WANNABE DICTATOR Trump Demands that All Business Execs Be FIRED If They’re Not 100% Behind Trump

The overtly fascistic facets of Donald Trump’s warped character, and that of his malicious MAGA movement, have been apparent from its inception. Like any aspiring authoritarian, Trump has insisted that his cult disciples obey his every command, believe his every lie, and ignore the evidence of their own eyes and ears that reveal his aversion to democracy and the principles enshrined in the Constitution.

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Donald Trump Tyrant Dictator

The stubbornness of reality has never been a deterrent to Trump’s determination to mislead his glassy-eyed followers. He is a relentless disseminator of flagrant falsehoods aimed at exalting himself and maligning his foes. And he has no qualms about exploiting his lies in order to incite violent retribution for perceived wrongs.

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On Tuesday morning Trump provided another example of his tyrannical tendencies. In a comment posted to his floundering social media scam, Truth Social, Trump issued a decree to the world that he imagines is attentive to his crackpot ravings. He demanded that…

“Business Executives and Shareholder Representatives should be 100% behind Donald Trump! Anybody that’s not should be FIRED for incompetence!”

The blustery idiocy of that demand is exceeded only by its repudiation of economics in a free society. Where Trump gets the idea that servitude to him is a precondition for business management can only be explained by a severely acute case of malignant narcissism and delusions of grandeur. In a free country no one is required to pledge blind loyalty to any political hack that pops up.

Trump’s post was likely a response to a blisteringly critical report that the CEOs with whom he recently met were less than impressed with him. They reportedly came away saying that Trump “doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” was “remarkably meandering,” “could not keep a straight thought,” and “was all over the map.” Which are all traits that many people have seen in him for a long time.

So naturally, Trump’s massive yet fragile ego was hurt. But the depravity of his decree goes farther than that. He quoted from a Wall Street Journal article something that he apparently thought supported his preposterous premise…

“THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: “President Biden’s plan for a 28% rate would reverse half of Republicans’ 2017 rate cut. [But Trump’s] 15% rate would match the lowest level since 1935, boosting profits and rewarding shareholders.”

OH MY! So Biden’s proposal of a 28% tax rate would merely restore some of the irresponsible tax rate cut that Trump and the Republican Party granted as a gift to the wealthy and corporations. While Trump’s proposed cut to 15% would further benefit those corporations and their shareholders. That is not a plan that would help America’s low and middle class families. And the WSJ even noted that it would return to a tax rate that was in place in the midst of the Great Depression.

What’s more, Trump is not someone that any sane person would rely on for business advice. He has bankrupted at least six of his companies. He has been found liable for financial fraud for which the state of New York ordered him to pay a judgment of $454 million. His Trump Media and Technology Group has lost 40% of it value since he was convicted of 34 felonies for falsifying financial records to cover up his affair with a porn star. And his real estate business, his charitable foundation, and his university, were heavily fined and/or shuttered due to fraudulent mismanagement.

Furthermore, Trump’s agenda for the economy is fraught with the ignorance of someone with zero knowledge of economics. He recently proposed to eliminate income taxes and replace them with tariffs on all imported goods. Reputable financial experts have warned that this would be another boondoggle that enriches his wealthy pals and places a larger share of the tax burden on average Americans. According to the nonpartisan the Peterson Institute for International Economics, “Trump’s tariff proposals would cost the typical middle-income household at least $1,700.”

It’s clear that Trump’s demand to terminate any business executive that is not unflinchingly adoring has nothing to do with economic realities. It is just another example of his messianic compulsion to be revered as a god. This is not someone that should ever hold any power in a democratic society. And it makes the necessity for his unambiguous smackdown in November all the more imperative. For the sake of the nation, for democracy, and for freedom loving Americans.


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