Trump’s Terrible Christmas: Pitiful ‘Fake News’ Tweet Is a Cry for Attention and Approval

It’s finally the Eve of a holiday that America was prohibited from celebrating until the election of Donald Trump – at least in his cartoon brain. And instead of reflecting on the joyous themes of the occasion, the President is pontificating on Twitter about how underappreciated he is by the media that despises.

Donald Trump Christmas

Being able to say “Merry Christmas” again is one of the victories that Trump repeatedly embraces as a source of personal pride. He fails to mention who was preventing him from saying it before, and most Americans are perfectly happy saying “Happy Holidays.” But he doesn’t seem to be wrapped in seasonal bliss as he persists in attacking the media for not being sufficiently adoring:

The fake polls that Trump is referring to are pretty much every poll. Trump’s approval rating has achieved a milestone that is surely going to spoil his Christmas gala at Mar-A-Lago. He is officially the most disliked president ever. His thirty-five percent approval isn’t even close to the next lowest rating of forty-nine percent (Ronald Reagan). And it must really hurt that he’s nineteen points behind his arch enemies Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

Trump’s lame attempt to dismiss this epic rejection is kind of sad. All he can say is his now tedious repetition of “fake news.” But he has to know that isn’t the case. Particularly when Fox News is among those reporting record low numbers for Trump. Even his favorite – and reliably biased – pollster, Rassmussen has him at a dismal forty-four percent, which still puts him at the bottom of the pile.

Trump whines that he is getting “only negative reporting.” In fact, he is getting accurate reporting of his presidency which has only produced negative results. That’s not the media’s fault. And it’s telling that he tags his campaign slogan onto the end of this ego-driven rant as if his polling numbers were synonymous with America’s greatness. Actually, they are. They indicate that most Americans recognize what a failure he is. And that truly is something that makes America great.

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3 thoughts on “Trump’s Terrible Christmas: Pitiful ‘Fake News’ Tweet Is a Cry for Attention and Approval

  1. Traitor trump and his teeny tiny base have a collective IQ of 1. These people don’t have any values. They want to rule, not govern and the Republican Party hasn’t been able to govern since Lincoln. Traitor trump and his ass kissers won’t be around much longer. Too bad traitor trump can’t read, he is just about illiterate. He has no business in politics and the sooner he’s in prison where he belongs, the better.

  2. A Christmas Song for 2017

    ?? Donald Trump got run over by a Chrysler
    That is what I thought Steve Bannon said
    If you shoot them all between the eyes
    You’ll find out whether Donnie has a brain!? ??

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