Sean Hannity Defends Trump’s Treason Summit Even While His Fox News Colleagues Bail

Monday morning Donald Trump held hands with his bestie, Vladimir Putin, for the duration of a surreal press conference wherein he repeatedly took Russia’s side on every issue (here are some must see excerpts). It was a festival of betrayal the likes of which have never been seen.

Donald Trump Sean Hannity

The reaction to this internationally televised farce was nearly unanimous disgust and, for most Americans, anger and embarrassment. Trump refused to condemn Russia for interfering with our election. He dismissed his own intelligence agencies in favor of Putin’s promises. He kept bringing up debunked conspiracy theories about Democratic computer servers and Hillary Clinton’s emails.

It was a pitiful sight that marked Trump as the deceitful dotard that he has become known to the world as. And he received the reception that he deserved from most rational observers. Which, of course, leaves out Sean Hannity. On his radio show Monday morning he unleashed an extended rant defending Trump and denigrating his critics. That included some of Hannity’s Fox News colleagues. Hannity said in part:

“These Republicans have been so pathetically weak. They have been so feckless. They have been so visionless.”

And it only got worse from there. Let’s review just who Hannity is referring to, and what they said that rattled Hannity so:

  • Abby Huntsman: No negotiation is worth throwing your own people and country under the bus.
  • Stuart Varney: It was not a very forceful presentation from President Trump with Putin standing right next to him. Not forceful at all.
  • Neil Cavuto: Trump’s performance was disgusting. I’m sorry. This is the only way I feel. It’s not a right or left thing to me. This is wrong. A U.S. president on foreign soil talking to our biggest enemy…is essentially letting the guy get away with this.
  • Trish Regan: This was clearly not his best performance… He should have defended us! He should have defended his own intelligence community.
  • General Jack Keane: What happened today is stunning and disappointing.
  • Brit Hume: Because Trump is unable to see past himself, he sees the Russia meddling investigation as only about him and the collusion claim, and thus calls it a witch hunt.
  • Shepard Smith: Shameful, disgraceful, treasonous. Three of the descriptions of what Trump did today in Helsinki.
  • John Roberts: There is a growing consensus tonight across this land that the President threw the United States under the bus.

And those are just the folks from Fox News. Republican politicians like John McCain, Jeff Flake, and Lindsey Graham weighed in as well. Even the Worm of – I mean the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, distanced himself from the Trump train wreck. It’s no wonder that Trump chose Hannity for his post-summit interview, which was so lame it doesn’t even warrant a review. But it was probably just the sort of tongue bath that would restore Trump’s orange glow.

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6 thoughts on “Sean Hannity Defends Trump’s Treason Summit Even While His Fox News Colleagues Bail

  1. @Kali69527662
    Message on Drumpfy’s cell phone:
    Yes, this is the Devil. Donny? I’m dropping you. You were supposed to betray your country WITHOUT making it obvious! Can’t you do anything right?! Oh, what am I saying? Enjoy your impeachment, fool. [click]

  2. What is the penalty for Treason? The Russians have him by the short hairs and they are going to get all that they paid for until he is Impeached. His last pardon will be for himself. This is the lowest point in our Country’s history. I am embarrassed and ashamed of our President and I can’t wait to vote in November.

    • The republicans said words today and John McCain is the only one who sounded sincere. I too, am embarrassed and ashamed of our president and can’t wait to vote in November.

  3. Whatever Putin has over Trump…Trump is protecting himself over country. Of course in every case the nation has come in second under Trump’s own self deliverance. We, as a nation more than ever have got to allow Muellar get to the bottom of this soured episode in American history and correct it as this nation has always done before with its mistakes.

    As far as Republicans go…Trump was merely the apex, the voice over the loud speaker of what Republicanism is. He does openly what the GOP has always done secretly. Republicans need to ditch their false monikers of ‘American Patriot’, ‘Patriot Joe’, ‘Houston Patriot’ and so on…their is no form of American patriotism in the GOP…it’s all about power over nation…true patriots are a voice, fighter and enabler for all Americans to find liberty and justice. Instead, with this Putin action of Trump’s, along with denying certain classes of their constitutional freedoms…the GOP is traitorous…get rid of them…

  4. The Treason Summit alone should be more than enough to convince Fox News to shut down their evil organization of propaganda and sue his ignorant, bigoted ass off.

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