Once A Corrupt Crony, Always…

The disgraced former head of the Corporation for Public Propaganda Broadcasting was caught again with his hand in the till.

The Washington Post reporting on the incorrigible Kenneth Tomlinson:

“A year-long State Department investigation has found that the chairman of the agency that oversees Voice of America and other government broadcasting operations [the Broadcast Board of Governors] improperly used his office, putting a friend on the payroll and running a “horse-racing operation” with government resources.”

In addition to being an embezzler, and a reprobate, he is also an incompetent manager. Last May, the Voice of America closed its Baghdad bureau because they could not retain journalists to staff it. Tomlinson and the agency he leads was unable to maintain a presence in a part of the world where that presence may be most needed.

Yet the Bush administration is not only defending him, but is re-nominating him as chair of the BBG. How many crimes does it take for this president to cut the cord on his cronies? It appears that there is actually an inverse relationship toward service and criminal behavior at BushCo. The more crime you commit, the more reward you receive.