The Hate Of The Union Address: Right-Wing Nutjobs Want To Ban Obama From Congress

You may have thought that you’ve seen it all, but when it comes to overt expressions of rancid hatred today’s Republican politicians and pundits are just getting started. It’s apparently not enough that they have spent the last six years breaking all records for partisan obstructionism and openly displayed racist attitudes toward President Obama. Now there is talk of implementing a Jim Crow style admittance policy on Capitol Hill.

Obama Refused

President Obama has recently taken legal measures to make some progress on the immigration reforms that Congress is too inept to address. His executive actions are both constitutionally sound and overwhelmingly popular. Those facts must have driven the Republican Party into an acute psychosis that has them panting feverishly as they struggle to respond. To date they have proposed such over-the-top remedies as rejecting every administration nominee for cabinet or judgeship posts, shutting down the federal government, suing the President, and even launching impeachment proceedings.

Now, however, they have lit on a new tactic that is stretching the limits of sanity. There is boomlet of commentary on the right that thinks it would be a good idea to prohibit President Obama from delivering the annual State of the Union address to members of Congress. This is a proposal that reeks of personal animosity and is wholly inconsistent with the mission of Congress. What’s more, it certainly doesn’t advance the spirit of cooperation that the GOP pretended to embrace following the midterm election. The very words used by the advocates of this plan illustrate their divisive intent. For instance…

Joel Pollak, Breitbart News: Congress should indicate to President Obama that his presence is not welcome on Capitol Hill as long as his “executive amnesty” remains in place. The gesture would, no doubt, be perceived as rude, but it is appropriate.

Rich Lowry, National Review: If I were John Boehner I’d say to the president: “Send us your State of the Union in writing. You’re not welcome in our chamber.”

“Our chamber?” Are these miscreants suffering from the delusion that the houses of Congress belong to them and they have the tyrannical authority to deny admittance to anyone they choose, including the Commander in Chief? This would be an unprecedented rebuke aimed at the nation’s first African-American president. There is a stink of bigotry that is reminiscent of the segregationist South where blacks were not permitted into establishments reserved for whites only. These suggestions are shameless in their open disrespect for both the President and the presidency. No other White House occupant has suffered this sort of indignity. Even President Clinton’s State of the Union speeches went on as scheduled while Congress was trying at the time to impeach him.

Obama’s crime is that he is actually trying to get things done despite a congressional body that holds the title for being the least productive congress in history. They have demonstrated their obsession with opposing anything this President advocates, even legislation that their own GOP colleagues drafted. Once Obama signs on they turn and run, pretending not to have ever had anything to do with it. The most important thing to this Republican caucus is to do as much harm to the President as possible without consideration to the harm they are doing to the country.

But with all of the flagrantly hostile behavior directed at Obama from the right, there is something far more repugnant in this exclusionary gimmick that treats the President as if he were untouchable and unclean and unfit for keeping company with the oh-so-distinguished members of Congress.

Calmer heads may ultimately prevail in the weeks before the State of the Union. But if the GOP wants to proceed with this lunatic plan they do so at their own peril. It would surely be seen by the American people as vindictive and childish. It would be repudiated by a broad majority of clear thinking citizens. The Republican Party would bear the brunt of the backlash that would almost certainly ensue.

Consequently, I say “Go for it, Republicans.” Hang a big, bright “Whites Only” sign over the front door of the Congress. It will serve as a truth-in-advertising notice for the GOP. Then the President can move the speech to an auditorium where he invites all Americans (with the exception of Republican members of Congress) to hear his address. Let the media cover the speech without the predictable and orchestrated jeers and cheers that come from a legislative body that is bitterly divided by partisanship.

Come to think of it, having the State of the Union delivered outside of Congress may be such a good idea that Obama should consider taking the lead. He could preempt the GOP’s rebuke by rebuking them first with a notice that he will not be attending their soiree. There is nothing preventing a president from delivering the speech at a venue of his choosing. And if it results in a more respectful environment where he doesn’t have to deal with petulant hecklers shouting “You lie,” in the middle of his remarks, it may be worth it.

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10 thoughts on “The Hate Of The Union Address: Right-Wing Nutjobs Want To Ban Obama From Congress

  1. I hope the President does exactly what you’re suggesting. They’re behaving like spoiled children and deserved to be treated like the brats they are.

  2. I agree with Terri, but would the Dems in Congress find the spine to stand with the President and call the GOP out on their relentless, mindless hatred in public? I see little evidence that the Dems have learned anything in the last 6 years. I’d like to see progressives dump the Dems, join the Greens, and give the Rethuglicans all the rope they need to hang themselves. Because they will hang… sooner or later.

    • Green Devil, I’m unsure whether the Democrats in Congress have strong enough spines or big enough parts in their nether regions to stand up to the Republicans. I wish they’d step up to the plate and do something worthwhile but they don’t seem to be capable of doing that.

  3. The hatred that is spewed nonstop from these Republicans has taken on a life of its own. It has spiraled out of control. I actually hope they do this but I can’t imagine they will but whenever I think they can’t get anymore insane they prove me wrong, so who knows?

  4. The fact of the matter is… Obama ALREADY has an assured place of honor in the History books. The fact that he is the very FIRST black president has guaranteed that. In 200 years, every school kid will still know that Barack Obama was the first black president. they will also know that a lot of hateful people obstructed him at every turn and he STILL managed to accomplish some very nice things. But ONLY the serious History buffs and congressional students will have ANY idea who John Boehner, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor or any other GOP TEA party fool was. Those names will disappear from memory about 10 or 15 years after they leave office, never to be heard of again by a typical citizen. It is THAT which infuriates ALL of them. Yet they fail to understand that no matter how hard they try to block, obstruct and denigrate the president his place in History is already assured forever and theirs is already on the way to complete obscurity to everyone but the most dedicated History buffs.

    • I like what you say.

      And to add insult to injury, those history buffs who research and discover who all the bad actors were, will know them as the bad actors they were and that they will always be remembered as being on the wrong side of just about every issue of the day.

      They will be in the “loser” column because they are losers.

  5. A friend of mine posted this on his page, and I just laughed when I read the headline. I’m in my own “recovery program” to avoid generally silly and inflammatory commentary, and this one certainly started out that way…
    But, he challenged me to read “the content” to see what I thought, so I went ahead just for the sake of honoring his request.
    And here’s what I told him, and now tell you:
    Blech…I need to take a shower – assuming that as a conservative voter, I lean to the right. Of course, even if I leaned to the left, I’d have to basically give into any sense of decency to assume even 10% of this article was written in good faith.
    Let’s see:
    – para 1 and I’m a racist (“Jim Crow”),
    – para 2 I’m stupid (“too inept”) and insane (“acute psychosis”),
    – para 3 continuing to be insane (“limits of sanity”) and now hateful (“reeks of personal animosity”),
    – para 4 – no quote, the whole thing is a screed of accusation for an entire class of Americans being associated with racism,
    – para 5 obsessive with harming Obama,
    – para 6 “flagrantly hostile” (tho’ I see a clear “Pot Kettle Black” situation developing),
    – para 7 lunatic (again – I’m seeing my own pattern of ‘obsessive’ here),
    – para 8 a complaint of divisiveness – that this article now directly incites,
    – para 9 “petulant hecklers” – as if Joe Wilson’s one single comment (that he immediately apologized for even tho’ it was shown that he wasn’t necessarily wrong) somehow defines, again, an entire political group.
    So that’s the content. I think I was right at just laughing at it in the first place. Thanks for that opportunity to sample a whole new class of angry.
    Now I have to wash off the slime.

    • PS Now that I’ve read the preceding comments for this article, I have found a new and expansive example of cognitive dissonance. Excellent case study.

    • Congratulations. You’ve managed to isolate a bunch of sentence fragments and ignored the whole point of the article. If you think there isn’t racism and stupidity and hatred embedded in the mindset of people who would bolt the doors of Congress to keep the President out, you need more than a shower to wash away the filth on you.

  6. President Obama should be seeking to break the recor for the most hated U.S. president by the GOP, and consider himself too weak if he leaves office with anything less than the titleholder. …just to rise to the level of GOP mentality, and methodology.

    It’s only fair, and the way tough guys think!

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