Donald Trump On Disruptive Protesters At A Bernie Sanders Rally: That Will Never Happen With Me

This evening in Chicago Donald Trump was scheduled to appear at a rally at the University of Illinois. However, after protesters arrived and created a significant disruption, Trump canceled the rally leaving thousands of disappointed Trumpsters and an untold number of celebrating protesters.

Donald Trump

This seems like a good time to recall what Trump said about an incident at a Bernie Sanders rally where some Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted his speech and made some remarks of their own at the podium.

“I watched Bernie Sanders have a protest. He was up at the microphone and two young ladies came up and took the microphone away from him. That will never happen with me. He walked weakly to the back of the room and I said ‘Isn’t that pathetic? Isn’t that sad?'”

What happened tonight is evidence that Trump is a phony who likes to put on a macho image. He frequently taunts his critics and pretends to be prepared to engage in battle. The truth is that he is a coward who shrinks from any conflict that might soil his Ferragamos. This is a man who wears a mask of patriotism as he claims to love our nation’s veterans (who he appears to have shafted with a phony charity event). But he received five deferments to avoid the draft during the Vietnam war. This is a man who warns would-be assailants that he is armed and that if “somebody attacks me, oh they’re gonna be shocked.” He must mean that they’ll be shocked at how fast a dude pushing seventy can run away.

To be clear, I think Trump did the right thing by canceling his rally. It is not worth taking the risk of violence breaking out and innocent people getting hurt. But Trump is in total denial about why the cancellation was necessary. He continues to reject any suggestion that his hate speech is responsible for setting a tone that is rancid with hostility. He won’t admit that telling his dimwitted followers how much he would like to punch protesters in the face might result in some of them carrying it out as a favor to their hero. He has even promised to pay for the defense of anyone who would “knock the crap out of” a peaceful protester. That is literally a solicitation of criminal assault.

The only threat of violence that has ever been exhibited at a Trump rally has come from his supporters. Not a single protester has ever been observed engaging in any violence, contrary to Trump’s bald-faced lie that some protesters were hitting people. So canceling the rally was the right thing to do because of the risk of Trump’s brownshirts assaulting peaceful protesters. And if voters in the Republican Party can’t see what awaits them if Trump is their nominee, they are either living in a fantasy world or they are hoping for the chaos and turmoil that Trump evokes.

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19 thoughts on “Donald Trump On Disruptive Protesters At A Bernie Sanders Rally: That Will Never Happen With Me

  1. yeah,you tell em!!!!!!!AMERICAN GOOFS!!!!!,those of you who actually listen and incite the bullshit that is being written,i can now honestly say that this is the reason why the world HATES AMERICANS,you talk about how BAD AND IGNORANT AND COMPLETELY USELESS TRUMP IS ,AND YOU ARE WORSE THAN HE IS!!!!!!….unfucking beleivable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • One thing to keep in mind, Randy, is that all things Drumpf are, by design, on tape. He doesn’t do anything or say anything that doesn’t appear in some form of electronic media and in real time. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

      So when you complain about “the bullshit” just remember that the rest of us can see everything he says and does quite clearly and we see it several times each day. I would be generous in saying that your view of what he says and does is somewhat skewed due to your ignorance. Or I could be honest and say you’re just like most of his supporters and don’t possess the capacity to see when you’re being lied to. As a Canadian, you can’t vote here so I’ll just be glad of that.

      As an aside, your reasons the world hates Americans is inaccurate to say the least. Americans who share your world view and espouse the bullshit as you do would be a more accurate reason for their hatred of us.

      • its funny when i travelled to Europe and Australia with friends from North Carolina,and Colorado,they insisted that i introduce them as being my friends from British Columbia,but they are very golden people,what you must understand,is that there are assholes throughout this world,but how alot of americans see themselves as being untouchable to the rest of the world,which is very unfortunate.The political process ,which pits americans against americans is a very sad state of humanity,and that is one of the reasons why arrogance is very high where you are………………just think about it.

    • It’s beautiful how one can tell a Trumpian simply from their manner of speech without paying any attention to the content.

      Considering that Trumpian speech is almost always of the same format as that of their exulted one I’d say it’s actually a better way of telling them apart.

    • Exhibit A: randy, a trump apologist.

      • you know what is so typical of the ideology of yourselves,because i am supporting a certain disliked candidate,from your impression, i am a TRUE TRUMP BLIND SUPPORTER,……..BECAUSE i am a CANADIAN,it should not matter who my support is to ,for your arrogant information,I do not support DONALD TRUMP,but i do support the freedoms that he is pertaining to.I am an outsider looking in,because i give my own personal views of candidacy platforms,im suddenly branded a staunch supporter of every negative view that the candidate is supporting.Maybe its time that you all could have an understanding of your political interpretations.So do you think race relations have gotten better and improved since president Obama took office,because that was the hope,or have things gotten worse.If ONE Trump supporter should up at a Bernie or Hillary speech and started flinging insults and punches ,who do you think would be blamed!!!!!!of course it would be trump,because he incites violence,so why would anybody go to a speech of an opposing candidate,cause a commotion,and think that it is their given right as an american to do it,but when the tables are turned ,suddenly they are the ignorant assholes for doing it.So by the way,look at yourselves when you are convinced that i am a TRUMPIAN,what ever that means

        • Nice diatribe, randy. Too bad I didn’t read it.

          • learn how to read……………..and maybe you can be helped HA HA HA HEE HEE!!!!!

            • Nice presumption, moron. I know how not to waste my eyeballs.

  2. I’m originally from Chicago and I’ve never been prouder of my people! One of my Trump-supporting friends is actually blaming President Obama for creating so much racial hatred that it caused this to happen.

    • Of course — Obama did it. You name it, Obama did it. He started the whole birther thing too.

    • Yeah that’s the expected behaviour from Trumpians.

      Your friend is not the one who started such a thing. Trumpians have a long history of such shit.

    • you want to talk about RACE DISCRIMINATION!!!,you said”IV’E” NEVER BEEN PROUDER OF “MY” PEOPLE,if that isnt racism then you are certainly going backwards!!!!,can you AMERICANS actually see what the two ideologies of political CORRECTNESS has done to your country…………………………………………and the damage that it is inciting.

  3. There is a big difference between two women interrupting and a mob of thugs trying to shut down an event. Put you thinking cap on.

    • Oh there certainly is, just not quite the way you think.

      Trump said that what happened with Sanders won’t happen with him. Well in a sense he was right, he got it a LOT worse than Sanders and instead of being the tough guy he said he would be should he ever be “disrupted”, he tan away like the pussy he actually is.

      So yeah, saying that he is right about what happened with Sanders would never happen with him, is correct on 2 counts. 1.) It’s not just 2 people who protest, 2.) He won’t have to experience dealing with them because he will fun away with his tail between their legs.

      As for the protestors being thugs. That’s pretty rich coming from one who ignores all the Trumpian thugs who have beaten up people simply for not agreeing with them. They also do it with Trump’s encouragement which is just one reason for the protestors to be doing what they did.

      • so because he chose not to get involved in a speaking engagement where there was a HUGE group of protesters who probably wanted to get into a very rowdy scene.Now Trump is considered a PUSSY and a weakling ,BUT if he would have showed up the crowds would have gotten into it,for their support of him,THEN he would be the asshole that you see him as.LOOK AT YOURSELVES AND THE WAY YOUR THINKING IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I’m not the one who said that Trump was being a tough guy and all. He was the one that said that and established that image for himself.

          He seemed to uphold it too….when his crowed were the majority. However when there were a significant number of protestors he didn’t hold up to his own bravado. He could have done so but chose not to.

          How is that NOT a coward, pussy and a liar on top of that?

          Your “concern” for violence also ignores that, at hos rallies it is usually the protestors that are outnumbered AND the ones getting assaulted. Also, Trump, in those instances has ENCOURAGED that violence. It apparently seems that small scale violence is something that Trump can get behind especially since they involve his opponents getting beaten up.

          But when it comes to confronting a larger group of them he runs away. This in spite of his toughy guy image when it involves just a few protestors getting beaten up.

          Yes, based on all this I’ll reiterate. Trump is a coward and a pussy as well as a liar.

          Feel free to show how I’m wrong.

  4. you certainly are a one sided,vision impaired demo,but i forgive you for your ignorance,just have a good long look in the mirror and maybe you can forgive yourself,for the hatred that you posses

  5. shouldn’t the PROTESTORS usually be outnumbered at any political event,are you that focussed!!!!!!,ha ha ha ha

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