Fox News And Sean Hannity Are Now Producing Donald Trump’s Campaign Events

No one is going to be shocked to discover that Fox News is working feverishly to elect Donald Trump president of the United States. They are pulling out all the stops to make excuses for his outrageous statements: His insults to the Gold Star parents of a slain soldier; his dog-whistle calls to assassinate Hillary Clinton; his insane accusation that President Obama “founded” ISIS.

In addition, Fox is obsessively covering anti-Clinton non-stories that have already been debunked by ethical journalists: GOP allegations that ISIS intelligence was altered; Clinton emails tying her aides to charity work for the Clinton Foundation; ludicrous “investigations” into Clinton’s health.

Reality is beginning to warp the judgement of both Trump and his PR division at Fox News. Every recent poll is showing Trump falling further behind, particularly in states that were never considered plausible for Democratic candidates. Consequently, the right-wing network is taking a more hands-on approach to Trump’s candidacy by sponsoring campaign events on his behalf. This advertisement was tweeted today by Fox:

Hannity-Trump Townhall

Make no mistake, this not a news event. Sean Hannity has already announced on the air his endorsement for Trump and intention to vote for him. This is a flagrantly biased political appearance that Fox News is producing as a gift to Donald Trump. If the Federal Elections Committee had any integrity they would cite Fox for violating campaign finance laws and force them to declare this an in-kind contribution to Trump’s campaign.

It makes sense that Hannity would announce this scam just as Trump is making excuses for why he might bail out on the debates with Hillary Clinton. Trump would suffer irreparably from the perception of his cowardice if he fails to show up for the debates. But fake “town halls” like this would be his way of discounting that criticism. Never mind that they will be obviously stage-managed farces that are no more informative than a Trump infomercial.

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Right-wing partisanship has been the mission of Fox News since its inception. However, this exceeds even their most blatantly prejudiced propaganda by a long shot. Having an avowed Trump fluffer like Hannity host an hour of political theater like this ought to remove any lingering doubts that the network is a Republican shill factory and should not be taken seriously as a news enterprise by the public or their peers.


3 thoughts on “Fox News And Sean Hannity Are Now Producing Donald Trump’s Campaign Events

  1. I’m not surprised by this because I remember that it was only a few years ago that Fox News was promoting the TEA Parties. Most of the time, Fox was the only network that covered almost every one of those d*mn one-percent sponsored events. HRC has done the same thing to Trump that the president did to Romney in 2012. She defined who/what Trump is early on at the Democratic Convention, Trump took the bait, made a fool of himself, and now he cannot erase the image of a carnival barker that’s stuck in most voters’ minds.

  2. The 2016 ,election has brought forth the fruits of 30 or so years of conservative radio as well as the propaganda machine that is Fox News.Josef Goebbels would be proud.The veiled bigotry of the Conservative movement has been brought out into broad daylight and is now proudly and unapologetically broadcast for all to see.The problem with using the “Big Lie” strategy is that the Nazis came to power through violence and intimidation that exceeded their actual numbers on the promise to destroy all political opposition . The scapegoating of minorities was all part of their plan to”Make Germany Great Again”.Only after all of Europe including the Fatherland was rubble did this start to seem like a bad idea. Our country benefits from a two party system as a check against tyranny , but the Republicans have hitched their wagon to a narcissistic fool who has no respect whatsoever for democracy.But it doesn’t have to end this way.Sane and rational Republicans can send a message to the lunatic fringe and vote for ANYONE other than Donald Trump and take back their party by showing that their country comes before party loyalty.I am a typical swing voter who is registered Democrat but open to voting Republican.I voted for Rep.Peter King because he is sane and competent and I respect his intelligence.But even though she carries more baggage than Samsonite Hillary Clinton is a no-brainer because she is sane,even tempered,and competent.If the damage to the Republican Party is bad enough than maybe they will re-boot as a good alternative to the Democrats, which will truly help make America live up to it’s billing as a beacon of freedom and hope for ALL Americans. ,

  3. If Fox is involved, then Murdoch has his filthy hands all over the drive to put Trump in the White House. He has done it before, particularly in UK and Australia, and seems to have no reservations about doing it again. Murdoch is one of the most evil men on the planet.

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