The (Master) Race For President: White Supremacists Are Campaigning For Donald Trump In Iowa

It is often said that you can judge the character of a man by the company he keeps. With that in mind it is illuminating to know that a notorious assembly of white supremacists have begun actively campaigning for Donald Trump in Iowa.

Donald Trump

A group led by American Renaissance founder Jared Taylor has launched a robo-call operation to inform Iowans that Trump is their “Great White Hope” for 2016. The recorded call says…

“I urge you to vote for Donald Trump because he is the one candidate who points out that we should accept immigrants who are good for America. We don’t need Muslims. We need smart, well-educated white people who will assimilate to our culture. Vote Trump.”

American Renaissance is an openly racist organization that believes that whites are superior to other races. They are affiliated with other racist hate groups including neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan. It’s easy to understand why this group is backing Trump. His campaign has been a rallying cry for America’s bigots who see him as a candidate that has their supremacist interests at heart.

This isn’t a new development for the Trump campaign. From the day he announced his candidacy he has appealed to bigots by disparaging anyone who was not a white European. He called Latinos rapists and murderers. He falsely claimed that 81% of whites murdered in America were killed by African-Americans (The correct number is 16%. 82% of whites were killed by whites). He has proposed a ban on all Muslims coming into the country. Just yesterday he ejected a Muslim woman from one of his rallies, which sent his supporters into a frenzy of hateful abuse aimed at her as she was escorted out.

Is it any wonder why racist groups like American Renaissance would endorse Trump? Last month Politico published an in-depth article detailing the broad-based admiration for Trump among America’s white supremacists. The article revealed that…

“The Ku Klux Klan is using Donald Trump as a talking point in its outreach efforts. Stormfront, the most prominent American white supremacist website, is upgrading its servers in part to cope with a Trump traffic spike. And former Louisiana Rep. David Duke reports that the businessman has given more Americans cover to speak out loud about white nationalism than at any time since his own political campaigns in the 1990s.”

Surprisingly, despite Trump’s overt hostility he continues to insist that he will win the votes of African-Americans and Latinos. That is a demonstration of what may be the most advanced case of self-delusion on record. Not only is he oblivious to the impact his hate-speech has on the minority communities he despises, he is unable to recognize the correlation of his hateful rhetoric to the type of racist supporters he attracts.

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Given the severity of Trump’s tunnel-blindness, it is unrealistic to expect him to comprehend the reasons that white supremacists are flocking to his campaign. But his supporters who were attracted by his celebrity, and the phony facade of an anti-establishment outsider, ought to wake up and notice with whom they are rubbing shoulders. They should realize that if the KKK is campaigning for Trump, maybe they ought to reconsider their own support. And if they don’t, then they should not complain when the rest of the country classifies them as the same sort of crackpots who are propping up The Donald and his vile agenda of bigotry.


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