Disgraced CBS Reporter Resigns Causing Fox News To Weep (And Lie About Benghazi)

Earlier this week investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson announced that she had resigned from CBS News. According to Politico, sources say that her departure was due to her frustration with what she considered the network’s liberal bias. However, the truth is more likely that the network was disappointment with Attkisson’s sloppy and partisan reporting.

The notion that CBS News is some kind of bastion of liberalism is impossible to take seriously. Just last November CBS ran an embarrassing 60 Minutes segment on Benghazi that was based wholly on the account of a disreputable figure whose story they never verified. They later had to apologize and retract the story, but the problem was not due to an unfortunate mistake. The right-wing bias at CBS gets its direction from the very top. The President of CBS News is David Rhodes, who came to the network from Fox News. Politico also reported that…

“Attkisson’s coverage of the Obama administration, which some CBS staffers characterized as agenda-driven, had led network executives to doubt the impartiality of her reporting. […and that…] Pat Shevlin, the executive producer of CBS Evening News, was especially wary of Attkisson’s motives and had even dismissed her, in private, as a partisan carrying water for Republicans.”

Generally Fox News is openly hostile to what they regard as the establishment media and they mercilessly pound their competitors as neither fair nor balanced. But in the wake of Attkisson’s resignation, Fox has become her biggest cheerleader. Yesterday Neil Cavuto brought in rightist media hack Brent Bozell of NewsBusters to lament Attkisson’s fate and complain that CBS had cut her off because of her politics. However that opinion ignores the fact that Attkisson’s reporting had recently been shown to be inaccurate and unfairly critical of the Obama administration. That is the reason that her stories have not been getting on the air.

In the course of this full-throated defense of Attkisson’s journalistic failures, Bozell went on an extended rant aimed at all of the “mainstream” media and CBS in particular. He complained about what he believed to be insufficient coverage of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Only on Fox is there still a raging controversy over what the administration did and said following the attack. Everywhere else the phony allegations promoted by conservatives have been thoroughly debunked. But Bozell went completely off the rails when he said…

“It stands to reason that she [Attkisson] is out because they stopped letting her report the news when she started reporting on Benghazi. […] If George Bush – if it had been on his watch that we had Benghazi, do you think they’d be quiet?”

To this Cavuto replied “He’d be impeached.” And once again, the rank hypocrisy of Fox News is displayed in all its partisan glory. If Fox were the least bit interested in factual representations of events they would have to have acknowledged that during the Bush administration there were at least thirteen Benghazis (i.e. terrorist attacks on U.S. embassies and consulates that resulted in dozens of casualties including the death of David Foy, an American diplomat). Not only was Bush never threatened with impeachment over those atrocities, no one at Fox ever suggested that Bush was the least bit responsible for them. Nor did they criticize Bush as weak for not retaliating afterwards.

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Attkisson says that she is going to focus on completing the book she is writing with the totally non-biased title “Stonewalled: One Reporter’s Fight for Truth in Obama’s Washington.” It is being published by HarperCollins, a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. From there it is a fairly safe bet that she will find a perch at Fox News where she can continue to peddle her dishonest stories and her rightist views with the full support of her bosses. After all, Fox has long history of scooping up the worst rejects after they have been discarded by other networks.


10 thoughts on “Disgraced CBS Reporter Resigns Causing Fox News To Weep (And Lie About Benghazi)

  1. Time to debunk the first lie: Sharyl had nothing to do with the “60 Minutes” debacle. So you failed again.

    She has not been disgraced. That is happening to outlets like CBS. Ms. Attkisson’s upcoming book should be quite illuminating – and it will sell a lot more copies than anything lefty punks ever offer up.

    • Time to shut up,she is not a reporter interested in the truth, she is just a right wing screwball willing to lie to anyone who will listen just like all right wing traitor republican punks.

      • No. I will not shut up. She is a bona fide reporter. And Republicans are not traitors or punks.

    • They didn’t say she had anything to do with the 60 Minutes screw up. They were merely showing that CBS isn’t biased, as some would claim. She has been disgraced because all of her stories have been poorly researched or just flat out lies.

    • “Attkisson’s coverage of the Obama administration, which some CBS staffers characterized as agenda-driven, had led network executives to doubt the impartiality of her reporting.” Bias is a very good reason for being disgraced. She’ll fit right in at Fox.

  2. Once again, her stories are not lies. And I will not shut up. Every time Mark burps forth his libel, I will expose it.

  3. “However, the truth is more likely that the network was disappointment with Attkisson’s sloppy and partisan reporting.” Oh, irony…

  4. We can all take comfort from the fact that Sharyl will be in a better place, a place where her sins will be forgiven, and she will no longer have any cares or responsibilities, where she can run and play with other children just like her…you know…Fox.

  5. The sad basis of trashing Ms. Atkinson is that her past boss/CEO, David Rhodes, at CBS came from Fox. Mr. Rhodes FEC contribution reportings read like a who’s who of prog lefty politicians, including the president. Does it serve the president well to shield grave incompetence from scrutiny? Somebody in his DOJ ordered/sold thousands of assault rifles to Mexican narcos without any effort to track them, they came back across the border to kill a US border agent, and nobody was fired or reprimanded? Does this incompetence represent the president, or is the cover-up misplaced loyalty? Sheryl tried to answer the question. Why did several months of consulate reporting from Benghazi that they were being observed and monitored by the local police and affiliated terrorist groups go unanswered before their security team was reduced in number in the months before 9/11. Incompetence covered up out of loyalty? Who told the closest security teams in the region to stand down during the eight hour mortar and gun fight? Who decided not to chase the terrorist leaders from the local branch who had an actual physical branch office in Benghazi? Who thought playing the video angle, that even the Libyan President denied, was a good idea? If this was a Clinton goof, do we want more of this crisis leadership? Was Hillary cut out of the PR loop directly from the white house? Did they inform the truth to the president our pass the video riot lie on to him to cover their own butts? Was Benghazi all a snafu due to a political appointee foisted on Hillary? Sheryl tried to answer this questions. The fact that ” the most transparent administration in modern history” never answers any questions, continues to trash anyone asking questions, and shouts accusations of racism at any person or group asking questions outs starting to impede their credibility.
    Trashing Sheryl Atkinson not based on the validity of her reporting sources or accuracy only adds to the cover up appearances.

    • Wow. What a mess ‘o conspiracy theories. And all have been debunked. And none address the fact that Attkisson’s reporting for CBS recently was full of errors and that CBS has been running numerous stories that are critical of Obama (including one on Benghazi that was so inaccurate they had to retract it) , so her accusations are nothing more than whining about being held accountable.

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