Glenn Beck Has Gone Full Blown Televangelist

Glenn Beck - Obama-pocalypseOn today’s program, Glenn Beck pulled aside the veil to reveal his true face. It is a face whose features were familiar from a long beheld visible silhouette. But now it was nakedly transparent. He has finally assumed his place as the broadcast bishop, the cable cleric, the television vicar. Rev. Glenn’s sermon today commenced with a scripture from the holy Fathers of the Founding:

“The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time.”
– Thomas Jefferson

This verse laid the foundation for a series of lessons that placed a new focus on the American theocracy. And the first lesson was a reaffirmation of the importance of God to real Americans, and God’s insignificance to those evil progressives.

Beck: Progressives had to get rid of God […] Who is the government to tell us what to do? It’s our power. Wrong again! It is not our power. It is God. Our founders knew it comes from God to us and we give it to the government […] The earth is bigger than you. And the government is just protecting the earth. It all comes down to this: The climate cult is teaching your children that the earth is God.

To illustrate the transformational power of the presence of the Lord in a modern world dominated by the worship of science, Rev. Glenn recited the parable of Galileo, a renaissance astronomer who paid a dear price for his commitment to knowledge.

Beck: Galileo – The man who fought against the power structure of his own time to enlighten mankind that the earth wasn’t flat and the sun, not the earth, was the center of the solar system. It was those who held power that tried to shut him down. Just as those who are in power now try to shut up all who disagree now. Galileo is in the tower again.

Some may find irony in Rev. Beck referencing Galileo to analogize what is occurring today with regard to climate change. After all, it was not just any power structure that oppressed Galileo, it was the church. It was an ecumenical establishment that feared the impact of Galileo’s findings, which just happened to be contrary to church doctrine. So the church harassed and imprisoned this seeker of truth unto his death.

Now Rev. Beck is making an argument that is ostensibly in support of science, even though his position on climate change is diametrically opposed to the vast majority of scientists. And he is simultaneously advocating returning authority over our nation to God – you know, the supreme master of the power structure that oppressed Galileo. Beck asserts that it is the minority of faith-based and industry-aligned researchers who are the Galileos of today, and that by accepting their unsupported conclusions and submitting to the will of God we are somehow honoring the memory of Galileo.

But Galileo was a lone advocate of an unpopular and dangerous opinion. He was a man of science fighting a powerful theocratic establishment that wanted to suppress any knowledge that interfered with doctrinal teachings. Rev. Beck, on the other hand, is a science denier who would squelch men like Galileo and wants to impose the same sort of theocracy that persecuted him.

It’s takes real courage to advance a position that is so brazenly contradictory and lacking in logical reasoning. But we are talking about the great Rev. Beck. How many other alleged scholars can castigate adherents to global warming theory as “climate cultists” while the logo for their network is spinning in the corner with a new green hue commemorating the Climate Conference in Copenhagen?

Does Rev. Beck know that Pope Rupert has directed his corporate empire to pursue green policies and is “committed to addressing its impact on climate change?” Murdoch has even expressed his view that News Corp has an obligation to educate and engage their readers and viewers on the matter:

Murdoch: Imagine if we succeed in inspiring our audiences to reduce their own impacts on climate change by just 5 percent. That would be like turning the State of California off for almost a year.”

Does Pope Rupert know that his cardinals are undermining his directives? Does he know that, contrary to educating the public, they are willfully misinforming them? Does he know that in addition to Rev. Beck, that Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Neil Cavuto, the cast of Fox & Friends, and others in his broadcast and publishing world, are all subverting the message he has laid down as company policy? It seems unlikely that he wouldn’t know what is being promulgated on his network and in his papers. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the policy is just phony window dressing designed to mislead the public and is meant to be ignored. It is not unlike much of the scripture that is ignored by wealthy, free market, money changers who pretend to be pious, but who are only interested in their own comfort and self-aggrandizement.

And it is for that reason that Rev. Beck exists – to satisfy the spiritual lust of greedy, egomaniacs and the pathetic disciples they deceive. He is their path to salvation and their justification for living lives devoted to materialism and selfishness. Can I get an amen?