Fox News Wants Some Examples Of Tea Party Racism They Say Does Not Exist. So…

Last Saturday more than 80,000 people in North Carolina gathered to march in protest of the Republican mission to strip minorities of their civil rights and gut the social safety net for low-income citizens. It was the largest protest march since the peak of the civil rights movement in 1965.

So how does Fox News cover this news-making event? By having Sean Hannity send an African-American Tea Party leader to ambush and embarrass the marchers. How else would Fox do it?

Fox Nation

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Hannity’s “correspondent” was David Webb, founder of TeaParty365, Fox News contributor, and Breitbart News columnist. Webb landed at the protest with a bag of questions that had nothing to do with the agenda for the march. He harangued the protest’s organizers with off-topic questions (the video of which cut out most the answers). Then he asked a few participants if they thought Obama is a successful president. Most answered correctly that he has been obstructed at every turn by Republicans committed to blocking anything he proposes, even if it was originally a GOP initiative.

However, the feature of the video was Webb asking marchers to give examples of racism by the Tea Party. This is the sort of ambush tactic that serves no purpose other than to create a negative impression of the respondents. First of all, Webb’s video showed him interviewing only four people out of the more than 80,000 who attended the march. Without the uncut footage we have no idea if there were forty others who supplied Webb with bona fide examples of Tea Party racism that he left on the cutting room floor. It’s easy to splice together just the remarks that make his point and discard the rest.

Furthermore, the respondents were not official spokespeople for the protest and they did not come prepared to have answers for Webb’s loaded questions. It’s unreasonable to expect that random citizens participating in a march to protest specific policies of North Carolina’s ultra-right Republican administration will be carrying documentation of Tea Party racism to an event that isn’t related to that subject. Yet that is precisely what was expected of the four victims of Webb’s inquisition. Fox Nation even placed a story about this at the top of their website with a sensationalized headline that implied that liberals as a group were unable to cite examples of bigotry in the Tea Party. Maybe they should ask more than four liberals before making such a ludicrous assertion.

That said, I wouldn’t want Fox News, Sean Hannity, and David Webb to be disappointed by not getting a substantive response to their inquiries. Therefore, they might want to look into the Tea Party agenda for evidence of racism. For instance, their reactions to the recent commercials for Cheerios (with a biracial family) and Coke (with a multilingual rendition of America the Beautiful) revealed a thinly disguised prejudice for anything not purely of Euro-Caucasian descent. Then there were the infamous Birthers whose allegations are inherently racist. The Tea Party’s opposition to social safety net programs is often portrayed as a response to the lazy moochers in the inner city they regard as the beneficiaries. Then there is their advocacy of voter ID laws that largely impact minorities, as well as seniors and the poor. And they continue to refer to undocumented residents as “illegals,” even if they broke no laws. The Tea Party’s legislative and social agenda is rife with this sort of bigotry.

For more evidence, note the frequency with which Tea Party leaders are caught saying out loud things that are overtly racist. For instance this Arkansas Tea Partier, or this one in California, or this former chairman of the Tea Party Express.

And if that isn’t enough, take a look at these images gathered from Tea Party rallies and websites:

Fox News - Tea Party Racism

Of course, Hannity and Webb would never address these examples that they disingenuously requested. Their intent from the outset was to let the question hang out there unanswered to leave the false impression the charges of racism were unwarranted. But any paying attention knows the truth about the Tea Party, and a little research confirms it. Too bad Fox News viewers will never see it.


63 thoughts on “Fox News Wants Some Examples Of Tea Party Racism They Say Does Not Exist. So…

  1. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have aligned themselves with the Tea Party movement, and thus the left wing cobbles together a teeny-tiny montage of photos to libel the entire movement as racist?

    “…interviewing only four people out of the more than 80,000…”

    Nine photos of bigotry is supposed to prove something about a movement? Your dishonesty and hypocrisy amazes me.

    Here I can play this game, too.


    I’ll just use that link of “Kill Bush” posters and thusly proclaim that the anti-war movement was full of assassin wannabes who all wanted wanted to have President Bush murdered. Is that a ridiculous claim? Of course it is – just like your claim.

    Once again, I will remind everybody the truth about that one idiot with the misspelled n-word protest sign. That man – Dale Robetson was continually told by true Tea Partiers to get lost.

    “…refer to undocumented residents as ‘illegals’, even if they broke no laws.”

    Lie. They either entered this country illegally or they have overstayed their visas, so the term is accurate.

    Also, if you wanted to find violence at protests, you would be much more likely to find it at anti-war demonstrations or Occupy protests than you would at Tea Party rallies.

    Your “research” confirms nothing. Par for the course for this website.

      • Do you have a functioning link, or not?

        • I mis-typed it, both times. And now this site will not let me attempt a third time to post it.

          • Looks like the website doesn’t like dirty pictures. Tried to link it myself and it refused to come across likewise.

            Kind of disturbing, really. Of course, the Tea Party would NEVER do anything like that, would they (coughcoughtednugentcoughcough)…

            • As I already told you, I mis-typed the link, so you won’t get it, either. Try this one:


              Then click on her link about “10 images of George W. Bush that were much more shocking than a silly rodeo clown mask”. That link has all the “Kill Bush” signs that I talked about.

    • As far as questioning the protesters is concerned, sure we don’t really know if the 4 people he interviewed really is all that he interviewed (and that there weren’t any others who DID give examples). Which is what Mark was pointing out was suspicious about his “interview”. Given his credentials I’d say it’s fair to be suspicious as he is far from unbiased.

      However more to the point is that the protesters weren’t marching against the tea party but against specific Republican policies designed to target minorities. The voter Id and racial profiling in law enforcements are just 2 examples of this. But what exactly does Tea Party racism have to do with this mission if such is the case? If it is irrelevant why is David Webb asking such questions? And to random people who aren’t spokespersons for the whole protest?

      Nine photos of bigotry is supposed to prove something about a movement? Your dishonesty and hypocrisy amazes me.

      Out of those photos, one has “Tea Party” written on it, a few of the others have been seen carried by teabaggers in their protests (I especially remember the witch doctor one), so yeah, I’d say that the photos already DO count as examples of racism involving the tea party, which was Mark’s objective. After all the reason why he put up those examples was because Fox and Hannity flat out denied in their “video interview” that there were any examples of Tea Party racism. These examples prove them wrong.

      But of course you went one step further and IGNORED other examples which Mark provided beyond the photos such as:

      For more evidence, note the frequency with which Tea Party leaders are caught saying out loud things that are overtly racist. For instance this Arkansas Tea Partier, or this one in California, or this former chairman of the Tea Party Express.

      Well, you sure covered that with:

      Nine photos of bigotry is supposed to prove something about a movement? Your dishonesty and hypocrisy amazes me.

      Maybe you need to look at who is really dishonest and nypocritical here, making it seem as if the photos are all the evidence provided while ignoring the others is something truly fox-worthy indeed as far as dishonesty is concerned. As for being hypocritical I don’t know how this makes MArk hypocritical, has he ever had any other stance regarding the teabaggers apart from his current one? And if is examples are true (and they are) then that backs up his stance against them.

      As for your images…both links do not work, but it’s ok you can blame liberal conspiracies for that.

      Once again, I will remind everybody the truth about that one idiot with the misspelled n-word protest sign. That man – Dale Robetson was continually told by true Tea Partiers to get lost.

      There’s one thing to be said about trying to off one racist from your protest, but the Tea Party didn’t get its racist image just from that. I’ll refer again to the remarks of tea party spokespersons, people whom were never told by any teabagger to “get lost”. I once commented long ago that if the racists are somehow being drawn to the tea party for whatever reason, then the tea party has the responsibility to do their utmost to disassociate themselves from these groups as much as possible. In this field I have heard a few “comments” from tea party spokespersons that they are “not racists”, and these people have “nothing to do with them”. Fine, but how come they are still being drawn to the tea party then? That’s still a problem there that hasn’t been resolved, and as long as it doesn’t get resolved, “honest to goodness” teabaggers, as I’d imagine you painting them, would continue to be “falsely accused” of racism.

      Well that ball is in their court, and has been for awhile now. Do tell me what significant steps have they taken to pick it up and play?

      Lie. They either entered this country illegally or they have overstayed their visas, so the term is accurate.

      First of all referring to the person as an “illegal” is more a condemnation of who they are in essence rather than what they did, that’s why the term is considered derogatory, besides why only use it for people who enter the country and not for those who commit other crimes WITHIN the country even if they are genuine American citizens? After all, in both cases, both of them did something wrong.

      Also, if you wanted to find violence at protests, you would be much more likely to find it at anti-war demonstrations or Occupy protests than you would at Tea Party rallies.

      No one is talking about violence here other than you, and your attempts at besmirching Occupy and anti-war demonstrations? Irrelevant since neither are part of the subject.

      I’d ask you to provide evidence for the above assertion if I had any confidence you would be able to. Your entire post certainly doesn’t evoke any sort of confidence in that.

      • Here’s some evidence for you. And to help you understand” the proof,” it actually is a video so you don’t have to read. My link will work. The question is will you take the few minutes to actually do your own homework? I think you will still be a shill for the Progressive, Communist Party that is now openly taking every GOD given freedom you are entitled to as an American. That is if you are an American.
        I would love to continue this debate of your absolute ignorance.

        • I thought your ilk was about taxes? Seems racism is the real tea party creed.

      • First of calling to the person as an “illegal” is more a condemnation of who they are in essence rather than what they did, that’s why the term is considered derogatory, besides why only use it for people who enter the country and not for those who commit other crimes WITHIN the country even if they are genuine American citizens? After all, in both cases, both of them did something wrong. In regards to immigration illegals do not have the same rights as citizens. If a citizen commits a crime they are seen as criminals like thieves, murderers, rapists not illegals. So your attempt to make the term illegal a form of bigotry is laughable and typical of a liberal talking point.

    • I’m not for sure what your point is, exactly. Do people post stupid signs at protests on both sides? Yes. Do people post racist signs at protests on both sides? NO. That is reserved for right wingers only. Thanks for continually asking that ‘one idiot’ to leave the protest, because that act really says, “We’re not racist.” (insert sarcasm here) I’m quite sure that not everyone involved in the tea party is ‘not racist.’ But, many (can’t give you the exact number, sorry) are happy to laugh and condone racist actions either through participation or failing to act. Thanks for the ‘he said, she said’ style of rhetoric, but I would have had more respect for your post had you commented on how the tea party is taking more action to improve and/or just flat out denying it. Sleep well.

      • Occupy protests and anti-war protests had severeal examples of anti-Semitic signs. And black Tea Partiers have been called “house blacks” and worse by counter-protestors.

        • Nyah nyah, you’re one too! Is that all you got, troll? Because trolls like you who pull the “tu quoque” arguments out of their asses are essentially admitting the truth of the allegations. By pointing to Occupy etc. and saying “they do the same thing” you essentially admit that the TeaTards are racists. Which they are.

          • They are not. I am simply pointing out both the lies and the hypocrisy that both you and Mark exhibit.

            • No, you’re simply being a troll who regurgitates right-wing talking points you read on some other blog. And one of these standard talking points, O little gay troll, is that when you’re caught red-handed, DEFLECT! DEFLECT! B-b-b-but what about Bill Clinton?

    • But that isnt what Fox said…it said name eamples of Teapartiers that are racist……and he put out examples…it doesnt matter if it’s 1000 or 4 you still have racisim on your side.

      • You have racism everywhere. It’s all a matter of whether or not a protest movement bothers to police itself. The Tea Party does. Occupy and the anti-war movement never did.

    • So, is it your contention that the TeaParty are not racist, as a rule? Surely you can’t be implying the members of the TeaParty aren’t racist and the policies they support aren’t racist? Surely, you can’t be selling that?

      • Yes, I am saying that. Get over it.

        • More proof that the troll is deluded, living in the right-wing alternate reality Bizarro world where Ted Cruz isn’t living proof that Joe McCarthy fucked rats.

          • No. It’s more proof that I am telling the truth and that Mark is lying.

      • What does TEA stand for you stupid turd?! Come on moron it’s only 3 letters. Surely you can find some racist slur to toss around other than answer the simple ????? What does the T stand for? What does the E stand for? And finally obnoxious anti American dirt bag…. What does the A stand for? God I am salivating at your next ignorant reply.

    • “Kill Bush” posters were not racist hate. They were simply hate. But racism goes both ways. I don’t want to hear the N word from anyone.

      • It’s just a word. It’s okay for blacks to call each other niggers. You clowns are so hyped on Political Correctness. There are no more slaves except those that serve the government. Oh wait that would be all of us. So does that mean it’s okay for all of us to call each other niggers? Get over it and move on. There are bigger problems.

    • And yet, your post proves exactly why this article is true.

  2. This is a favorite tactic of right-wingers. Go to a rally and ask questions of some of the participants and use their answers as proof that your position is valid. Christian creationists will do this at atheist gatherings by asking people if they can create a rose and when they answer no, they claim that is proof for intelligent design. For an organization that claims it is a journalistic enterprise this is a complete and utter joke and shows us nothing, kind of like Fox does all the time

  3. I’m shocked, shocked to hear that FOX is manipulating the news!

    • You mean like this recent interview with one of the architects of Obamacare? Explain to me the manipulation taking place.

  4. Don’t forget about the Tea-bagging “mainstream” racists like former Sen. George Allen who couldn’t hold his racist tongue long enough to win an election!
    “I’ve got this won, I’ve got this won, MACACA! Damn it, I just couldn’t hide my true feelings long enough to breeze through this election!”
    What was the name of that ranch Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s family owned? “Ni**er-head Ranch?” Oh, so close Rick!
    Sen. Santorum………Blah people! Watch your step on your way off the stage Rick!
    After the last election Republicans actually had to hold “how not to be a racist douche’ in public” seminars in hopes of shutting some of stupidest Republican mouths so they wouldn’t be giving away seats that they had LOCKED UP before there continued diarrhea of the mouth costs them during future elections.
    I’m actually delighted to see that none of that advice sunk in!

    • Yeah like when they took the House in 2010?

    • You should first look up the history of such names. They are scattered all over the Country since the early 60’s. Agreed they should be dissolved but Perry didn’t name the place, just rented it for hunting. Let’s go tick for tack… One such place is still In Stamford, CT. It is a stretch of the Boston Post Road that is known as “Nigger Hill.” I don’t call it that myself, but when I need to refer to it when giving directions I just pause and give an exaggerated look over each shoulder and everyone knows what I mean. Found this in a recent local article.
      Dannel Malloy -DEMOCRAT did nothing to stop people from using this name when he was Stamford’s mayor, and now he’s the governor.

    • And the family does not nor did they ever own it. They leased it for family hunting trips. You’re an ill informed idiot. Take a minute and look up you’re own information instead of regurgitating the bias media you so admittedly defend.

    • If you stupid shits would have done a little of your own investigating into the history of this Marxist POTUS maybe we could have recovered from Bush’s liberty threatening policies.

  5. I agree with most everything you posted, but I do want to voice my oppinion on one thing you mentioned. You stated the Teapartiers keep referring to undocumented workers as “illegals” even though they have committed no crime. If a person is in this country without the proper documentation, they have broken Federal Immigration Laws. That makes them a criminal by all definitions of crime. If you expect the tea party or any other idealogical group to tell things as they should be, then liberals need to stop with the “they haven’t committed a crime” line. This is not racism, it is the truth. I am a liberal and believe all tea partiers are from some other time/space continuim, but they are right on this issue.

    • Actually, there are many undocumented immigrants (some estimates as high as two million) who have broken no laws, even immigration laws. They came here as children and are not legally responsible for their parent’s decision to bring them.

      Many of them grew up here and have no recollection of the country where they were born. They have no known relatives there and do not even speak the language. Some have graduated college and/or served in the U.S. military. They are the people for whom the Dream Act was drafted.

  6. Let’s see, the Tea Party (bowel) Movement started in earnest with Obama’s inauguration and it took them this long to find a member of color within it. You can stop bragging now, guys – you’ve proved our point yet again.

    • These Tea Party people of color have been in the movement since the beginning.

      • Indeed? You have physical proof of this, or are you just being contrary?

        The fact remains that only now are they presenting this so-called evidence.

  7. Tea Party stated After the 2008 elections. It saw the liberals and the Republicans that have made a life time of the Senate and House needed a change. It is mostly a change for the way bills are passed and the run away spending that is going on. That is the main goal of the Tea Party. For other issues they are mostly very conservative. That does not mean anti anything. The cartoons and caricature you have shown are no different then I have seen of Bush and Reagan. They happen but to say that is the Tea Party is wrong.I read comments every day and liberals are just as guilty at calling names and making false assumptions as conservatives. The Rev has his agenda and following but that doesn’t mean they are right.

  8. If you are at a rally, then you damn sure better know what you are rallying for. This piece was meant to show how people follow a cause or party blindly. And how scary is that? There is no question that our country is further in the shithole than ever. Both parties need an overhaul. Both are corrupt. And that, my friend, is where “we the people come in”.

    • You’re not paying attention. As I noted above, the rally was NOT about the Tea Party, so the people at the rally should not be expected to answer questions about it.

  9. And as far as illegal aliens, they are just that. You have to come here fair and square like the rest of us. No cheating. And they are cheating. You think I could go over to Mexico and vote? Or Canada? Nope. Do you realize that we are supporting people who don’t belong here? I feel sorry for them too but you have to draw the line somewhere. I think liberals such as yourself sit on your high horse and are not out and involved with these people. You sit behind your computer with your money and your sympathy but you wouldn’t go out and physically get your hands dirty with these people. I am a Tea Party supporter and do my best several times a week to help disadvantaged people at work and outside of work. There is not a racist thought in my head. I believe our government has created an entitlement monster and people need to see they can make it without the help. I did, I started out with nothing, worked my ass off with 4 children and got out of poverty. So I don’t want to hear anyone say these people (who I once was) need the gov to survive. No jobs? Move! Do you know the what easiest way to enslave people is? Make them dependent on you. Exactly what our government is doing. Those wealthy politicians do not give a flying flip about any of us.

    • Once again, I already pointed out that children who were brought here by their parents had no choice in the matter and broke no law.

      And it’s great that you succeeded in getting out of poverty, but your circumstances are not the same as everyone else. People are not looking to become dependent. And they aren’t looking for a handout. They are looking for a hand up.

  10. What? Every time I turn my tv pass the fox station they have a Republican Party putting down Obama. Whomever own fox is against the true American people.

    • Obama is a Marxist and an anti American Ideolog. He hates everything about the beauty of this Country. He only concerns himself with race baiting and the redistribution of wealth. Now with his recent rant about having a pen and a phone to bypass the Constitutional workings of Congress he truly is on a path to dictatorship. It’s time to IMPEACH this treasonist tyrant. If that sounds racist to you Progressive goons, then label me a full blown racist. Just a little FYI, Obama’s mama was white. Keep that in mind when you start blasting all the haters of this Marxist POTUS. Look around you and understand the world is on fire and most of it is because of Obama’s foreign policy and the puppet master that pulls his strings, Mr. destroyer of economies, George Soros. Good luck soaking up the truth sheeple. We are bankrupt and out of options. You better prepare for ” The Coming.”

  11. And what have a republican done for my America lately? I mean a true American not these wealthy people who does not see what is happening to people struggling out here. The struggle started due to a republican in office. I lost value in my home just like most of you because of republicans and I haven’t had a raise in years because of republican. Fox News is only talking about healthcare and nothing else. I haven’t heard them say nothing about what the Republican Party said about go to emergency room and pay $2000 for one visit and leave with a pain medication and a list of doctors you can’t afford to follow go see. People getting put out if their homes due to losing unemployment extension that a republican put in place but now all of a sudden it’s a bad idea. Ask Fox News to tell the truth about the real America and you to will ask the question. WHAT HAVE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY DONE FOR YOU LATELY???????? This question is not to he answered by the wealthy.

    • The reason you haven’t had a raise is because of your lack of knowledge on the issues you speak of. You have atrocious sentence structure and punctuation is that of a stoner. That said, I do agree with you that both Dems and Republicans are corrupt. They are no longer the party of years past. Today it is a fight between Conservatives and Progressives. Neither party cares about the citizens. Power is what guides the corruptacrats. You need to learn who wrote the Regulations that created your dilemma. Stop looking at it like it’s a “D”or “R” battle. That’s all they want you to fight about.

  12. Republican Party mean less government. Keep more of the money you make. We all carry our weight. I can’t tell you how angry it makes me to stand in line at the grocery store with my coupons in hand, while the food stamp holder in front of me buys steak and shrimp and 20 oz Mountain Dew for her 2 year old child on my dime. I’m a RN and I deal with this type of person daily. The want want want and honestly think they are owed this. Idle hands are the devils playground you know. If you are not working and just “getting” for free you have no self worth, you become depressed, and its all down hill. So they sit, eat, become unhealthy, end up in the hospital and now I’m paying for that too! Plus waiting on them hand and foot because it’s expected. There’s no respect, because they don’t respect themselves. Dependence on the govt is a no win situation!! See it first hand every day.

    • Why are you so upset about damn food stamps? If people were not making 7.25 an hour they would not have to apply for foodstamps. In real life there are grown people over 40 still making 8 dollars an hour because RICH people who owns the companies want to stay rich. Answer this? How do you expect a couple both making 8 dollars with 3 kids live a decent life? Maybe God has blessed you to go to college and make a good more but everybody didn’t graduate from college. I have some college graduate friends that can’t find jobs in their field. Unemployment rate is 14% higher than it was in 2008 when Bush voted to extend unemployment. Do you mean to tell me all these people don’t want to work? Look how long the housing industry is taking to turn around. How the hell do you expect things to get better when the price if food is steadily going up minimum wage has increased in 14 yrs at least. Teenagers are not the only people working on these minimum wage jobs. Because there are no factories here there are people over 30 working these jobs. I hate people like you don’t live in real world. How dare they stop unemployment at end if the year when nobody is hiring and leave these people hanging while they go on vacation twice since it ended. It’s because Republicans don’t give a shit about us. I feel bad for the people who lost their unployment and had to go thru the snow storm broke not able to buy things to protect their family. Again, what are they going to do with the money they save from taking care of Americans who have no job and no income? Give it to another county? Give it to you? America is a joke because your car have more insurance than most people. Only in America a man can go to jail for not having car insurance but he himself don’t have insurance. Now that’s My America

      • Yeah right! Added an additional $3.00 an hour to a weekly paycheck is going to lift an individual out of poverty. You IDIOTS don’ t realize raising the min. Wage only enriches the pockets of the Tax collector. It’s just an age old government trick to collect more money from citizens.

  13. They call themselves Tea Party, and yet every last one of them run as Republicans?
    They criticize both parties in Washington, and yet they agree with Republicans and vilify Democrats every chance they get?
    How is the rest of the Country supposed to take them seriously when they pretend like they aren’t just extreme Republicans?

    • I’m a TEA Party participant and I’ll tell you I hate John McCain, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Marco Rubio, George Bush ( Big shock there). That’s just the few I can think of. Chew on that.

  14. Totally shocking! Not the pictures, but the fact that you’re so racist against whites that you would try to drum up anger and hostility against them by posting a montage of photoshopped bullshit! And you talk about Fox News vs. Reality? This isn’t reality and it isn’t even journalism. It’s racism at work. Yes, you’re racist.

    • Right. Evidence of Tea Party racism is “racist against whites.” That is such a perfect example of the cognitive failure of Fox News infected Tea Partiers.

    • Funny how racists ALWAYS deflect blame.

    • Want proof? That skin head wannabe waving the Confederate Rag in front of the White House,and elevating it to the same level as the noble Marine Corps Banner. Then,Sarah Palin applauding the jerk,and Michele Bachmann shaking his hand. As far as I am concerned that is proof enough. As an American I felt shame at that scene. As a retired Marine I felt insulted.

  15. So tired of the ignorant, race baiting leftist movement. Someone needs to show a couple racist’s within the left. Then we can call the entire democratic party “racist”. Or show a few racist people from New York, then call the entire city of New York racist. The conservative tries to keep our country from imploding and fights feverishly to uphold our freedoms and rights. That is what our country is based The left changes laws to suite them, violates the Constitution on a regular basis, race bates constantly, and then they quietly sit back and watch things go very badly. Like our borders right now for example. Don’t point out whats happening, don’t listen to customs agents, don’t say a word…or you will automatically be labeled a racist?!?! It’s like they were brainwashed from birth to systematically destroy our beautiful country, our freedoms, and our way of living. My God, can we even fix what they have already done? Can we even pull out of this? Come November it’s ass booting time. It will take decades to repair what they have done in just a few years. SICK

    • Wow. You completely missed the point of this article and then detoured to a standard “liberals are evil” rant. Such a typical wingnut.

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