Trump’s Legal Slush Fund PAC Has Barely Enough Cash to Cover One Month of His Legal Bills

The 2024 presidential race is off to a roaring start as candidates for both parties secured their nominations unusually early. As the incumbent, President Biden didn’t have any notable opposition. And the former reality TV show host, and convicted felon, Donald Trump, ignored his challengers and chickened out of every Republican primary debate.

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Trump Baby on Cash Pile

Consequently, even before the parties hold their nominating conventions, the candidates are running at full steam. Their fundraising operations are pulling in tens of millions of dollars. And campaign offices are opening across the country, particularly in the critical swing states. Well, at least the offices for Biden. The Trump campaign, on the other hand, “has been slow to staff up in key states” while “the Biden team has been using the funds to build out a massive ground-game across the country.” And Trump hasn’t been helping himself. In fact, he’s his own worst enemy…

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The funds being raised by the candidates are also being spent differently. While Biden just announced the 1,000th staffer for his swing state campaign efforts, Trump is draining his campaign Super PAC to pay off his lawyers and other expenses related to his multiple civil and criminal trials.

“The political account that former President Donald Trump has been using to pay his sizable legal bills has dwindled to less than $4 million in the bank, after accounting for its debt, according to new federal election filings.

“So far in 2024, Trump is averaging nearly $5 million per month in spending through his political action committee, which is called Save America, with an overwhelming share going to legal bills. That means that as of the end of May, Trump had barely enough cash left to cover a single month of legal bills.”

[And] “Overall, Trump has spent more than $100 million on legal and investigation-related bills since leaving the White House in early 2021.”

The glassy-eyed cult followers who are contributing to Trump’s legal slush fund must be thrilled that their hard-earned money is going toward defending his fraudulent and/or salacious activities, rather than toward electing him and other MAGA Republicans.

As a result of Trump’s extraordinarily expensive, unlawful, and immoral behavior, his stash of cash is now likely to run out before the Republican National Convention at the end of July. To be sure, he can still raise more money between now and then. He has billionaires like Timothy Mellon on call, who just made a bribe…er…donation of $50 million to a Trump PAC. But just as surely, Trump won’t be using that money to advance his electoral prospects. After all, his legal bills are still mounting up.

Trump believes that his traveling salvation shows are all that he needs to win the election. Never mind that they do nothing to expand his voter base, which was way to small to win in 2020. And he is reluctant to spend any money on anything but his personal desires. While the utterly undemocratic Electoral College still puts the election in play, Trump’s selfishness, ego, and greed are only going to benefit Biden and down-ballot Democrats. Maybe we should send him a thank you note.


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