Fox News and GOP Impeachment Chair Seek ‘Damning Evidence’ Against Biden, But Can’t Find Any

The Republican Party has given up entirely on even pretending to be interested in governing. Their sole purpose now is to smear President Biden and other Democrats with baseless allegations, insinuations, and wholly fictional conjecture. They are professional scandal mongers, and what’s really sad, is that they aren’t even any good at that.

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It’s been eight months since Republicans assumed their razor-thin majority in the House of Representatives. And in all that time they haven’t managed to pass a single bill of any significance. That includes most of the critical appropriations bills necessary to prevent a government shutdown. They have, however, held dozens of pointless and futile hearings with the intention of staining the reputation of the President. They have even admitted their purpose early on…

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On Friday Fox News Senior Trump-Fluffer, Maria Bartiromo, advanced the pitiful platform of the GOP during an interview with Jason Smith, the Republican chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. That is one of the three committees that Speaker Kevin McCarthy just assigned to the task of conducting a bogus Biden impeachment inquiry. He joins Jim Jordan’s Judiciary Committee and James Comer’s and Oversight Committee in that purely partisan pursuit.

McCarthy had to break his promise – made just two weeks ago – to only empanel an impeachment inquiry after a vote by the full House. But he knows he doesn’t have the votes, even from his own caucus, to to get that passed. So he proceeded unilaterally.

Before the inquiries have even begun, Republicans have deployed to their positions on right-wing media to poison the public record with propaganda. And to that end, Smith appeared on Fox News with Bartiromo to engage in a revealing, and ultimately humiliating, exchange that began with this question…

Bartiromo: What I want to know is what you believe is the most damning evidence that you all have to suggest bribery – that the President was involved in bribery and money laundering. You’ve told us about the $20 million. Is it more than that? [GOP Rep] Nancy Mace told us that it could be $50 million. What were they getting paid for, and how come they set up twenty shell companies while he was Vice-President? What are these shell companies about?

Notice that Bartiromo planted her propaganda in the question with references to millions of dollars in alleged bribery and money laundering funds. She failed to mention that none of that was ever linked to President Biden, and wasn’t even illegal on the part of Hunter Biden. But Bartiromo nevertheless implies, without proof, that the money was for some nefarious purpose. And if you think that’s bad, the reply she got from Smith was even worse…

Smith: Those are all great questions that we need answers to. Unfortunately, since we released the testimony of the IRS whistleblowers, myself, Jim Jordan, Jamie Comer, have sent sixteen different investigative letters to the Biden administration asking questions and demanding answers. And the have stonewalled us this entire time. That is why we’re going to an impeachment inquiry. It’s because we need these questions answered. But guess what? Joe Biden and his administration is stopping us at every level.”

So the answer to “What is your damning evidence?” is “Those are all great questions that we need answers to.” Smith is confirming that he doesn’t have any evidence, damning or otherwise. Which means that here is no justifiable reason to hold any impeachment inquiry at all. Unless it is just to fish for potential morsels of mud that they can magnify into scandalous misconduct. That is not the mission of a congressional inquiry, which generally requires probable cause to initiate.

For the record, contrary to Smith’s complaint, the Biden administration has provided Congress with thousands of pages of documents per their requests. That includes memos, emails, and bank statements. Smith’s real problem is that there isn’t any hint of wrongdoing in any of that production. And the formation of an impeachment inquiry, without a vote by the full House, won’t have any additional authority to persecute Biden. So the best that they can hope for is to spread more rumors and lies.

When the chairman of the committee that is tasked with conducting an investigation concedes that he has nothing to warrant an investigation, you might think that the whole matter would be dropped. But not with this Republican caucus. They see this as an opportunity to cripple the President’s prospects for reelection next year. And they aren’t going to let up, no matter how much they embarrass themselves with failure.


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4 thoughts on “Fox News and GOP Impeachment Chair Seek ‘Damning Evidence’ Against Biden, But Can’t Find Any

  1. The Traitors have given up looking for evidence. Traitors don’t need proof – they just need to remove Biden for the monstrous and unforgivable crime of … not being Their God!! That has been their REAL motivation all along. They don’t care about the Border (except when they can blame anyone not them for any issues). They just hate that Their God is not in the White House!

  2. Oh, The Terrorist Party has NOT been interested in governing at least since the Obama presidency. That’s when they decided to STOP governing at all.

    • You are correct, Guest, they aren’t interested in governing, all they are interested in is making trouble. i have come to believe these despots don’t even know how to govern. I am very concerned and appalled at all of this impeachment BS. All of this is a sham and a blatant waste of taxpayer’s money. Our side should impeach all of these troublemakers in the Fascist GQP Congress, most of them were in on the JAN 6 insurrection, at least our side will have some real proof of wrongdoing on their part when there is NO proof of our President Biden doing anything wrong. I don’t see how Pres. Biden keeps his cool with these uneducated, mentally challenged MAGA cretins. He seems so calm and confident. A truly good man.

  3. Bartiromo seems to be missing a few steps while continuing to trudge the road of happy destiny in her recovery from substance abuse for a buck or two, uh?

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