Three Degrees Of GOP Crazy: From Benghazi To Planned Parenthood To ACORN

The Republican Party is showing signs of desperation after virtually every attempt to manufacture scandals that they can blame on Democrats has failed. Rather than developing some policy initiatives that might find favor with the American people, or conducting outreach to voter groups, the GOP is diving deeper into unfounded allegations and conspiracy theories. Just yesterday three of their top players engaged in some Olympian nuttiness that produced nothing but embarrassment for their floundering team.

GOP Crazy

Let’s begin this three degrees of separation journey with an appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program (video below) by the man projected to be the next GOP Speaker of the House of Representatives. Kevin McCarthy may have thought that he would have a genteel Tea Party with the GOP-friendly host, but he wasn’t prepared for the level of animosity that wingnuts like Hannity have for establishment conservatives. Hannity took McCarthy to task for not having done more to monkey wrench the Obama administration’s agenda. He assailed McCarthy and the House GOP for presiding over budget deficits, funding ObamaCare, amnesty for immigrants, and not shutting down the government over Planned Parenthood. Having been caught off guard, McCarthy carelessly revealed the real, not-so-secret purpose of the House Select Committee to Politicize Benghazi as he tried to defend his record.

“Everybody thought that Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable. But no one would have known any of that happened had we not fought to make that happen.”

So McCarthy admitted on TV that the true aim of the Benghazi hearings was to damage Clinton’s reputation and electability. To which Hannity graciously replied “I agree, that’s something good. I give you credit for that.” McCarthy later let slip that he intends to form another pointless select committee on Planned Parenthood. Under Republican control, this congress has held an unprecedented number of flagrantly partisan hearings that have produced nothing of value to their party, much less the nation. The Benghazi investigation has now officially lasted longer than any previous congressional investigation, including the JFK assassination, the Nixon Watergate affair, and 9/11, yet has not found a single bit of evidence of any wrongdoing.

The Benghazi Committee is chaired by Rep. Trey Gowdy (SC-Tea Party), which brings us to the second degree of separation. Gowdy is also a member of the committee investigating Planned Parenthood for misconduct alleged by an anti-abortion group’s videos that have been proven to be edited in a deliberately deceptive fashion. When it was Gowdy’s turn to question Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards he asked whether she had an understanding of those who oppose abortion. Richards said that she appreciates that “people have a lot of different views on the issue of abortion,” then dismissed the condescending premise saying that Planned Parenthood “trusts women” to make decisions about their own bodies.

That provoked Gowdy to accuse Richards of wanting to “frame the issue” to say that she is “the reasonable one, and those of us who have a contrary position are not reasonable.” Which, of course, she did not say. Gowdy actually conceded that she didn’t say that, but then, using his supernatural power to read minds, told her that “It’s not always what you say, sometimes it’s just what you mean.” But he still could not explain how anything she said could be interpreted to mean what he asserted. It’s plain that he was intent on mischaracterizing her remarks no matter what she actually said.

The chairman of the Planned Parenthood committee was Rep. Jason Chaffetz, which conveniently moves us to the third and final degree of separation. During the same hearing, Chaffetz made some glaring blunders. For instance, he displayed a highly distorted and prejudicial chart that Richards had to tell him was provided by Americans United for Life, a virulently anti-abortion group. But his worst gaffe may have been uttered after the hearing when he went on Fox News to spin the event for the media. In an effort to drive home his slanderous perception of events, he said that “Planned Parenthood is the new ACORN. That’s who they are. Remember when we talked about ACORN? That is Planned Parenthood as far as I can see it.”

You know, he’s actually right. ACORN was an organization that helped people, but was smeared by liars who produced false videos that eventually led to Congress defunding them. Sound familiar? There was never any evidence that ACORN did anything wrong. To the contrary, James O’Keefe, the producer of the videos, lost a lawsuit and was ordered to pay a former ACORN staffer $100,000. But, unfortunately, that was after ACORN lost their funding and had to close up shop. Now the same sort of liars are trying to do the same thing to Planned Parenthood despite several state investigations that have already cleared them of any wrongdoing.

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What all of this adds up to is the brazen dishonesty of a desperate Republican Party trying to invent scandals and exploit their congressional power to bring down their political foes. With McCarthy we have an admission that their efforts are partisan. With Gowdy we see how blinded they are by their own biases. And with Chaffetz a clear connection is made to a previous effort to sabotage an honorable public service organization.

Ironically, the GOP is whining about taxpayers having to pay for Planned Parenthood and women’s health care services, but most Americans support Planned Parenthood. So the real question is why are Americans forced to pay millions of dollars for congressional hearings that are nothing more than partisan witch hunts based on proven lies?

Here is the video of McCarthy on Hannity:


13 thoughts on “Three Degrees Of GOP Crazy: From Benghazi To Planned Parenthood To ACORN

  1. How sad that the Party of Lincoln has turned into the party of fascist assholes. Time for the hook.

    • Right now a GOP benefits from being the only alternative to the leftist democratic party, which isn’t exactly loved either given the election results of recent years – some competition would be nice and probably would benefit the country. The GOP is a mess though – your’re right.

      • Yeah, mess is putting it lightly. It’s become a party that is home to reactionary anti-statists, neo-fascists, nativists, and religious extremists.

        • some of that – yes. The Anti-statists is the good part as opposed to the statists in the democratic party. Even with that, they don’t come forward with a vision – certainly not conservatism. In the end, they are more like the democratic party in that they love big government every bit as much, just more corrupt.

          • There is nothing good about reactionaries.

            • Depends on the reactionary and the specific issue – resistance to that specific kind of thing is more important now than ever.

      • Bernie – and don’t come with the “socialist” bullcrap. Want to give up roads, social security, etc.?? Then stop “socialism”.

      • Actually the Democratic party has been pulled so far to the right that Reagan was more liberal than Obama but the current success of Bernie Sanders signals a rebound to the left.

        • Interesting – not sure i see it that way, but clearly the rise of an openly socialist candidate could support your beliefs that the party as it exists in reality today doesn’t actually represent the true leftist leanings of their members. Sounds like the people in both parties are trying to be heard.

  2. I submit that McCarthy’s gaffe on FOX with Hannity, revealing the true intent of the Benghazi hearings was to smear Hillary, also smears FOX when Hannity, after berating McCarthy for colluding too much with Pres. Obama, says in response to McCarthy’s gaffe, “I give you credit for that!” And that reveals what we’ve always known about FOX—“fair and balanced” has really been “lies and distortions!” Shame on both! Republicans no longer have a party; they have a clubhouse of little boys and girls who feel cheated that they’re not as popular as the smart kids because they don’t have the right sneakers or video games.

    • As the article says, it really hasn’t been much of a secret that the Benghazi Committee is acting as a political hit group for the GOP. Trust me, the Benghazi “investigation” was always going to last until the 2016 election. If you think about it, using tax payer money to further the Republican election agenda is pretty smart if you can get away with it.

      • Your last line can be equally applied to both parties – just used differently. It’s not always about congressional investigations – but why bother with reality. I’m not absolving the GOP of bad behavior, but I’m not (and others aren’t either) blind to how things work in government when it comes to power and making sure it remains where they want it to remain.

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