GOP Wants a Government Shutdown Because ‘Most of What We Do is Bad, Hurts the American People’

The mission of the Republican Party to eviscerate the economy has been evident for months. Their intention is to cause the American people to suffer painful hardships in order to boost GOP electoral prospects in 2024. It’s an immoral and insensitive tactic that exposes their commitment to cruelty as a political weapon.

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Just two months ago, Republicans tried to hold the nation hostage with threats of defaulting on the national debt, which would have thrown the country – and the world – into a severe recession or worse. President Biden masterfully guided them into a negotiated compromise that avoided the devastating default. In the process he also got an agreement to fast-track the spending bills that would shortly be coming up for votes in the House.

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All of that has apparently now been abandoned by Republicans. In a press conference on Tuesday, GOP House leaders appeared to be reneging on their prior agreements in order to squeeze Democrats for concessions on contentious, non-financial issues such as abortion, immigration, and equality.

Setting aside the GOP’s flagrantly bad faith in breaking previous promises, they also admitted to the sort of heinous intentions that would ordinarily never be mentioned out loud. Rep. Bob Good is a member of the ultra-MAGA House Freedom Caucus and chairman of the Health, Environment, Labor and Pensions Subcommittee. He came to the podium to discuss the prospect of a government shutdown, and to let the nation know precisely what Republicans think of the work they are doing allegedly on behalf of the American people…

“We should not fear a government shutdown. Most of what we do up here is bad anyway. Most of what we do up here hurts the American people, when we do stuff to the American people while promising to do things for the American people.”

Really? This is a leader of the Republican Party in the House confessing that the GOP is affirmatively (purposefully?) hurting people. They are the majority party, albeit by a small margin, and it is their policies that are brought up for votes on the House floor. But in Good’s opinion, those policies are detrimental and the country would be better off without them. It’s hard to disagree with him on that.

This is Good’s explanation for why a government shutdown should not be feared. He went on to say that “Essential operations continue,” and that “Most Americans won’t even miss if the government is shut down temporarily.” Sure, if you aren’t counting the millions of Americans who rely on government services related to everything from building permits, to interstate and international travel, to financial aid, to veterans benefits, to tax information and filing.

What’s more, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, the last government shutdown cost the country $11 billion. But fortunately, not a single member of Congress lost a dime. Their salaries and perks were paid throughout the shutdown.

It will be interesting to see if House Squeaker Kevin McCarthy goes along with the radical right-wing fringe of his party. He has done so almost entirely in the few months that he has been in his post. That’s because he’s so afraid that his own members will turn on him and vote him out of the speakership if he is less than wholly submissive. He’s even hinting that he’ll go along with efforts to impeach President Biden, despite the total absence of any evidence of wrongdoing.

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All the GOP has left at this point are threats to tank the economy, attacks on the Biden family, and boycotts of Barbie, Mickey Mouse, and light beer. Because that’s what they think the public wants from their representatives in Washington. That should work out well for them in next year’s elections.

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4 thoughts on “GOP Wants a Government Shutdown Because ‘Most of What We Do is Bad, Hurts the American People’

  1. In the event of a shutdown, the first people to lose their pay should be any republican who voted in favor of a shutdown. Unfortunately, that will not happen because they are the ones who make the rules. Also, congress should not be able to vote themselves pay raises. Any pay raise for members must be approved by the voters!

    • David, 100% agree. Any Republican who votes for a shutdown should lose pay and perks. I still burn when I think of Ms. ‘Squeal Like a Pig’ who voted for a shutdown and then insisted on her salary since she had house payments to make. Well, what do her constituents who don’t have jobs but have house payments to make do? And any salary increases should be voted on by We the People.

  2. You mean, House Terrorist Caucus. Call these wastes of space EXACTLY what they are.

  3. The Fascist GQP says: ” We, (The Fascist GQP) wants a government shutdown, because most of what we do is bad, hurts the American People”. Those bastards should have left the word, ”most” out of that statement and replaced it with, the word, ”All” ” All we do is bad, and it hurts the American people” I wonder what is the purpose of having a Fascist Party?? We would all be better off if we just had one political party, similar to what Canada has. These Fascist GQP creeps have a bad habit of putting me in a very foul mood. I just wished there was some way to abolish the Fascist GQP. They are only here to get a paycheck and stir up hate and division and try to take our life lines away from us… ABOLISH THE FASCIST GQP PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are worthless and a faction taking our tax dollars to pay these useless bastards. Give them a one way ticket to Russia where they really belong. They can kiss Putin’s ass every day there. Ban them from the United States, Mexico, and Canada. They are NOT wanted in North America. PERIOD!!

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