Glenn Beck Confirms That He Really Was Crazy When He Said All Those Crazy Things

For as long as Glenn Beck has a been a public figure he has brazenly spread delusional theories, conspiracy-riddled fantasies, and outright lies. Throughout most of that time he has been accused of being either purposefully dishonest or just plain nuts. Now, according to his own admission if we are to believe it, it is the latter.

Glenn Beck Messiah

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On his Internet videocast yesterday, Beck spent a tearful hour disclosing to his wingnut congregation that for the last several years he has been suffering from a rare neurological disorder.

“About five years ago, right around the time we met in Washington, D.C. for 8/28, I had begun to have a string of health issues that, quite honestly, made me look crazy. And, quite honestly, I felt crazy because of them.”

Beck described an array of symptoms that included seizures, problems with his vision, pain in his arms and feet, and insomnia. Additionally, he said that there were cognitive problems that affected his memory and ability to perform simple mental tasks. Oddly, some of the symptoms paralleled those found in Deuteronomy 28:27-29, as the punishment from the Lord if you should fail to follow his laws:

27: The LORD will smite thee with the botch of Egypt, and with the emerods, and with the scab, and with the itch, whereof thou canst not be healed.
28: The LORD shall smite thee with madness, and blindness, and astonishment of heart.
29: And thou shalt grope at noonday, as the blind gropeth in darkness, and thou shalt not prosper in thy ways: and thou shalt be only oppressed and spoiled evermore, and no man shall save thee.

Despite the Lord’s pleading and obvious signs, Beck has persisted in his evil ways. He did have severe hemorrhoids, blindness, madness, and at about the same time he was booted off of Fox News.

If Beck is telling the truth about these health problems, he deserves the same sympathy that any other human should get. No compassionate person should get pleasure from another’s pain. The problem as this relates to Beck is that he has a history of being a pathological liar. It is, therefore, difficult to believe that this confirmed huckster isn’t just engaging in another scam. We know, for instance, that he has even used tactics like applying glycerin to his eyes in order to simulate crying.

What makes this an especially interesting plot twist is that Beck’s medical revelations actually validate those who dismissed him as a fruitcake. He admits that his mind was not functioning normally and that he, and others who knew him, felt he was crazy. And that is just how many of his critics felt as well. Were they right all along?

It would certainly explain Beck’s bizarre ravings about a global Islamic Caliphate. Or his hallucinatory visions of socialist art planted throughout Manhattan by Nelson Rockefeller. Or his numerous declarations of imminent doom, none of which ever came to pass. Or his fixation on “Agenda 21,” a voluntary United Nations initiative promoting sustainability that Beck thinks is a plot to destroy capitalism. Or his virulent and anti-Semitic assaults on George Soros that included a three day festival of hate tagging Soros as “The Puppet Master.”

I could go – and on. Beck has been exhibiting symptoms of dementia or paranoid schizophrenia for years. It is astonishing that it took this long for him to seek help. But even more astonishing is that there are so many people who were seduced by his nightmarish departures from reality. And they still profess to follow him despite this public confession.

Beck says that he is now recovering and reversing whatever damage has been done over the years. That’s a convenient assertion because it allows him to continue his crusade of deception and fear mongering without disruption. But how could he have gone through all of what he contends for so long without anyone noticing, and without it interfering with his non-stop production schedule? The fact that he both announced this alleged mysterious malady and his salvation from its ravages on the same day only adds to the suspicious nature of the whole affair.

Beck began his confessional by saying that “for personal reasons and for business reasons” he refrained from talking about his health problems. So why would he suddenly want to talk about them now that they are in remission and won’t affect his work going forward? Perhaps to get a crapload of attention and sympathy? We may never know for sure. But we do know that he has been just as rancid and hateful and divisive in recent days on radio and webcast as ever. So there is no evidence of any epiphany marking a transformation in his behavior. He’s the same old Glenn Beck as always. Only now he has admitted that everything he said in the past was tainted by a diseased mind.

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Here is the opening video of his medical disgorgement. If you’re still yearning for more you can watch part two and part three on YouTube.


7 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Confirms That He Really Was Crazy When He Said All Those Crazy Things

  1. Beck could have shortened the excuse and dropped the religious BS and said he was off his meds.

  2. Just another scam…remember when he lost his voice and did the cue card thing apologizing for dividing America? He didn’t vhange, he just got 15 minutes in the spot light and continued with his venomous crap. He is just finding a new way to get attention because his viewership has fallen again. Gotta please those sponsors!

  3. The fact that he hasn’t given his “problem” a name certainly calls it into question.

  4. Yeah, Rush goes a little crazy when he off his meds too.

  5. Oh, how cute. Beck is just dying for more attention. Look at him scratching at the door, chasing his tail, howling at the moon… I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

    But no, I don’t buy it. I didn’t watch the video (because life is too fukken short!) but I would be very surprised if he actually started taking back the specific statements he’s made that were clearly the thoughts of a mentally diseased person. One obvious example was when he called Obama a racist. Did he take it back? Did he offer a formal apology to the president? I’m not a great fan of Mr Obama, but for all his faults, he is almost certainly the least racist man in WashDC, and anybody who would say the things Beck said would have to be stupid, insane, evil, or some combination.

    This latest ploy will likely be all forgotten next week, but I do hope he gets the help he needs someday. Do they still do lobotomies? That would be a good start.

  6. He has always seemed disingenuous to me but this act was over the top. He has hyped this announcement up for weeks too. I kind of suspect that what is behind all of this is that he is losing his own personal money through his projects like The Blaze and other ventures…(wasn’t there some sort of movie studio announcement a while back?) So in essence he is losing his personal cash and is desperately trying to gain back viewers that have forgotten about him… Let’s title this episode “Glenn’s pity party to become relevant again (and try to salvage this business and his personal fortune that is steadily draining away)”.

  7. Thats what he get’s highly paid for, the nutter he is the better for the lunatic folks that follow him!!

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