall, or any of the other phantom initiatives he claimed were two weeks away. And to the extent that it might exist, probably consists of cutting off aid to Ukraine and letting Putin get everything he wants.

This isn’t the first time that Trump has claimed to have a peace proposal that only he knows about, but would work within 24 hours. And it’s typical of his glorified vision of himself as the world’s sole salvation. But in reality, Trump may be the closest America has come to commencing Armageddon. And nothing affirms that more than his his own words…



6 thoughts on “Wannabe Messiah Trump Claims that Only He Can ‘End the Bloodshed and Bring Peace to the World’

  1. I cannot understand how anyone can still believe anything that this moron says!

  2. Right. He’ll end the war in Ukraine. He’s already said how he’ll do it .. by giving Putin whatever he asks for. “You want cities, Vlad? Which ones? You want the Ukraine and Crimea? Oh, and Hawaii and Alaska? Got it. Greenland? Don’t worry.” Never mind he doesn’t have the authority to do any of that. That’s how he’d end the war.

  3. Nothing in his entire life has ever justified the worship and masturbation Donald Trump receives daily from his followers. I will NEVER understand how people believe him despite demonstrating over and other that his word cannot be taken seriously! EVER! This also applies to his Church of the SubMoron, Fux Spews.

    And the Traitors all proclaim that WE worship Barack Obama in the same way. No. Not. A. Bit. NO ONE is worshiped like the Traitors worship Their God Trumpovah. Not the Christian God. Not Buddha. Not Xemu. Not even Allah.

    How is this permitted to continue happening in an era of instant communications and social media? As we barrel into the future, we’re supposed to be MORE knowledgeable and MORE intelligent. But we’re headed to Idiocracy, and it’s all due to the Worshipers of Trump. HOW?!!

  4. Trump is the Anti-Christ, all right. Nostradamus said there would be three or four antichrists before the End of Days. I’m not sure which one Trump is — Napoleon was in there, so was Hitler. But McCarthy — a leashed demon? Low-level devil?

  5. We had a reunion over the weekend Five different nationalities. The subject came up, “Why so much violence in “the United States?” The answer was unanimous, “Trump!!”

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