Marjorie Taylor Greene is OUTRAGED at Being Called ‘Fringe’: ‘It’s Not Me, It’s Rachel Maddow!’

Last week the unofficial chair of the House MAGA Fringe Caucus, Marjorie Taylor Greene, proposed a bill to defund the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), an alliance that has protected much of the world from aggression by Russia for 75 years. Greene’s opposition is rooted in her animosity toward Ukraine, President Biden, and democracy.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, Vladimir Putin

Greene is notorious for her bizarre antics in and out of Congress. She is an unflinching disciple of the Cult of Trump. She attacks her Fellow Republicans with unbridled hatred. She is leading the fight to remove MAGA Mike Johnson as Speaker. She has drafted numerous motions to impeach members of the Biden administration simply because they are Democrats. Recently she sought to deny all federal funding for the state of New York because a jury in Manhattan found Trump guilty of 34 felonies.

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Any rational observer of of politics would describe Greene as a fringe operative. Although, these days her views have been embraced by most of the Trump GOP. Following the failure of her NATO defunding bill, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow noted that many Republicans voted to withhold critical funds from America’s allies in Europe.

“A fifth of the Republicans in Congress just voted that we should leave our allies all together. That we should break up the big Western alliance. That we should defund NATO. And I think nobody really paid attention to this vote because this legislation was put forward by a very fringe member of Congress. A member of Congress who is known for her publicity stunts, and therefore she is easy to ignore. But it wasn’t just her. forty-six Republicans voted for this thing.

This criticism of of the Republican betrayal of our allies struck Greene for decidedly personal reasons. She didn’t care so much about Maddow calling out the GOP for “leaving our allies.” Nope. What bothered Greene was the part where Maddow referred to her as “a very fringe member of Congress.” So Greene scampered off to Steve Bannon’s podcast to complain about Maddow

“”Well, of course, she’s not happy. Rachel’s never accomplished anything real in her entire life. She’s only lied on television for a living. And NATO, all these European countries, they don’t pay their fair share. So why should America continue to pay for the defense of all these other countries when they are unwilling to even pay their fair share?”

REALLY? Most people would consider having graduated from Stanford, becoming a Rhodes Scholar, and getting a doctorate in Political Science from Oxford, something of an accomplishment. Plus, she’s won three Emmys, a Grammy, and written best-selling books. Greene’s resume, on the other hand, consists of little more than managing a small construction company in rural Georgia, and failing to produce anything of substance as a member of Congress. But Greene wasn’t through defending herself from the allegations of fringiness…

“It’s not fringe at all. It’s also not fringe because most Americans also agree that the United States should not be funding a war in Ukraine.”

Greene is, as usual, lying. Polls show that a majority of American actually support funding for Ukraine. But Greene, like her Republican confederates, never lets facts get in the way of a good rant. She continued saying that…

“When we’re going to talk about the question, we’re going to ask the question, who is fringe? It’s actually Rachel Maddow is the fringe person in this story. It’s not me. It’s Rachel Maddow.”

Here Greene is adopting the age-old debate strategy of “I know you are, but what am I?” However, her “rubber/glue” tactic falls short due to the fact that even 157 of her fellow Republicans voted against her bill, along with every Democrat. Although she did get 46 Republicans to join her.

That’s a pretty good affirmation that Greene and her band merry cranksters are indeed the fringe. And no matter how hard she tries to deny that reality, it remains true. Nevertheless, we can expect her to continue attacking her betters, such as Maddow, because glassy-eyed narcissists like Greene are incapable of recognizing their own failures. No matter how glaring.


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