More Proof that Fox News is Not News: Zero Emmys for News and Documentaries

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) announced this year’s winners of the 39th Annual News and Documentary Emmys on Tuesday morning. The honorees represent a diverse array of journalistic excellence as produced by a variety of news organizations from across the television landscape. However, there is one prominent player that was left out of the party this year, as it has been in previous years.

Fox News Sad

Fox News received a total of zero emmys for their “news” programming. That’s at least partially due to the fact that they received zero nominations. For a national network with the word “news” in their name, and that purports to be “real news,” this is an embarrassing snub. And the announcement by the Academy hinted at what might be part of the problem:

“It is more important than ever that we recognize and defend our peers’ integrity, clarity, and dedication to the First Amendment’s protected mandate,” said Adam Sharp, Interim-President & CEO, NATAS. “This year’s nominees are shining examples of that ethic. Their stories took us to the front lines of war and disaster, cast light into hidden corners of government and the corporate boardroom, and revealed both the outermost reaches of space and the innermost complexities of the human body.”

Indeed. The Academy recognizes its obligation to stand up for the Constitution when the President and his minions denigrate it. And it’s clear that the State TV Network (aka Fox News) that embraces Donald Trump’s aversion to the free press, and repeatedly describes it in Stalinist terms as “the enemy of the people,” might not be in the best position to produce credible journalism. For the most part Fox News is a mouthpiece for Trump, airing all of his cult rallies uninterrupted, in their entirety, despite having no news value whatsoever. And their regular programming is a swamp of rightist propaganda delivered by hate mongering cretins.

The top three winners of news Emmys were PBS, CBS, and HBO. But every national broadcast and cable organization (except Fox) also walked away with statuettes, including ABC, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC. Even the “failing” New York Times won an Emmy for its coverage of the Las Vegas Massacre.

This is further evidence that Fox News is not producing legitimate journalism, and they are not respected by their peers in the profession. They are a brazenly biased outlet for Republican dogma and they contribute nothing to the American people in terms of reliable information or analysis. On the other hand, if you’re looking for high-pitched ranting, partisan talking points, easily refuted lies, reality TV theatrics, and viscous, although infantile, insults aimed at the majority of the American populace, Fox News may be just the right channel for you.

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