On Fair And Balanced Fox News It’s Trump Dependence Day

It’s the Fourth of July and Americans are enjoying a day honoring the independence of the nation from a tyrannical monarchy. There are parades, and barbecues, and tributes to heroes going on all over the country. But on Fox News they have their own peculiar way of celebrating this holiday.

Donald Trump

As Independence Day approached, Fox News devoted much of the weekend to multiple re-airings of “13 Hours At Benghazi,” a two year old crockumentary that shamelessly distorted the tragic events that cost the lives of four Americans. The entire purpose of the program was to falsely malign Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration in the minds of Fox’s gullible viewers, despite the fact that every investigation into the matter cleared them of any wrongdoing.

And now, on the Fourth of July itself, Fox News has programmed a couple of “patriotic” hours that feature their choice for America’s icon of nationalistic fervor, Donald Trump. Because what could possibly better represent the spirit of America than a one-sided telethon of veneration for a bigoted, egomaniacal, wannabe dictator?

First of all, Fox News will be re-airing a very special episode of Greta Van Susteren’s On The Record entitled “Meet the Trumps.” In this heart-throttling waste of time Van Susteren devoted the whole hour to interviews with Trump’s adoring family, She spent the most time with his wife Melania whose relentless praise was reminiscent of victims of Stockholm Syndrome. She even said that she and The Donald never argue. Does that sound like a normal marriage or a paid campaign infomercial?

Later, Fox News will present an all new special from Sean Hannity dubbed “The Year of Trump.” This will undoubtedly be the sort of worshipful tripe that has characterized Hannity’s treatment of Trump since he launched his campaign. The only surprise is that he didn’t call it “The Passion of the Trump” in honor of his political savior. Hannity has the distinction of having provided Trump with more airtime than any other program on Television.

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Suffice to say that no other news network has committed to airing several hours of dedicated Trump-humping programs this holiday weekend. And apparently Hillary Clinton hates the Fourth because Fox has virtually ignored her today. The fact that Fox News chose this particular holiday to slather their viewers in paeans to The Donald tells you something about Fox’s interpretation of patriotism. It is not accidental that Fox scheduled this parade of Trump propaganda on the same weekend that they revived their anti-Clinton Benghazi fest. This sort of flagrant bias is their reason for being. Happy Fourth Everybody!


5 thoughts on “On Fair And Balanced Fox News It’s Trump Dependence Day

    • You wouldn’t know since you wouldn’t know truth at all.

  1. What else would you EXPECT from this bullsh– lame a– sorry excuse for a “news” channel? Only an a–wipe would AIR this much of that orange sh–stain TDump. WRONG for the country, WRONG for the world.

  2. Greta van Susteran is just another of Roger Ailes’ whores. I remember her early on before she capitulated to the right wing nuts. Ugly as sin, she then spent thousands to have her face redone so that only that which came out of her mouth was ugly. Of course, Melanie Drumpf would claim she and the Dumdum never argue. She’s been married to him , what, ten years now? And she knows all too well what happened to the previous concubines. Love The New York Times magazine this week with its first bit of fiction, a lurid first-person told from Melanie’s point-of-view. It’s a panoply of what we would see were this “odd couple” to occupy the White House. Many would want to pay the British to burn it down again. Melanie says she took Ivanka, the daughter Drumpf lusts after, to lunch just so she could tell the Drumpf she did and he would be pleased.

    • YOU are a prime example of american arrogance !!!,I so feel sorry for you to have to look at yourself in the mirror and hate what you see.What fucking american would say that many would want to pay the british to burn down the white house,you are a sad fuck,that i certainly hope never steps foot on Canadian soil!

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