Fox News Admits that the GOP is Demanding Tapes of Biden So They Can Mock Him for Stuttering

Among the tediously repeated lines that Trump delivers in his traveling cult rallies is a new one wherein he declares that the 2024 presidential election is “the most important election in the history of the United States.” And for once, he isn’t wrong. But he also isn’t right for the reasons that he thinks.

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On November 5, 2024, the American people will choose between President Joe Biden, a dedicated, patriotic, statesman, and family man, or Donald Trump, a twice impeached, serial adulterer, who has been adjudicated as a rapist and fraudster, and been convicted of 34 felonies. Inexplicably, there is still a small but noisy contingent of Trump cultists who remain irredeemably devoted to their Dear Leader despite all the evidence of his moral decrepitude. The good news is that most voters won’t have a particularly difficult time making their decision.

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In the meantime, the Trump-fluffers at Fox News are hard at work spreading lies, right-wing propaganda, and malicious insults that would embarrass an eight year old. Which is what they’ve always done, so that isn’t exactly news. A recent example of this comes from Kayleigh McEnany, a former Trump press secretary who is now doing essentially the same job, but with a bigger paycheck from Fox.

In a segment of Fox’s Sean Hannity show, McEnany addressed a wholly contrived controversy over Attorney General Merrick Garland, who has declined to turn over some audio tapes of Biden to the rabidly biased Republicans in the House of Representatives. Garland advised the GOP that such requests violate precedent when there is an objection on the basis of executive privilege. But in a fit of petulant rage, the GOP voted to hold Garland in contempt of Congress anyway.

To the surprise no one with a functioning cerebellum, Garland decided not to prosecute himself. Not out of personal interest, but because there is no crime to prosecute. This exacerbated the already unhinged anger of the GOP and Fox News. McEnany lashed out saying that…

“This is of great public interest. As congressmen have pointed out, the transcripts were edited to keep out the ‘ums,’ the ‘ahs,’ ‘the stutters. The American people deserve to hear this President in long form.”

So McEnany is admitting that the only purpose of releasing the audio tapes would be to embarrass the President who has had a lifelong problem with stuttering. It’s a sickening request that seeks only to mock an otherwise irrelevant speech impediment. What she is asking is akin to demanding the videotapes of the President’s colonoscopy because the American people “deserve” to see the President’s long intestine.

The tapes do not provide any substantive information that would be useful for any legislative purpose. Congress has the full transcripts of the tapes, and such transcripts always remove extraneous pauses and fillers. But McEnany and her confederates at Fox News don’t have any coherent criticisms to make of Biden, so they are desperate for petty things like this that they can exploit to attack him.

McEnany is not alone on this. The Republican Speaker of the House, MAGA Mike Johnson, is also weighing in on the matter. He has announced that Congress is going to sue the Justice Department in an attempt to get the tapes. Johnson is, once again, proving that he believes the role of Congress is to serve as Trump’s private law firm. Rather than pass any bills that actually benefit the nation or its citizens, Johnson focuses entirely on partisan political attacks on behalf of Trump. That’s why this session of Congress has been the least productive in decades.

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What’s more, the goal of disparaging Biden’s mental acuity by Fox News and the MAGA GOP, is one that fails miserably in contrast to Trump’s own cognitive problems. Trump provides frequent evidence of his Acute Psychobabble Disorder (APB). It ranges from rants about succumbing to electrocution or sharks, to ridiculously inflating the size of the crowds at his cult rallies, to claiming to have the solution to every world problem that he can only reveal if he’s elected.

However, the pièce de résistance is Trump’s alleged proof that he is mentally superior to most mortals because he supposedly “aced” a cognitive test given to him by a disgraced former doctor, now Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson, wherein he was asked to identify an elephant and count backwards. However, in Trump’s latest attempt to brag about this “accomplishment,” the “stable genius” couldn’t even remember the doctor’s name…

So it is with the backdrop of Trump’s inability to retain information that he refers to frequently, along with his Bizarro World yammering that no one can decipher, that Fox News and the GOP want to get their hands on some tapes of Biden stammering during a five hour long interview, in order to prove that he’s unfit for office. That is how pitifully desperate they are to find anything to dirty up Biden with.

While this might work on the already indoctrinated Trump disciples, it is going to fall flat for everyone else. And the best forum within which to prove that is the upcoming Biden/Trump debate. That is, if Trump doesn’t chicken out.


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