Racists Swarm Fox Nation’s Post About A Michele/Barack Obama Romance Movie

It doesn’t take much for the vile bigots who inhabit the Fox News community of Fox Nation to let their true feelings show. News Corpse has been compiling documentation of their nauseating prejudices on this page for quite a while: The Collected Hate Speech Of The Fox Nation Community.

The latest item to join the collection is this repulsive display triggered by the announcement that a movie is being produced that will dramatize the early romance of Barack and Michele Obama. The Fox Nationalists posted an excerpt from Deadline Hollywood’s article that said…

“The White House legend that is Barack and Michelle Obama’s romance is heading to the screen. Southside With You, a drama in the vein of Before Sunrise, chronicles the summer 1989 afternoon when the future President of the United States of America wooed his future First Lady on an epic first date across Chicago’s South Side.”

Does this have the potential of being a sappy cinematic escapade of star-crossed young lovers? Sure it does. But that’s pretty much a staple in Hollywood and generally doesn’t result in outbursts of hatred and racial bias. The total absence of shame exhibited by these cretins makes it all the more disgusting. But, sadly, it is not surprising coming from a community that has proven repeatedly that they are proud of their inbred racial animus.

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Fox Nation Racist Comments


10 thoughts on “Racists Swarm Fox Nation’s Post About A Michele/Barack Obama Romance Movie

  1. The fact that Fox doesn’t moderate and block these types of half-witted comments offends me almost as much as the comments themselves.

  2. Some people are just horrible. Sad thing is, you see these same comments over and over again on other sites as well.

  3. Absolutely disgusting. You can understand this sort of maggot infesting social media but for Murdoch’s minions to do nothing about it is truly despicable.

  4. Folks, let be honest these people are racist trash from the shallow end of the gene pool and fox attracts like flies to a turd!

  5. the racist comments that are post on the Fox News site shows the low level of the tea party and the right wing in this country . How can we consider America a great nation when we have nazis roaming our cities and even serving in the government. But it’s better that this shameful stuff is out in the open so all of the world can see. Fox needs to be ashamed of itself for giving these fools the tools to post their nasty racist comments.

  6. Make no mistake, as far as Fox is concerned, the Fox Nation website is mission accomplished! They certainly are not ashamed of letting these comments be posted and, I would argue, encourage this very thing. This is what they do and they are proud of it and will not ever apologize let alone stop allowing this sort of thing to continue.

  7. I agree with you ignoranceisbliss. That is what I find most disgusting of all.

  8. Why did they not use those lovely comment’s in the “there is no racism anymore” fun they had to get rid of the voting restrictions for their fun new “voter ID” laws.

    Which if people have not noticed that the laws are actually Voting Taxes, which is against the law. Think on this, if you have to “pay” something to vote, it’s a tax on voting. So I don’t see them giving out the “needed” ID’s for free to those who need them. Or helping those who need them pay for them at least. Nope… if your not “rich” enough to buy your ID, your not “rich” enough to vote.

  9. You can see similar stuff every day on mainstream sites like Yahoo News. Just check the comments after any article that even mentions Obama in passing, or any issue the would get Sean Hannity’s diaper in a twist, and you will see Conservative Uh’merica at its worst.

    I grew up around white trash know-nothings like them and I can tell you that the election/re-election of the first black president has driven them all out of their tiny little minds. They are hopeless, but for the rest of us there is some comfort in knowing that most racists are old, infirm and too dumb to avoid early death. There’s diabetes, heart failure and other obesity-related diseases; and of course gun-shot death (accidental and otherwise); faith-healing and snake-handling mishaps; hoveround crashes… Well, you get the idea. The stress of having to live in the 21st century with a 18th century mentality must be brutal. At least they have eternity in White Heaven to look forward to.

  10. Good post, Green Devil. Every time I read an article I have to decide whether or not to read the comment section because, most days, I just can’t handle the aggravation of sifting through the hate-filled, poorly spelled rants of the Obama haters.

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