Stupid And Dangerous: Fox News Proposes Arming Ukrainian Jews

Fox News has given out some monumentally idiotic advice over the years. They advised people not to fill out their census forms (which is a violation of law). They counseled young people not to sign up for health insurance (which could lead to medical and financial disaster). They have beat the drums for every potential war that has come along (Syria, Iran, North Korea, etc.) But now they are making a suggestion that far surpasses their prior imbecility by light years.

Fox News Todd Starnes

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Todd Starnes is the resident Fox News theocracy advocate. His reports are almost entirely concerned with what he regards as the oppression of Christians in America and elsewhere. He is a religious zealot who favors replacing science with Christian dogma in schools, business, and government.

His latest screed is titled “Maybe It’s Time to Arm Ukrainian Jews.” Starnes is responding to reports that Jews in Ukraine were allegedly asked to identify themselves and to register as Jews. If true, that is indeed a repugnant development that recalls the practices of the Nazis and other anti-Semitic regimes. Certainly such a move should be condemned and resisted. However, Starnes is proposing a response that can only make things far worse:

“In the spirit of diplomacy, it’s time for our Commander-in-Chief to grow a backbone.

“And if the reports are true — at the very least – we should send every Ukrainian Jew — man, woman and child – a gun and a box of ammo.

“The last thing the country wants is to be dragged into another war. But we cannot – and must not — stand by and allow our Jewish friends to be targeted.”

What exactly does Starnes think this would accomplish? Does he think that the Jewish minority in Ukraine would be able to defeat the forces of the majority? Does he think that they could also fight off the Russian army? Is he so desperately stupid that he believes putting guns in the hands of a few people would result in their more numerous and better armed oppressors surrendering to them? Starnes complains that President Obama is lacking a backbone, but there is surely no evidence of one in Starnes. His vision of Jewish children parading around with “a gun and a box of ammo” would be comical if not for the tragic consequences. And his claim to not wanting to be dragged into another war is transparently disingenuous. That’s precisely what he wants, and it’s what his proposal would achieve.

The Jewish people of Ukraine do deserve protection from bigots in their nation and their government. But the the method of providing that protection is not to pit them against a mightier force that would slaughter them. The proper response is to pressure the Ukraine dissidents, and their Russian benefactors, to back off with a threat of [international diplomatic] force greater than that which they can muster. You do not send ten people into a frenzied crowd of ten thousand and wish them luck.

Starnes and his bosses at Fox News would like nothing better than to instigate a massacre about which they can then fulminate and use to advance their lust for war. And if some Jews have to get killed in the process, that’s just too bad. If Starnes is so concerned about the welfare of Ukrainian Jews, then he should hop on a plane to Crimea and put himself in the line of fire, rather than suggesting that others risk their lives from the comfort of his American studio.

The only positive part of this disgusting story is that Starnes is a well known douchebag whose advice is not likely to be taken up by anyone with any authority. He is just another in a long line of conservative chickenhawks who are only too happy to put other people’s lives in danger. If he ever did go to Ukraine, or any other hot spot, you know exactly where you can find him: Cowering under the nearest rock with soggy pants and whimpering for someone to rescue his sorry ass.


8 thoughts on “Stupid And Dangerous: Fox News Proposes Arming Ukrainian Jews

  1. “The proper response is to pressure the Ukraine dissidents, and their Russian benefactors, to back off with a threat of force greater than that which they can muster. ”

    Really? And what “force greater than that which they can muster” would that be? Does the author of dim witted piece of irresponsible junk realize that the Russians have nuclear weapons and missiles, too? This is more backdoor militarism disguised as compassion and concern.

    • Wrong! There is such a thing as the force of diplomacy. And getting the community of nations to take a unified stand that does not involve military force.

      • I agree. There’s plenty we can do without the use of actual force, and the sanctions that are coming will be nothing short of extremely forceful. I’m not against using our armed forces to do things that don’t involve violence, there’s plenty of options there. If the coming uppercut in harder hitting sanctions don’t show the ruskies that they can’t do whatever they want, then stronger measures will have to be taken, what they will be isn’t important right now though. I think the sanctions will work, they are working now, but the sanctions coming will definitely limit their options.

        Arming anybody just won’t work. It’s not a solution, and it won’t help deescalate anything. It’s a lazy approach that’s just about showing balls. Cause ya know, if you don’t wanna fight then you’re nutless, and saying ‘send them weapons’ reaffirms your true focus of showing others that you have hangin hairy ones. International law is on our side, the UN is on our side, all of Europe is on our side, and the Ukrainian majority is on our side. All together, with a serious enough and united laser like focus, non-violence can definitely work here. The wild card is an heavily indoctrinated russian population, and a megalomaniac looking to rebuild russia’s former power. He’s calling Ukraine ‘new russia’ now, and apparently saying something used to be a part of russia is a good enough reason to invade and take it back, law and history be damned. He’s super, super popular at home. He’s got them thinking that russia was heaven on earth and the future of the world until the evil West came along and fucked everything up. The propaganda right now is pretty crazy, and it’s totally working. Sanctions are driving them to north korea for economic deals to get around them, we’ll see where that goes. Right now though, sanctions are the way to go, even with all the potential for the shit to hit the fan, I think nonviolence and cooler heads will come out on top and on our side.

        So, so much potential for global clusterfuckery, but one approach tries to avoid that and the other wants to just jump right to it. It’s like the right just doesn’t even give a fuck anymore, it’s like they’re totally done thinking about anything. Like a colorblind, pre-programmed, reactionary, automaton that rejects any kind of relevant variables and only has the potential to give absolutist answers. It’s actually kinda weird…

  2. I don’t believe this hype about any insistence that Jews register has any basis in reality. I find it convenient that prior to the so called edict for registration that those in power were being touted as Nazi’s. Something is just not right here. For weeks the Right have been clamoring for a show of force by the US in the region. Something tells me that it’s highly likely that we had a roll in the Crimea affair from the beginning and there are rumors that we are propping up and supporting the so called Nazi’s (Ultra-Nationalists) in the Ukraine. Here we are winding down from Afghanistan and Iran with no real War on the horizon, then along comes Crimea and the Ukraine. Sweet! Our Military Industrial Complex has salaries to pay and our politicians’ have a lust for War even if ‘We the People’ (useless term these days) don’t.
    Thank your deity of choice that Fox News exists, otherwise we would have no idea what is not really happening in the region.

    • Not sure what you’re trying to say exactly, but it sounds kinda tin foil hatty. I would be ready to think that Mossad was behind the fake flyer thing, but it was probably just Kiev, if it was really fake that is. That’s the thing about masked militiamen, a lot of them think they get to do whatever the fuck they want. I don’t doubt we’re active there in some way, in fact I certainly hope we are, but I don’t think we would try to push things over the edge, that’s fuckin crazy. Shed yourself of your cynicism, it’s not doing anything for you.

    • Also, right sector has no political power, they have no seats in the current government there, also all the seats from the previous government are still there, they didn’t change anything other than executive leadership. Sounds like you bought into some Russian propaganda when you said that. Theres no ‘propping up’ what doesn’t have any standing in the first place, they’re just white supremacist civilians that formed a white supremacist party, it probably won’t go anywhere.

      You know that pretty much everything, like 99.9% of what the Russians say about all this is complete bullshit, right? Fascists nazis aren’t in power, it’s slander to help the Russian population (no right to free press/information) beat the war drums more loudly. And they are. I understand the desire to take all this shit with a grain of salt, but the west is completely in the right on this one.

  3. Starnes needs to grow a brain!

  4. Todd Starnes? Can you imagine this guy in any kind of armed conflict? Another conservative pantywaist saber-rattler. All too predicatable.

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