SCAREDY TRUMP? Sean Hannity Concocts an Excuse for Trump to Chicken Out of Debate with Biden

In about two weeks (June 27) the first debate between President Biden and convicted felon Donald Trump is scheduled to take place in Atlanta, Georgia. Regardless of what happens during the debate, it will be a historic event due to the fact that it will be the first time that a convicted felon is a participant, thanks to the weakness and cult worship of the Republican Party.

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There has been a great deal of speculation as to the expected performance of both candidates. Republicans are certain that Biden will display the ravages of age and its cognitive consequences. Never mind that he is only three years older than Trump, and that Trump has shown far more evidence of declining mental faculties. But even if Biden is vigorous, thoughtful, and informed, Republicans will dismiss it and accuse him of being on performance enhancing drugs.

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Despite the GOP’s confidence that Trump is a “stable genius” (in his own words) who will slaughter Biden, who they contend is a senile communist, they are not as anxious to meet Biden in a debate as they pretend to be. On Monday night Fox News Senior Trump-Fluffer, Sean Hannity, moderated a discussion about the upcoming debate wherein he proposed that Trump ought not to show up at all.

“There are some even saying that Donald Trump might be wise to just pass on the first debate, wait until he’s nominated, then debate him.”

For the record, when Hannity says that “some” are saying, he means someone on his or Trump’s staff. Perhaps Trump himself. After all, Trump failed to show up for any of the Republican primary debates. And he surely recalls being soundly beaten by Biden in the 2020 debates.

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What Hannity is doing is presenting a pre-fab excuse for Trump to chicken out and avoid debating Biden altogether. Hannity could not help but notice the bizarre behavior by Trump at his recent cult rally in Las Vegas where Trump revealed his fears of electrocution and/or shark attacks; his outrage at stage hands who sabotaged his TelePrompTers; his praise of the traitorous January 6th “warriors”; and other assorted buffoonery. Consequently, Hannity felt compelled to provide Trump with an escape hatch in order to prevent a monumental humiliation.

Hannity’s excuse doesn’t even make any sense. What difference would it make to wait until after he’s nominated? What’s he afraid of? And this isn’t the first time that Hannity has speculated about Trump blowing the debate to “Jacked up Joe,” who Hannity claimed – with zero evidence – would be on pharmaceutical boosters.

Sean Hannity of Fox News is Already Making Excuses for Why Trump Will Lose Debates to Biden
“If he does debate, we will see jacked up Joe 2.0. Whatever Red bull that he drank, or caffeine pills that he took, or whatever he might have taken, I promise you they’ll give it to him again”

What’s more, Fox News went even farther with their conspiratorial crackpottery alleging that Team Biden was plotting a physical assault on Trump in the debate hall just prior to it beginning.

Fox News Floats Conspiracy Theory that Biden is Plotting to Assault Trump to Avoid Debating Him
“It will probably be a Nancy Kerrigan situation too, where right as Trump is walking out…”

This is not the sort of rhetoric that is espoused by people confident of success or the capabilities of their candidate. They are clearly afraid of a brewing catastrophe. And that fear is likely to have originated with the candidate himself. Trump is a notorious coward who tries to cover up his fears with false bravado. But these feeble excuses floated by his Fox News flunkies is only going to make things worse for him should he end up weaseling out. Which at this point appears to be an increasingly likely scenario.


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