Lieberman’s Support Grows – Amongst Republicans

After being roundling rejected by Connecticut’s Democrats, Joe Lieberman has begun to collect support from a much more natural constituency for his Fox News brand of conservatism: DC Republicans.

Lieberman has been praised and endorsed by the likes of Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, and even Karl Rove called to offer help. Now the notorious GOP front group, Vets For Freedom (VFF) has declared it’s backing of Lieberman’s “Party of One.”

VFF is the phony band of reporters that sought to pass itself off as a neutral source for stories from Iraq, despite the fact that they were Republican shills funded by Republican party operatives. They have now filed papers to form a 527 committee that intends to campaign for Lieberman. The new head of VFF is Dan Senor, a former spokesman for President Bush and the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq. Senor is also married to Campbell Brown of NBC News, so expect some unbiased reporting from those quarters.

I continue to believe that Lieberman’s indie bid will starve for lack of adequate funding because traditional Democratic sources will dry up. So Joe will have to increasingly court Republican donors, which will just further alienate him from the Democratic base. The association with the VFF, a fake news organization, can only hasten Lieberman’s ineveitable downfall.


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