Why Fox News Gets Away With Being Racist: 1% Of Their Audience Is Black

This may not come as a surprise to most people who are paying attention to the media landscape, but another survey by Nielsen reveals that African-Americans are not very well represented in the Fox News audience. The latest numbers from Nielsen, as reported by Mediaite, show that only 1% of Fox News viewers are Black.

Fox News Black Viewer

However, this does explain how Fox can be so brazenly racist in so many of their broadcasts without worrying about the consequences. After all, they have little to lose by offending a segment of the television universe that doesn’t watch their programs anyway. Combine that with Fox’s partisan incentive to suppress Democratic votes and their strategy of inflaming racial animus for political gain doesn’t seem so bad in their warped perspective.

Four years ago News Corpse reported that the Black viewership for Fox was a dismal 1.38%. So, if you can believe it, that meager showing has actually declined since then. The breakdown is an indictment of the rightist network’s bigoted marketing objectives that ignore the diversity of the country and badly trail the racial composition of their competitors. Mediaite writes that…

“During the primetime hours of 8-11 p.m., MSNBC’s audience is 24% black, CNN’s audience is 16% black and Fox News’ audience is just 1% black. By comparison MSNBC’s primetime audience is 67% white while CNN’s is 73% white and Fox News’ is 92% white.”

With numbers like that it is no wonder that Fox can describe Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z as a “former crack dealer,” dismissing his many years as a successful artist, businessman, and philanthropist. It is why Fox anchor Megyn Kelly is comfortable declaring as a fact that Jesus and Santa Claus are white. It is why virtually every time there is a controversial story that tests the racial tolerance of the nation (Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Voter ID, Immigration, etc.) Fox News takes the side of the white majority. It is why whenever there is an allegation of racism against a person or institution, Fox’s kneejerk response is that racism doesn’t even exist anymore.

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The argument that racism ended after the slaves were freed is one that has been expressed by Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and many other Fox contributors. Some of the more open-minded Fox commentators assert that racism ended more recently with the election of President Obama, conveniently forgetting that nearly half the country voted against him. But the consensus among them is that anyone who alleges prejudice is a “race hustler” and that there is no such thing as “white privilege.”

So, is the low number of African-American viewers of Fox due to the content of the programming, or is it the brazenly racist programming that has driven away Black viewers? It hardly matters at this point because it is clear that Fox no longer cares and doesn’t believe that they have any obligation to cater to an audience demographic that has almost completely abandoned them.

The problem is that that means they also don’t feel any obligation to the racial diversity and harmony of America. Sadly, we can count on Fox to continue to continue to incite the bigots that flock to their network, and the end result will be to create more division and to encourage distrust and hate. Here’s an example what that kind of agenda will produce.

Fox News Racist


15 thoughts on “Why Fox News Gets Away With Being Racist: 1% Of Their Audience Is Black

  1. The level of racism at Fox has been rather breathtaking over the last six years but I doubt that reflects the actual mood of the nation. It just gives an excuse for racists to be vocal where they might have been too embarrassed previously.

  2. The startling thing is that Fox has convinced its 90+% white viewership that blacks are the ones who are racist…a contrived reverse racism where whites are the victims. If only they had millennia of institutionalized racism to support their assertions.

    If it’s some comfort, history is going to look very poorly at Fox News, very poorly.

  3. The reason that Mark can continue to spew his hate-filled lies about Fox News being racist: Because it’s the internet. That means that Mark can lie and spew non-stop hate and non-stop idiocy. Thankfully, people are able to expose his hate and his filth and his dishonesty.

  4. Isn’t the one out of a hundred actually Stupid Allen West(tm)?

      • Absolutely nothing to do with “left-wing hate.” He’s a moron, we’re treating him like one.

  5. In Fox News, Roger Ailes has created a cocoon where white conservatives can go to be excused for their fears, resentments, and animosities of “those people,”, and indeed, even be given seemingly plausible rationalizations for their beliefs. Nowhere on Fox News will you ever hear anyone declare that angry, uneducated, and unemployable WHITE people are responsible for their own problems.

      • Typical fascist. You’ll get to decide what the truth is.

      • Hey Scott,

        Instead of just saying it’s a lie, why don’t you give an example that proves your point?

        CS Said “Nowhere on Fox News will you ever hear anyone declare that angry, uneducated, and unemployable WHITE people are responsible for their own problems.”

        Which you claim is “Lie. From the word go, this is a lie.”

        If you are correct, it should be easy to find an example of Fox News claiming “…that angry, uneducated, and unemployable WHITE people are responsible for their own problems.”

        I’ll wait while you find some examples. Just one example would prove the “Nowhere…” based statement false. Think you can find one?

  6. Liberals seem to extremely racist. I have observed over my lifetime that when people speak out the loudest about whatever subject it is such as racism, wife beaters, child abusers etc. are the people that usually are guilty of these types of behaviors and it causes them to speak out very harshly to others that aren’t racist, wife beaters, child abusers, etc. They do not like their own behavior and the only way they know how to deal with it is by twisting the words of anyone making an honest assessment about racism, wife beating, child abusing, child ignoring, abortion lovers, porn addicted, and other lewd behaviors that come out the liberal lifestyle.
    Liberals hate anyone that point out the truth. Liberals will believe any lie thrown their way as long as it agrees with their twisted view of life and what it is all about.

    • Thanks for stopping by on the last day of the year to post what may be the stupidest comment of the year.

      If your theory that people who speak out the loudest are guilty of what they protest, that would make Martin Luther King history’s greatest racist. Get a grip. Your puerile attempt at psychology is embarrassingly bad. And it is a lame effort to ignore the real problems that are being addressed.

      What’s worse, if as you’ve observed in your lifetime, the people who speak out the loudest on a subject are guilty of it themselves, then what does that say about you speaking out about hate and lying? You must be guilty of those things yourself.

      • Good white conservative Christians like Michael NEVER cause any problems…they just bask in all the rewards to which they are entitled.

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