Crybaby Don Jr Whines That CNN Refused to Air a Flagrantly Racist Ad By Daddy Trump

Apparently the crybaby gene is a dominant component of genetics. It was obviously passed on from Donald Trump to his pampered offspring who do nothing but complain about the awful fate they have suffered by being the spawn of a fake billionaire con man. The latest evidence of that genetic flaw trickling down in the Trump family is a sniveling tweet by Donnie Jr.

Donald Trump

Last Wednesday Trump posted a disgusting video on his Twitter account that accused Democrats of supporting the free access of a Mexican murderer, and others like him, to enter and reside in the U.S. It was the most brazen appeal to racism in a campaign ad since the infamous Willie Horton ad – a creation of the late Roger Ailes of Fox News. Trump received near universal condemnation for having posted the ad, even from many Republicans sickened by its barefaced bigotry.

Subsequently, a similarly repulsive ad was submitted by Trump’s campaign to CNN. The network properly declined to run it. And that act of integrity triggered Donnie Jr to run to his Twitter box and post this:

First of all, what mental sickness would cause someone to ask people to “enjoy” that clip of a nauseating killer? But more to the point, for the Trumpette to describe the contents of this ad as “real threats” demonstrates how far removed he is from reality. The main thrust of the ad is advance Trump’s fear mongering with regard to the refugees marching in Central America. It closes with a message to “Stop the Caravan” by voting Republican. But the “caravan” is at least a month away and is populated by frightened refugees – mostly women and children – fleeing violence and poverty. There is no proof that any villainous stereotypes like the one in Trump’s video are among the migrants.

What’s more, the murderer featured in the ad was actually released from custody by Trump’s pal, and pardoned felon, Sheriff Joe Arpaio. And he later re-entered the U.S. during the Bush administration. So if anything, this ad should be advocating voting for Democrats who had nothing to do with this sleazeball.

CNN appropriately declined to run the ad and said so in a direct response to Trump Jr. They called out the obvious and abhorrent racism in the ad and noted that they would not take dirty money to air it. Which raises the question as to whether Fox News was solicited to run this ad. If they were and refused, then why isn’t Donnie Jr whining about that? And if the ad wasn’t taken to Fox, then was this just a publicity stunt to malign CNN?

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Of course there is still the possibility that Fox News took the ad and is planning to run it prior to election day. Which would be entirely consistent with their racist editorial policy. Their hosts spew bigotry like this all day long, and they do it for free. Why wouldn’t they pocket some of Trump’s cash and profit from spreading more hatred and division?


3 thoughts on “Crybaby Don Jr Whines That CNN Refused to Air a Flagrantly Racist Ad By Daddy Trump

  1. Trump followers, if the Democrats are so terrible, then why, out of the last 10 recessions, 9 were under REPUBLICAN Presidents? Explain that! Look it up. The ONLY TIME TRUMP TOLD THE TRUTH- Trump Interview: Economy does better under the Democrats. There have been some real disasters under the Republicans. Trump and family unable to do 3rd grade math Newsweek did an article on Trump’s business history and it has ALL BEEN FAILURES. If you follow Trump, then you are NOT a true Christian, NOT a follower of Jesus. He lies, steals, ridicules women and the disabled, commits crimes. Does Jesus do those things? Is Jesus on His throne Cheering every time trump cheers when a reporter gets body slammed or makes fun of women who were raped, or refuses compassion to those looking for a better life or rips children from their parents? Jesus said to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, have compassion for the less fortunate. He said it will be harder for a rich man to go through the eye of a needle than it will be for a rich man to get to heaven. Trump is a PERFECT example of why Jesus said that and if you believe in what Trump is doing, then it will be hard for you too. Are those really the things Jesus would do? I didn’t know there were so many Atheists in the United States. If Trump is following SATAN’s example of hatred, would you follow him to Hell? But if you are a TRUE Christian who believes in Jesus’ teachings and His way of life, you would not follow a sinner like Trump. All he cares about is himself and enriching himself and his family and the rich donors. No thank you, I will continue to follow Jesus’ example of compassion and not making fun of people. And not tearing children from their mothers arms, and not being happy about a reporter being body slammed and not being divisive. What is wrong with you people? That goes for both sides. But too many Republicans are watching Fox news when they are NOT a news station. They even sued for the right to lie. They make up so many stories. I may not have a life on Earth of wealth but I have a reward waiting. I can’t believe Christian leaders think he is a Christian just because he says he is and yet he is obviously out of place in a church. God is love. He is nothing that Trump and his followers represent. I realize many Christian leaders see him as a savior who will work to make abortion illegal and they are for that but how many sins does one have to commit to change that before they say enough is enough? Is committing 5000 sins to not have one sin worth it? 10000 sins? Where does it stop? You have two choices, the example of Jesus who was love and compassion or the example of Satan who was the father of lies (Trump is at over 5000 lies now) and the heart of hatred and evil.
    How can ANYONE vote Republican when out of their own mouths they say that they will TAKE AWAY Social Security and Medicare to pay for the wealthy tax cuts? Those are things we paid money into all our lives and you Republicans are for that? How will you retire? How will you pay your medical bills when you are older than 65?

    Lets look at the FACTS. When Obama took over from Republican Bush, we were in the midst of the great recession. Bear Stearns had gone under. Enron filed the biggest bankruptcy in History. The real estate, auto, mortgage, and banking industries ALL crashed, unemployment reached 10% in July 2009 (still under Bush’s budget), The stock market was at 7500. In December of 2016, the unemployment rate had dropped down to 4.7% and in September 2017 (still under Obama’s budget) it dropped down to 4.1%. In September of 2018 it is 3.7%. So it only went down LESS THAN HALF A PERCENT on Trump’s budget but even if you go from when he was sworn into office in Jan 2017 it only dropped 1%. The stock market in December 2016 had risen to 19500, so where was your cheering for Obama? If you Trump followers were interested in reality you would check the numbers and see the reality. But you are only interested in alternative facts. What I say is true and can be confirmed with a basic search. Obama dropped the unemployment rate over 5% and almost tripled the stock market. He is the real hero. And he did it when he was handed a total disaster, unlike Trump who was handed a dream economy.

    • Amen, Pat…

      It is always Dem administrations that have to begin balancing the budget after Repub administrations raised the debt.

      Since 1946 to W. Bush, with eight presidential terms held by Democrats and ten by Republicans, Democrat presidents on average raised the national debt as a percentage of GDP, 3.2% per year, while the Republican presidents raised it 9.7%. But since 1978, Democrats increased the national debt to 4.2% while the Republicans have showcased a whopping 36.4%. When Clinton left office in 2000, he left a national debt of $5.7 trillion. Bush, after not quite his eight years had doubled it, surpassing $11 trillion.

      In 1981 the gross national debt, compared to the GDP (which shows how supposedly rich we are) was just below 35%, reaching its lowest level since 1931. Then enters Reagan and once he took office, it skyrocketed for twelve years under Reaganomics during the terms of Reagan and H.W. Bush to 67%. By paying down national debt, Clinton reversed the upward Reaganomics trend to 57%. Now since both of Bush’s terms, the gross national debt has gone back to previous Republican levels, increasing to 69%.

      In raising the federal deficit through government spending, the Democrats between 1978 and 2006 increased federal spending 9.9%, while Republican presidents spent 12.88%.

      One would think that if Republicans spent more, then productivity would be more, but that is errant thinking. During that same time frame, Democrat president’s GDP increased 12.6%, while Republicans only increased 9.8%. The economic growth under Reagan and H.W. Bush’s presidency was due mostly to federal subsidizing.

      No modern day Republican can claim sole rights in belonging to the party of being fiscally conservative. In fact their recent presidents have extracted them from that honor roll. Reagan had a ~$200 billion deficit, H.W. Bush ~$300 billion deficit, Clinton ~$237 billion surplus, and W. Bush…~$1 trillion plus deficit.

      Of course Obama inherited the worst economic recession disaster ever and had to spend plenty to get the economy back on track. Still however, he managed to cut the deficits by almost three quarters and hand over to Trump a recovered economy that was increasing every semester. Now, with Repubs and Trump the national debt and deficit is looming again from the rich tax cuts and are on track to blow the national debt and deficit up, unless of course they steal from the budgets of Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security like they are contending they will do if they remain in office…

  2. Pat and Bruce, It’s been too long since I’ve read such a complete and accurate explanation of our American history since Reagan started busting Unions. Something that most Americans do not know, is the Republicans, one was Prescott Bush, GW Bush’s grandfather, asked General Smedley Butler (USMC) to stage a Military coup for the Billionaires, and take out President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They wanted to use our own Marine Corps, for their greedy violent attack on an Elected US President. Prescott Bush and his fellow Traitors had decided to overthrow our American Democracy to install their own ‘pet’ Military Dictator. General Butler told them to Fuck Off and exposed their anti-American plot. Under Nixon the Republicans tried to use former CIA agents to seize the Democratic Party’s info and corrupt the Election with an Illegal breakin at the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C. When the Family Values Republicans had to use our Supreme Court in 2000 to stop the counting of American votes which they knew would cause them to lose, it proved again the Republicans will do anything to disrupt American Elections. The Republicans can not win an Election fairly, will resort to violence and trying to overthrow a fairly Elected US President Roosevelt in 1933, and finally needed Communist Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin to win it by having Snowden’s and J. Assange’s fawning pitiful sucking up to him Intelligence hacking. The 3 of them worked diligently to put their Stoogeboy, who’s in Debt to Putin, in our American White House. It’s the same Family Values Republicans who put in the First Communist first lady in as well. She was able to break up Trump’s second Marriage early on for Putin’s long term agenda. She then “Chain Migrated” her Communist Party parents into the USA. The vote on November 6th, 2018 may be the end of our Democratic Nation for the Billionaires of Russia, and their puppet Trump. It may also be, with a sane populace the best Vote for America, and against Putin’s ongoing control of Trump.

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