Sunday Funnies: Recently Uncovered Video Of Donald Trump’s Childhood

Donald Trump, the media-designated front-runner for the Republican nomination for president, is said to have attained this status due to his straight talk and authentic style of connecting with GOP voters. Of course, Trump’s alleged lead is a myth that is exacerbated by shallow punditry and the media hunger for ratings.

Donald Trump

Trump has never led more than a small flock of GOP loonies, with 75-80% of poll respondents choosing other candidates. And he has consistently had the highest unfavorables of any candidate, Republican or Democratic. The only reason that Trump is ahead of his rivals now is that there are so many of them. When the roster is whittled down the remaining candidates will all be beating Trump.

As for his so-called plain speaking appeal, Jack Shafer at Politico put Trump’s rhetoric through the Flesch-Kincaid test where Trump scored at the third grade level. That’s probably still somewhat higher than most of his Tea-vangelical supporters. And despite his compulsion to repeatedly remind everyone how smart he is (something actual smart people never need to do), his public utterances invariably contradict him. This morning, for example, Chuck Todd asked Trump from whom he would get advice on the military were he president. Trump said that “I watch the shows,” referring to the Sunday morning news programs in the same way that fans of soap operas refer to their “stories.” He’s still in Reality TV mode.

Nevertheless, with so much of the media spotlight being cast on Trump, it is important to put his life in context. Particularly with regard to his early childhood development that reveals with stark clarity how he came to be the person he is today. As the son of privilege, little Donny was pampered and fawned over by his wealthy parents who set him up in business and eventually bequeathed him a couple hundred million dollars (which his poor business skills squandered). And to further flesh out Trump’s formative years, News Corpse acquired this exclusive video of a young Don expressing himself in much the same way that he does today.

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The resemblance is obvious. And it doesn’t take much effort to chart the path from Trump’s greedy Narcissism as a juvenile to the political hogwash he espouses now. What’s more, those positions – from immigration, to taxes, to Iraq/Iran, to reproductive rights, to marriage equality, to Climate Change, to guns, to health care – are completely in line with with the Republican Party that he represents. So even when he is ultimately laughed off the stage, the GOP regulars will soldier on with the same agenda, albeit somewhat less foolishly articulated (not much, but somewhat).


3 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies: Recently Uncovered Video Of Donald Trump’s Childhood

  1. Well, perhaps you will get your wish that the MSM stops coverage of Donald Trump – they may actually have an opportunity to give more coverage to the Hillary Clinton email stuff to fill the time. You’re right, they should actually report news of interest to the electorate and coverage of “real” candidates. Bob Woodward had some good things to say – so maybe Trump will get pushed down the news coverage with that exciting story to take his place.

    • In a sane world, the scenario you suggest in your opening sentence would more than likely come to pass. Let me offer why it won’t—

      First, the MSM is no longer about anything other than ratings with a little journalism sprinkled on just to tease our palates. Trump just said he is in favor of disallowing birthright citizenship as part of his immigration reform and of course, since he’s leading the polls, several of the other republican candidates jumped on board with some variation of same thing. (14th amendment) So that will take up some time and all the talking heads will talk about it for awhile. That’s more salacious than Clintons’ e-mail issue.

      The Clintons are used to this sort of stuff. They are made of teflon. And when all the alleged scandals that never were scandals (with the exception of the blowjob—and Bills’ ratings are still quite high) finally go away Hillary will come through smelling like a rose as always. This e-mail thing would have killed any other candidates chances; it only slides off of her.

      I’m not in the Clinton camp but lets remember the last four Sec’s of State, including Colin Powell, and many cabinet members used and still use private e-mail accounts to conduct state business. Hillary didn’t violate or risk any national security interest and neither did any of the others. It will go away soon enough and Trump will keep the MSM occupied in the mean time, because, you know—– SQUIRREL!!!

      • Sadly, you’re probably right. And why anyone wonders why we get what we get in our leaders I can’t figure. We’re being sold a product – not a leader. Our current president is a perfect example of that – packaged and presented in a way to sell him to everyone.

        Donald Trump is, himself, a master at self promotion. I don’t think the MSM is trying to sell him to us, but yes, he does make for interesting news.

        This whole thing is just so pathetic and frustrating. No matter who is elected, we’ll get the same thing we’ve gotten for the last 20 years – R or D – doesn’t matter.

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