New Poll Reveals How The Stupidity Of Trump Voters Got Him Elected

It’s been a month since the election and most Americans are still perplexed as to how Donald Trump eked out his Electoral College victory. Analysts are pouring over data and struggling to come up with explanations. Common sense challenges the notion that a reality TV game show host could become president following a campaign rife with ignorance and hatred.

Rachel Maddow

On Thursday night, however, Rachel Maddow reported on the results of a new Public Policy Polling (PPP) Poll that sheds some light on this mystery. And, not surprisingly, it had nothing to do with common sense. The poll compared the responses of Trump voters to those of the electorate at large. The differences are startling and disturbing.

Maddow starts off with a general question on the popularity of Donald Trump and President Barack Obama. The poll shows a majority of Americans (51%) have an unfavorable opinion Trump and a favorable (50%) opinion of Obama. However, Trump voters are wildly out of the mainstream with a whopping ninety percent unfavorable view of Obama. But that’s a purely subjective question and we all know that the nation has a marked partisan split. Where this descends into absurdity is when the questions address factual matters. Observe and cringe:

The Stock Market
The PPP poll asked respondents whether the stock market was higher or lower during the Obama administration. A shocking thirty-nine percent said that they believe the market is lower after eight years of Obama. The truth, of course, is that the market rose over 140 percent, from about 8,000 to over 19,600. That is not subjective. It is an easily provable fact. And it demonstrates just how averse the Trump voters are to facts.

The Unemployment Rate
PPP then asked about an issue that was consistently at the top of the list of voter concerns: Jobs. On this matter sixty-seven percent of Trump voters said that they believed the unemployment rate had risen under Obama. In fact, it has fallen from a high of 10.1 percent to the present 4.6 percent. For comparison, seventy-four percent of Democrats got the answer right.

The Popular Vote
Another data point that relies purely on facts is the result of the election. This year the “loser” of the presidency received more than two and a half million votes more than the “winner.” But if you ask Trump voters you’ll find that forty percent of them think The Donald won the popular vote.

Trump’s Tax Returns
Somehow, Trump managed to get through the election without releasing his tax returns, breaking a fifty year streak. The American people aren’t pleased. Fifty-nine percent still say that he should release them. But Trump voters are so tunnel-blinded by hero worship that fifty-nine percent of them say he shouldn’t bother. So despite all of the obvious potential for conflicts of interest, Trump voters would rather be left in the dark.

A couple more questions in the poll were similarly unsettling. Seventy-three percent of Trump voters believe that George Soros paid people to protest against Trump. He didn’t. Twenty-nine percent of Trump voters think California’s votes should not be counted in the popular vote total. WTF? Perhaps they are supporters of CalExit: California Independence. Sixty percent of Trump voters believe that millions voted illegally for Clinton. There is zero evidence of even a handful of such votes. And all of this lead to Maddow delivering this conclusion:

“I think it shows that even after the election, what Trump voters believe about the world is distinctively different from what the rest of the country believe. And from what is true. And this alternate reality that they’re in is weird enough and specific enough that you can’t say it just springs from broader misunderstandings or from a broader ignorance on issues that afflict the country. This is a specific alternate reality that was created by the Trump movement for a political purpose. And it worked for that political purpose.” […] “The incoming president basically created this fantasy life for his supporters.”

That pretty much says it all. However, there are a few other points to consider. Trump’s voters were inordinately influenced by his perpetual lying (see the Trump Bullshitopedia). Combine that with supporting fake news purveyors like Breitbart News, Infowars, and Fox News, and you have a virtual wall of propaganda (much of it paid for by Russia, not Mexico). It was a purposeful strategy to present the nation as a crumbling garbage heap. Otherwise there would have been no argument for Trump’s candidacy. He couldn’t run against a prosperous economy, full employment, and the highest rate of citizens with health insurance. Nor would his vulgarity, ignorance, and bigotry have been tolerated absent the horror story version of America he fabricated.

So now Trump will assume the helm of a nation that Obama rescued from near collapse. Don’t be surprised when he takes credit for everything Obama did. And don’t be surprised when he undoes it with his agenda which is identical to the one that caused all the problems in the first place.

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39 thoughts on “New Poll Reveals How The Stupidity Of Trump Voters Got Him Elected

  1. I just got out of an argument on MMfA with a twit convinced that “[Trump] cares more about the good people of the country. As opposed to the Kenyan, who cares more about thugs and dirtbags.”

    He also made the argument that “the [Obama] experiment was a failure, 10 years from now, the list of the Kenyan’s accomplishments will be blank, they will all be reversed as mistakes.”

    Seriously! It amazes me that there are actually people who fully believe this. Which of course explains how The Dumbald managed to win the election in the first place.

    And we’ll be forced to sit back as some of the more delusional will be forced to understand that The Dumbald only cares about the presidency to the point that it will personally benefit him and fvck the country he is supposed to serve. That’s all he’s ever cared about. And then, these imbeciles will be unable to do anything but blame Obama for Trump’s inability to truly understand the office a bunch of dupes just elected him to.

    • Would you rather have Clinton in wh again ?would you rather have millions more radical Muslims come into country illegally ? Would you rather be raped and grand daughters and daughters raped , and your son’s beaten and beheaded just because radical Muslims follow shiara law? Libs are so stupid !

      • Apparently you would rather have a ludicrously dystopian view of the world under Clinton. The last time a Clinton was in the White House we had the longest period of peaceful prosperity in the nation’s history at the time.

        You can go back to your nightmare now.

        • you do realize we were never at peace while clinton was in office we were still at war in the middle east

      • thanks for that comment!!,to the liberals who believe that half of the american people are just STUPID!!!,LOOK at what your way of thinking has got you!!!when you go so far to the left that you got LEFT behind!!.

        • This isn’t about what liberals believe. It’s about Trumpsters believe, as revealed by the poll.

          • As revealed by the poll… yup …in other words you got nothing…i read a poll that said 90% libs and dems are retarded…i guess i should just accept that then…

        • They are stupid. That’s a FACT proven by fact as seen above. Galileo got shit on by promoting his views based on FACT. Him being shit on doesn’t change that what he put forward was fact.

          Randy has done us a great favor by citing a core precept of the Trumpians based on authoritarianism. It is also the precept behind dictatorships like Nazi Germany. “The winner, the one in power, is always right.”

          That can be seen in how he states that because they lost the election, the views of liberals are invalid.

          By that logic if a rapist or murderer or Trump wins power he will gladly kowtow and lick that persons boots because they won.

      • Rather Clintin than Trump? Sure, she is at least grounded in reality unlike Trump.

        Millions more radical Muslims vome into the country? How about American cotizens being radicalized? In fact, show me where your great Trump has proven that Muslim radicals keep coming into the country.

        Rather your daughters be raped etc? What you mean you’re not worried about that under an administration where the President has said he grabs women by their p***y?

        Also enough of this bullshit anout radical Islam taking over. The radical fundamentalists in position to do so are Christians not Muslims. Under Trump they will have more leeway to impose their radical fundamentalism on the country.

        You’re certainly a good example of a Trumpian existence. One that greatly fears imaginary things. Perfect for manipulation by Trump.

      • Do you have a rape fantasy? I think Hillary Clinton would be a terrible president. However, she would be much better than the orange ferret-head.
        Since Eisenhower Republican keep trying, and generally succeeding, to elect a ‘conservative’ president worse than the last Republican president. This time you have outdone yourselves.
        But I feel sorry for the Republican party. I don’t think they will ever elect a worse president. Although to be honest, I never thought you could find one worse than GWB.

        • Well, we always feared who had to come next to make Dumya look good. Surprising no one, the “worse president” turned out to be Republican. Go figure.

          And who will have to come later to make Trump look good? Eight to ten, he will be Republican too — and almost certainly the LAST President of the United States.

      • So have you been outside lately, rledwards, or do you spend your time in your mothers basement? about the rapes if you read the FACTS from the Justice Department you are more likely to be raped if you are a college student by people of this country. In fact, you, rledwards, are more likely to rape someone that any immigrant again right from the Department of Justice Records. By the way tell me any area of the United States that is practicing Sharia Law? Just one area? It ain’t happening, You would know this if you stepped outside of your mother’s basement sometimes watched a few different News Stations, other than Faux News, Breitbart, or conservative Blogs and actually took responsibility for your own life not blaming others for your lack of real knowledge.

      • Would you rather Trump in the wh? Do want to have millions of KKK, white supremacists, and Nazis take over the government and rape your daughters and grand daughters set your house on fire and burn your church down? Do you want your son’s beaten and hung from a tree or gassed to death just because Nazis believe in rounding up people and taking them to death camps and exterminating people. Neo cons are so stupid !

      • You obviously didn’t understand a word of the article above, about fact vs fantasy…

    • Indeed. The flat footed, draft dodging, pussy-grabbing, hairdo challenged, kleptomaniac, chickenshit has a mass of supporters who, apparently, share a single damaged brain cell. I can’t wait until the impeachment.

    • Let’s don’t minimize the racial component of this. People believe what they want to believe regardless of the facts. Trump knew how to tap into this and that’s how he won.

  2. Our Spanish word for this is: PENDEJO.

  3. Libs, driven by lack of worth and brains, believe government propaganda instead of searching out individuals with insight, common sensense and brilliance.

    Advice from a patriot: Think, explore, test, news sources, wake up, open your eyes, take responsibility, quit seeking authorities, experts, and gurus to spoon feed you.

    Face reality before it’s too late.

    • BreitbArt is not a a reliable news source. It is the definition of propaganda. Ive been wondering lately why people who so averse to facts. Is it bc they want to believe everything trump told them he was going to do , which they all wanted, them he comes out and piece by piece says he’s not going to do it so they are in denial. I don’t like calling people stupid or morons bc I think it ruins a chance to have real dialogue with people of differing opinions. And how did all of the sudden did you become a liberal if your a democrat. I’m fiscally conservative and socially liberal, I don’t think the gov’t should be telling people what to do in their private lives, and a democrat. I didn’t but what Trump was selling bc that’s not who he is or what he’s always believed. They sold a lie through social media that enough people bought for him to get elected.
      The fact that he would consider hiring Romney ought to infuriate his supporters. The fact that he said he will not build a wall should infuriate them. The fact that he’s not going to repeal Obamacare, he can’t actually butpeople still beloved it, only tweak it. And the fact that he is not going to deport 2 million ilegals on his his day of office should cause concern for all that votes for him bc that was his platform. The guy is a brander and professional liar and con man. That’s who he is and what he’s always done. And I’m sure I’m one of the few who want to see him be successful bc that is good for America. Look, I went from middle class to upper middle class while running a small business with 15 employee’s and we prospered over the last 5-6 years. Not what Trump told you happened. I get it people wanted a change and to drain the swamp, problem is the swamp has not been drained and as it always happens when a president promoting change comes in going,
      No changes are made. I woder if most people even understand half the issues that are debated by presidents when running or just pick the person they like the most personally. Like, hey who would I rather have a beer with not who do I want in control in an extremely tragic or violent situation. Rant done. I didn’t call anyone names. It’s not hard guys, just bc someone has different political beliefs than you doesn’t make them dumb but it does make you look simple to attack them for it.

      • Robbie – nice post, but one cannot reason with those whose minds are closed to reality and humanity. Drumpf will fail and hurt the US in the process. Now, about this Pence idiot…..

    • LMAO An ignorant person telling others to face reality. Charles, you really are funny.

  4. Still believing what the polls say……seriously how stupid can you be. Seems you believed them also when they said Hillary was crushing Trump. Stupid is repeating the same and expecting different results……ohhhhh wait
    That’s the Democrat way….

    • The polls were right. They said Clinton was ahead of Trump and she did beat him by more than 2.7 million votes. Wingnuts just can’t stand facts or science.

      • Thank goodness that is not the process. There were a lot of republicans that voted for her and straight down the party line with everything else. She did herself in citing the elimination of jobs that were a way of life for generations. Did not connect with the common working women when they were looking for something in her to believe in. When the only thing she did do was threaten them when she could get her hubby to keep it in his pants. Stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders. Called half the countries voter deplorable at a time that her private classified emails were found on a perverts computer. Then she announced the continuation of the Obama legacy. That tore it. Trump was the only one left.

  5. Analysts are “poring” over data, not “pouring” over it. Please.

  6. The Trumpettes suffer from a reality gap, a sanity gap, and an intelligence gap. Prognosis: Abysmal.

  7. Do Donald’s supporters really think he gives a rat’s whisker about them? He is a billionaire who wants to cut the minimum wage and pack his cabinet with billionaires. Thinking he is a saviour of the working class is like imagining you are going to be invited to Kayne and Kim’s house for tea. Ain’t gonna happen buddy. Dream on.

    Trump supporters just got duped big time. But they just may be so stupid that they will keep supporting him and accept the drivel from Alex Jones, Bill O’Reilly, etc that their problems all the fault of foreigners and Democrats . Meanwhile he cheats on taxes and enriches himself at the expense of the working class in the USA. This is the natural progression to our reality TV fact-free right wingers.

  8. “The stupidity of Trump voters” is a statement without quantification. it is the thrust of the entire article. It also uses the word stupid, which means lacking intelligence or common sense. The writer is using English as her attack weapon. When one runs a poll asking questions concerning national debt, unemployment, stock market etc..and 39.3% get the answers wrong their label ought to be ignorant of facts and certainly not “stupid.” The writer quantifies her data within the article by intent. Rather than titling the article, “Trump voters ignorant of important data or score below 40%…etc.. The writers intent, as I see it, is to attack with the goal of mocking Trump voters. Unquantified statements create an ideal situation for fake news. Example: Democrats dislike tuna fish…All Democrats? That is absurd. Yet the article in question does exactly that. The story is derogatory, not by mistake. The author ends up looking stupid…..She is lacking common sense.

    • The word ‘stupid ‘ totally fits the majority of Trump supporters. Are they ignorant, yes. Are they suckers, yes. And they are stupid.

      • I disagree. Millions of people voted for trump. and you are saying that these people from all walks of life; doctors, lawyers, teachers etc.. are stupid? Mike, your angry because you lost. I do not think for one minute that the majority of people who voted for HRC are stupid. The word does not apply. neither does ignorant. and to claim a majority is absurd…you lost, period

  9. The stupidest person I ever met was a university professor. So, no matter what the profession or education, there are stupid people.
    I do not claim Clinton to be good. She was the second worst candidate in recent history. But Trump is magnitudes worse.
    Anyone who believes or believed Trump is anything other than a narcissistic clod IS an idiot. Anyone who believes he is good for the country is stupid .
    I did not lose any more than the entire United States.

    • You met a university professor who was the stupidest person. You read but do not comprehend. Lets review: stupid, narcissistic, clod, idiot, suckers: words used to defame. When a person resorts to name-calling, they have in that moment abandoned logic in favor of an exaggerated expression of their feelings. All I can say is if you are completely unhappy with the election of Donald Trump, move or accept…30

  10. LMAO!!! If you are trying to prove your ignorance you have succeeded. Since you don’t know me, you don’t know that professor, and you like to use unfounded canards as your thesis, perhaps you are trying to move into the realm of stupidest person.
    Sorry, that professor cannot be outdone regarding stupid. He plagiarized his students’ papers for his doctoral thesis and then used that as a textbook. He was an English professor but will never again get a job as a teacher.

  11. Just shared your comments with (no name or site) with a Liberal prof. at the local university…He made note of your language, and the swift subject matter change (discussing stupid then a professor)…Have a great day Mike and thanks for sharing….

  12. We MUST bring back to the nation both the Fair Political Practices Act and the Fairness Doctrine. Those protected the lynch pin of our Democracy: Full, fair, accurate information for our voting public.

  13. Politicians and their supporters are not interested in fair elections. They are only interested in their own self interest.

  14. Trump versus Clinton was proof that the system is broken. Both parties ended up nominating the worst possible candidate.
    We have a window of opportunity in 2 years. If we do not take it we will have what we deserve.

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