So F**KING What: Hillary Clinton Is OLD And Fox News Wants You To Know It

Now that the midterms are out of the way, Fox News can concentrate on the 2016 presidential race, and that means relentless and asinine criticisms of prospective Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. In fact, the obsessive bashing has already begun with Fox pulling sentence fragments out of context and making fun of her laugh. And now they are raising an issue that is certain to register with their overwhelmingly elderly audience: Millennials Have No Idea Hillary Clinton Is Old.

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That’s right, Fox News thinks it’s important to know that young Americans don’t know how old Clinton is. And the reason they find significance in this is…Oh, who the hell knows. Perhaps they think that young voters won’t support a 67 year old candidate. But if that’s true they would also have to dispense with many Republicans who are even older than Clinton, including the new Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell.

This is an insult to every senior citizen in the country. There is a distinct odor of ageism in it that compliments Fox’s racism, jingoism, homophobia, and other assorted flavors of bigotry. What other purpose could there be for making an issue of this rather bland factoid?

The article that Fox published on their lie-riddled Fox Nation website was sourced to the uber-rightist Daily Caller, which happens to be run by Fox News host Tucker Carlson. in the piece it is reported that “a new Pew Research poll” found that only 27% of 18-29 year olds were able to correctly say Clinton is in her sixties. On the surface that would seem to be flattering to Clinton who appears younger than her years. But Fox wants to make sure it is seen as an insult.

However, digging a little deeper and you find that this isn’t a new poll at all. Pew published this data back in March as part of a larger survey that also showed the public as generally supportive of Clinton. She was viewed by majorities as being tough, honest, and a plurality thought that this old broad has new ideas.

This isn’t the first time that Fox has gone after Clinton based on her age. Earlier this year Fox contributor Karl Rove lashed out at Clinton saying…

“In American politics, there’s a sense you want to be new, you don’t want to be too familiar, you want to be something fresh, you don’t want to be something old and stale.”

Exactly, You don’t want something old and stale like Ronald Reagan who was older than Clinton when he took office. You don’t people like Fox News viewers whose average age is 69 years old. You don’t want people who have a past filled with experience. If you’re Fox News you just want people whose thinking is from the past. You want youngsters like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz who oppose civil rights and voting rights and women’s rights, and who advocate economic policies that favor the wealthy and were responsible for the worst recession in nearly a hundred years.

And finally, if you’re Fox News you have no problem insulting the largest demographic group that makes up your audience, not to mention the most reliable voting bloc among the citizenry. Nice work, Fox. Keep it up. You have just demonstrated that you hate senior citizens and you think Millennials are stupid.

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7 thoughts on “So F**KING What: Hillary Clinton Is OLD And Fox News Wants You To Know It

  1. If she got elected, when she is inaugurated she would be 1 year younger than Reagan when he was inaugurated.

  2. If she got elected, when she is inaugurated she would be 5 years younger than McCain if he had been elected.

  3. So, if Fox thinks Hillary is “old and stale,” can we get rid of Emperor Dickie (since he must be what, a hundred or so)? And Karl must be at least 60 by now, right?

    Fox News really is in a good position to talk about something being old and stale. After all, their standards were common back in 1920. The film Birth of a Nation is of course their guide for the future, right?

  4. But do Millennials also know that Rand Paul looks like he gets dressed in the dark, Newt Gingrich is fat, and Rick Perry is stupid?

    • Basically the castoffs from the past two presidential campaigns. Are they hoping for total memory loss of everyone eligible to vote?

  5. @Satin8876 … They’re not only hoping for total memory loss of everyone eligible to vote, they COUNTING on it… Fux Lies doesn’t want anyone in their target audience to EVER use their brains… just listen to the talking heads and vote the way Rush Limbaugh tells you…

  6. “..You don’t want something old and stale like Ronald Reagan..”

    If the Republicans found another Ronald Reagan that was even slightly older, then age would not be a factor, for him. I can say with certainty that any candidate chosen by Republicans will be a him .

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