Trump and Fox News Legal ‘Experts’ Call for a Mistrial After Falling for an Obvious Hoax

Last week a unanimous jury found Donald Trump guilty of 34 felonies affirming that he had falsified business records when he paid off a porn star to buy her silence, and covered it up in order to deceive the public just prior to an election, Since then Trump and his apologists have been frantically trying to whitewash the convictions in order to deceive the public just prior to another election.

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Fox News, Bullshit Factory

Those efforts on behalf of the Republican Party’s convicted felon nominee for president have predictably fallen flat. For the most part they have only served to remind voters that Trump is a morally vacant criminal who whines incessantly while blaming others for his problems.

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Proving the old adage that “when the going gets tough, the wimps get desperate,” Trump and his confederates are latching onto a preposterous “news” item that they seem to think will lead to his legal salvation. The story centers around a notice filed by Judge Juan Merchan that a comment was posted on the Court’s Facebook page that the Trump faithful believe is a lifesaver for their Dear Leader. The comment said simply that…

“My cousin is a juror. He says Trump is getting convicted.”

HOLY CRAPOLI! Stop the presses. A weird dude on Facebook made an alarming remark with no evidence that any of it is remotely true. There is no evidence that he has a cousin who is a juror. And no evidence that his alleged cousin told him anything about the trial. So obviously the Trump contingent must drop everything and obsessively promote it.

What there is evidence of, though, is that the whole affair is a hoax. And that’s straight from the person who posted the comment in the first place. This “Michael Anderson” fellow admitted the fraud, referring to himself as a “professional sh*tposter.”

That confession, however, didn’t stop Trump from embracing the bullshittery and linking to it with a hysterical and impotent demand for a “MISTRIAL!” And he wasn’t the only one. His faithful Fox News legal “experts” weighed in with their own demands to erase Trump’s conviction. Fox host Mark Levin advanced the hoax bellowing “Surprise. surprise. Crooked juror in Trump case. How many more?” And Fox legal analyst Gregg Jarrett discussed the matter with Fox’s Senior Trump-Fluffer, Sean Hannity…

Sean Hannity: I assume a motion for mistrial is being written now and going out as we speak.
Gregg Jarrett: Absolutely. If it is true – and that’s a big if – if it is true it is grounds to vacate the conviction and order a new trial.

Both Levin and Jarrett are allegedly attorneys. And they were both frequently quoted by Trump outside of the New York courtroom as proof of his innocence. Clearly they were wrong about that at least 34 times. And they are wrong about this as well. But Hannity went even further with a declaration that this phony revelation by a shameless Facebook fraudster is “HUGE!”

This mass delusion by Trump and his MAGA media minions on Fox News is emblematic of the lengths they will go to to spread flagrant lies. And despite the facts being readily available, none of these liars have bothered to issue apologies or retractions.

In fact, they have been joined by other Trump cult devotees in Congress such as Marjorie Taylor Greene and Andy Biggs. So it’s likely that there will be more to follow. This is what happens when a cult leader is threatened by reality and his desperate disciples can’t figure out how to cope.


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