WATCH: CNN’s Trump Fluffer Brazenly Lies About The FBI’s Clinton Inquiry – And CNN Lets Him

On today’s broadcast of CNN’s State of the Union, fill-in host Brianna Keilar interviewed Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Last month Lewandowski was fired by Trump and then hired by CNN within a few days despite the fact that he has a contract that prohibits him from saying anything critical about his ex-boss.


Well, Lewandowski is surely in the clear after today’s performance. He not only refrained from any criticism of Trump, he delivered eight minutes of non-stop adulation and shameless up-sucking. He even defended Trump’s use of a blatantly anti-Semitic image in a tweet attacking Hillary Clinton even though Trump himself wouldn’t defend it (he deleted it without comment or apology).

Much of the interview, however, involved the meeting between Hillary Clinton and the FBI to discuss the matter of her emails and the private server she used. There was no new information reported following the meeting except for multiple sources telling CNN and MSNBC that the FBI has concluded that no laws were violated and no charges will be brought. On this subject Keilar asked Lewandowski…

“Corey, the big news this weekend, Hillary Clinton meeting with the FBI – three and a half hours she was meeting with them – and sources tell CNN that this investigation could wrap up before the convention. And if she is cleared of wrongdoing by the Justice Department as we expect, short of her making some sort of mistake in her interview yesterday is what is going to happen, will that deprive Donald Trump of a key political weapon?”

Without even waiting for Lewandowski to respond the answer was obvious. Trump, and every other Republican, have already tipped their hands to reveal a strategy wherein Clinton will continue to be vilified as guilty regardless of the outcome of the investigation. They intend to go on using this weapon even if it is shooting blanks. If Clinton is cleared they will just insist that the Justice Department is corrupt and that the White House is threatening to dispatch killer drones to deal with anyone who goes after Clinton. So Lewandowski did deny that Trump will be deprived of a weapon, but it’s what he said immediately after that that is truly disturbing.

“I think what you have is the American public is so frustrated right now that Hillary Clinton has been under investigation from the FBI from as many as 150 agents for a long time.”

Certainly the American public is frustrated by the seemingly endless parade of bogus Clinton-bashing scandals, not one of which has produced any evidence of wrongdoing despite spending hundreds of hours and millions of dollars on partisan efforts to tarnish her reputation. However, the allegation that there were hundreds of agents investigating this matter was proven to be false long ago. Originally there were anonymous reports from the Washington Post and Fox News that as many as 150 agents were involved, but that was quickly debunked with subsequent reports saying that talk of 150 agents was “ridiculous” and that “the number is closer to 12.”

The fact that Lewandowski would propagate this dishonest argument after it was already know to be untrue is typical of the Trump campaign’s deliberately deceitful modus operandi. While most candidates would cease to use information that they knew was false, that little detail doesn’t seem to bother Trump or his cronies. This is also further evidence that Lewandowski is still working for Trump while he’s getting paid by CNN. And worst of all, it shows that CNN is unable or unwilling to correct the record when a Trump shill dispenses flagrant lies on their air.

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12 thoughts on “WATCH: CNN’s Trump Fluffer Brazenly Lies About The FBI’s Clinton Inquiry – And CNN Lets Him

  1. While I still believe that Anderson Cooper is above reproach–and CNN may be avoiding doing anything to hurt him because of his ratings and that he is an out gay man–CNN is losing credibility and Ted Turner must be livid. To have hired him was its first faux pas and then to let him make comments without challenge that are blatant lies, shows what the network is about–an attempt to compete with the tabloid FPX. The whole scenarios smells–putrid and diabolical.

    • CNN needs to fire Lewandowski. I just don’t think they have the courage to do it.

  2. yes…yes,thats it,no courage,everybody there are crooks!!I cannot believe how they are treating poor honest Hillary,how DARE they accuse her of ANY wrong doing.She and her husband have always been known to be straight forward and honest with the American public,how can ANYONE come up with such lies!!!

    • Which of course isn’t what anyone is saying dear Trumpian, but rather how DARE they keep lying about Hillary and Bill long after those lies jave been debunked.

      Standard Trumpian playbook I know. Maybe that’s why you are so outraged over it.

      • one of the things i get such a kick out of is,because i happen to say some things in favour of Trump im suddenly BRANDED a trumpian.Understand ,i do not have any use for him ,as well as Hillary,but the more i read about the hatred that comes from Americans FOR Americans,the more i have to understand that what is right for the PEOPLE

      • You’re quite right, Delu. Notice that randy has no problem with Lewandowski lying or CNN permitting it.

        It is always telling when these wingnuts are so incapable of making honest arguments. If they actually had a case to make they wouldn’t have to lie about it. Instead they dodge the subject and try to deflect. That’s a dead give away of their ignorance and obsession. And to them pointing out the truth is hatred. Sheesh.

        • so because i didnt SAY anything about Lewandowski spouting lies or CNN allowing the shit to be said suddenly puts me on a shelf.You had better take a good hard look at what and where your internal negativity is coming from and why.As a Canadian,i try and look at both sides of political passion.On one side i see blind admiration for a political candidate who has been at the highest level of government power,or at least has been able to have input for it,and look where it has got the American people and economy.Then ,on the other side ,is an arrogant liar,who might have an understanding of business practices ,but at what price will it take to achieve the sanity that your government so dearly needs.So when you try and paint me with a brush that speculates me as someone who has a certain blind view of what is going on,please have a look in the mirror and understand what HATRED really grows from

  3. Look, we all KNOW TRump and his people, or ex-people, in this case are raging a–holes that do NOT give a h– about this country. They lie about EVERYTHING. CNN has been a sh–show for a long, long time. This does NOTHING to correct that.

    • so tell us how you REALLY feel!!!.I read the comments from people on here and it is no wonder why your countries political gong show happens the way it does .There is such HATRED for AMERICANS,that do not think EXACTLY how you do.I am so happy that i am a Canadian,every country has differing political wishes,but the HATRED that comes from both sides of the political views in your country is very very sad

      • I don’t “hate” Trump. I hate his ignorance and hubris. Big difference.

        • Yes Mr.Everts,the only difference is the words that come out of your heart are VERY hateful,unless you ,and many others who i read on here,dont see that as HATE interpretation.Maybe im just old school,but when i was growing up,if that kind of language was being directed at someone or some idea,that is pure hatred.If it is, im glad my parents taught me respect for one another,because the verbal crap that i read on here certainly falls in that line.I know that there is great passion for ones political understandings,but when conversations get to what is being written here,that is garbage.When you have somebody write that if, basically the Trump family will be residing in the white house then there would surely be people to hire England to burn it down,like what happened in history,it was something like that.Political correctness has gotten WAY out of hand.I am a Canadian,that is interested in politics around the world,I spent seventeen years in the military,and am now an organic farmer,that has travelled the world and have done alot of business around the world and United States.I have probably experienced more REALISM then most people would care to.I do not like Donald Trump,and i do not like Hillary Clinton,BUT , i look at realism and the future where it is SLOWLY going,for my family and lives of future.My appologies if i write to much to give MY opinion.Whatever will happen in Nov,must be respected by the people,if it isnt ,then arrogance wins!!

  4. Being an ass (Trump) apparently makes you an ass magnet.

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