Health Scare: Hillary Clinton Is At Death’s Door, According To Desperate Fox News ‘Experts’

The desperate rightists and Donald Trump sycophants at Fox News are continuing to seek a way out from under the political catastrophe they helped to create. They are now suffering with the consequences of having directed Trump’s path to the GOP nomination. While Trump makes thinly veiled assassination threats, the folks at Fox watch dolefully as his poll numbers crater and his lunatic rhetoric becomes ever more unhinged. So Fox News is embarking on a frantic effort to drag down Hillary Clinton instead.

Hillary Clinton

On Fox & Friends today, the “Curvy Couch” potatoes assembled members of their “Medical A-Team” to revel in what they portrayed as Clinton’s sickly prognosis. They rattled off a series of only seven mostly minor incidents dating back nearly two decades. Among these alleged medical crises were a stomach virus and a fractured elbow. Not exactly the sort of dire emergencies for which you would wake up the undertaker. Then they showed a photo where Clinton was being assisted walking up some stairs as if she were feeble. What Fox failed to note was that the stairs were coated with a layer of ice and her aides were merely being cautious.

Nevertheless, these were the foundation for a segment in which the Fox panel exhibited their disingenuous concern for the elderly former Secretary of State. They used their shallow research to assert that Clinton should be required to make available her full medical records. Much of the segment was spent claiming that there was a double standard that favored Clinton. As an example they referred to John McCain’s campaign in 2008. However, McCain was older than Clinton when he ran and had four separate bouts of skin cancer. More worrisome was the fact that Sarah Palin was his vice-presidential running-mate.

While complaining about this supposed double standard, there was scant mention of Donald Trump’s health status or demands for his medical records. He is also older than Clinton. The only medical information he has released was a glowing one page appraisal from a doctor who described Trump’s health as “extraordinary.” He might have added “tremendous, big league” and “the best health of anyone ever, believe me.” (Is anyone else reminded of the time Trump pretended to be his own PR man?). Not mentioned was the fact that Trump had such serious health problems in the past that they resulted in a 4F medical exemption from the draft.

The Fox News medical “experts” are quite right. There is a double standard. And the beneficiary is clearly Donald Trump. Despite the evidence of some severe psychological problems (narcissistic personality disorder, pathological lying, dementia, memory loss, delusions of grandeur, and a peculiar form of Tourette’s Syndrome where he shouts out stupid and/or violent remarks uncontrollably) no one on Fox News has set aside time for segments devoted to his medical transparency. Demands for his medical records are made faintly, if at all. Not that he would provide them. He is still refusing to release his taxes as every presidential candidate has done for more than half a century.

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It is obvious that Fox News is raising this issue because they have little else of substance to talk about. All of the pseudo-scandals they have promoted (or invented) have fizzled under the light of honest scrutiny. And with Trump being his own worst enemy every time he opens his mouth, Fox is forced to engage in blatant muckraking in order to try to turn the tide against Clinton. Unfortunately for them, they just succeed in making themselves look even more pathetic and desperate. And Unfortunately for us, that won’t stop them from continuing to do it through November and well into the Clinton administration.


7 thoughts on “Health Scare: Hillary Clinton Is At Death’s Door, According To Desperate Fox News ‘Experts’

  1. FOX merely reveal their intense but lame desperation. Hillary’s health is superb. FOX’s health, however, has taken a beating of late what with the dismissal of Roger Ailes, the Josef Goebbels of Republican politics. They only make themselves look stupid and foolish but when that’s all one has, push it along. Their base isn’t smart enough and will be buying voodoo dolls of Hillary to stick pins in now that her health is fragile–NOT!!

  2. I heard a rumor that Hillary recently ran 106 degree and killed off like 8 billion brain cells.Now she is only five times smarter than Donald Trump.

  3. If Hillary is going to die, why is Trump inciting his 2nd amendment crowd to shoot her if she becomes President?

  4. I was watching Fox before this specific show; the broadcasters there brought in medical experts who bluntly said that she may still have symptoms from a 2012 concussion, and then the show moved on with little more mention of the incident.
    Also, while we’re on the topic of double standards, why don’t we talk about the time Obama talked about “Chicago justice” (or something to that tune, basically referring to beating people up) during his 2008 campaign? I’m pretty sure that that incident did not receive the coverage that Trump’s comments are getting.
    All of this is coming from someone who has disliked Trump from the beginning; I currently favor Gary Johnson. But the stack of words above is simply dishonest, and much more biased than I’ve ever seen Fox be. (I know most of you here don’t watch Fox, but if you did you would notice that they regularly bring in Democrats and liberals to debate with them. Don’t see MSNBC or CNN doing that with conservatives very often.)

  5. Oh please, NONE of those a–wipes on FOX News are experts on anything. EVERYONE of them is full of sh–.

  6. Has that Master of All Knowledge, “Doctor” Keith Ablow, made his own analysis? He’s had enough time to avoid observing Hillary closely, so he should know EVERYTHING about her by now!

    Can someone investigate the clear evidence of Donald Trump’s Histrionic Personality Disorder? Look it up!

    And, at the same time, we can consider the same analysis for Hannity The Cowardly Manatee and Bill O’Lielly. After all, I know nothing about these creatures other than what I see (or not see) on TV, so clearly I know as much as “Doctor” Ablow to make an informed analysis, right?

  7. It’s actually becoming a game to see what the GOP’s next “Hillary is dying”, Hillary is being indicted tomorrow”, Hillary is going to be killed if she wins” moment will be. I’ve never seen a political party self destruct like this before.
    Even the diehard 35% of the electorate who consistently vote against their own interests are beginning to ask questions. Trump may only manage 20% of the vote.

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