FEC Commissioner Calls Trump’s Bluff, Demands Evidence Of Voter Fraud

Three months ago Donald Trump managed to corral more electoral college votes than his opponent, Hillary Clinton. He also lost the popular vote by nearly three million votes. And he’s still whining about it. His obsession with the historically unprecedented popular vote deficit has glommed onto his psyche like a fetid leech that won’t let go. And despite having the burdens of the office weighing on him, he’s still yowling about it.

Donald Trump

Trump’s reaction to the popular vote loss was to assert that 3-5 million people voted illegally in November. That blatantly false contrivance has been thoroughly debunked. PolitiFact rated it a “Pants-On-Fire” lie months ago. Repeated requests for documentation of his claim have been ignored, but for a promise to launch a federal investigation. That inquiry, Trump said last week, would be led by Vice-President Mike Pence. Much like the claim of voter fraud itself, there is no evidence of any inquiry. Even the Republican majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, is skeptical. On CNN he said that “I don’t think we ought to spend any federal money investigating that.”

Which brings us to Trump’s Friday meeting with a group of senators and former New Hampshire senator, Kelly Ayotte. Proving that he’s still controlled by his image-conscious ego, Trump offered a new version of the voter fraud lie. According to Politico, Trump blamed his loss of the state of New Hampshire on “thousands” of people who were ‘brought in on buses’ from neighboring Massachusetts to ‘illegally’ vote.” Once again, he refused to provide any documentation of the claim.

This time, however, the allegation was noticed the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). Ellen Weintraub, a George W. Bush appointee to the commission, made a public request for Trump to fess up. Her letter said in part that:

“President Trump has alleged an astonishing voter-fraud scheme [that] would constitute thousands of felony criminal offenses. [And that] democracy rests on the faith of the American people in the integrity of their elections. […] I therefore call upon President Trump to immediately share his evidence with the public and with the appropriate law-enforcement authorities so that his allegations may be investigated promptly and thoroughly.”

Trump’s allegations of voter fraud are problematic for more than their dishonesty. It is irresponsible to foment distrust of the election process in ways that are demonstrably false. There are indeed flaws in the process of voting. They include gerrymandered districts, campaign financing, and voter suppression through registration obstacles. But every credible study done on voter fraud shows that it occurs so infrequently as to be irrelevant.

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Nevertheless, Trump and his sycophants in the White House and the press continue to disseminate lies. It is part of a concerted strategy to deceive and confuse the public. They want people to doubt democracy. Just like they want people to doubt academia, science, the media, and government in general. By sowing suspicion of society’s institutions, the Trump regime aims to exert ever greater control of a frightened populace. He must not be allowed to succeed.


5 thoughts on “FEC Commissioner Calls Trump’s Bluff, Demands Evidence Of Voter Fraud

  1. The entire rationale of the Republican party since Reagan has been to discredit everything. It began with government, then science, the media, … .
    When voters do not trust anything but what some charismatic populist politicians tell them then we are left with the government we now have.
    Republicans run on unfounded gun ownership fears, ridiculous immigrant fears, out of control spending, poor schooling, and the right to life.
    Every presidential election the right has claimed that the Democratic candidate will take away guns. But it never happens.
    Immigrants are blamed for rapes, murders, etc. Less than one tenth of one percent of the rapes and murders are committed by immigrants, legal and illegal.
    Republicans want a balanced budget with increased military spending, tax cuts for mainly the well off, and decreased economic and environmental safety for the majority. They keep insisting that trickle down economics works even though it has been proven many times that it is a disaster.
    Republicans want to decrease funds for education thinking that will make it better. It won’t.
    The right to life idea only deals with fetuses and embryos. I, and many other people, have no respect for someone insisting that a child be born into a life of poverty. Abortion rates are down but child poverty rates, in the richest country ever, are skyrocketing.

  2. Just what information was passed onto the Russians by Trump, after all he did ask them to HACK Hillary??
    How many voters were paid to vote?? How many Electoral voters where threatened ,or coerced??
    Why was the initial investigation of fraud stopped?? And why wasn’t the election declared corrupt and canceled and reran at a latter date when all the investigations were done?? Like mistrial. What happened to the ethics committee investigations of all the new Whitehouse members?? There seems to be widespread corruption at every turn!!

  3. Just one more proof of trump’s deteriorating mental health. And his sycophants encouraging this “pants on fire”lie are just making thins so much worse. Trump is delusional, suffering from dementia possible aided by drugs. That is intolerable! He must be removed from office now before he kills more innocents with his delerium tantrums and rants.

  4. This superb detailing of the psychotic Trump’s continuing to lie about voter fraud
    shows the extent to which he will go to fester distrust. And the FEC is prudent to
    call his hand and demand evidence. Of course, there won’t be any. But I noted that
    sentencing to 8 years in prison in Texas by a Latino woman who was brought here as
    a child some 30+ years ago, for illegal voting—she is not a citizen but was confused
    about her status. A jury found her guilty. And a Texas official referenced the “rampant
    voter fraud” that her case attests to. Wow, what amazing hyperbole–which comes with
    a Texas birth certificate as the greatest state in the nation. One case is “rampant” evidence?

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