Trump Brags About the ‘Great Honor’ of Record Approval in a Fox News Poll that Doesn’t Exist

Trying to analyze the presidency of Donald Trump gets harder with each passing day. The primary difficulty is attempting to discern whether Trump is lying or stupid or suffering from senile dementia. The unarguable signs of one or more of all three of these Trump deficiencies are evident in nearly everything he says. Although, in the end, it hardly matters which one stands out at any given time because they are all alarming and unacceptable traits in an American president.

Donald Trump

Case in point: On Sunday morning Trump awoke and took to his twitter machine to communicate directly with his Deplorable cult disciples. He re-tweeted some twenty previous tweets from last week, including the most flagrantly racist campaign ad ever produced. And mired in that muck of mainly endorsements of Republican Nationalist Party candidates was this display of Trump fluffing his own ego:

Any conscious observer would recognize right off the bat that there is something terribly wrong with this tweet. Trump’s actual approval rating among African-Americans is in single digits. A recent Washington Post poll put the number at three percent. Even a Trump-friendly Fox News poll last month reported that all non-white respondents combined totalled only Twenty-nine percent approval.

However, an even more troubling part of this tweet is Trump’s assertion that the forty percent approval among African-Americans came from a Fox News poll. The only problem with that is that no such poll exists. So this is Trump either lying, being too dumb to understand simple news reporting, or sinking into a blissful dementia.

There is, however, some evidence that stupidity is the cause of this particular mental failure. There was a segment on Trump’s favorite Fox program, Fox and Friends (video below), wherein contributor Deroy Murdock cited a poll that did put Trump’s African-American approval at forty percent. The program blasted a full screen graphic of this “news” to introduce the Murdock interview. But right at the bottom of the graphic was an attribution of the polling data to Rasmussen Reports, the notoriously right-leaning survey outfit that exists only to give conservatives some positive poll results when reputable pollsters have none. Murdock repeated the number in the interview, but neither he nor co-host Pete Hegseth bothered to identify the utterly non-credible source.

So apparently Trump was engaged in his customary practice of watching hours and hours of Fox News and happened to see this bogus story on how much African-Americans adore him. Then he had to immediately share this falsehood with his (many fake) Twitter followers. It’s cute that he feels “honored” by the imaginary approval that he thinks he has among a demographic group that almost universally despises him and his racist agenda. But it’s disturbing that he continues to have such an acutely distorted perception of the nation he is supposedly leading.

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5 thoughts on “Trump Brags About the ‘Great Honor’ of Record Approval in a Fox News Poll that Doesn’t Exist

  1. Even if he said 4% approved of his white ass being in our White House, it would be wrong by over -4%. If you’ve not voted yet, remember to Vote the Blue Wave, to drown all the rats in the swamp.

  2. Let’s see what Tuesday brings…

  3. His Most Moronic Subhuman Majesty also tweeted a link to this:
    Fox News tops CNN and MSNBC combined in October cable news ratings

    saying, “That’s because they treat me fairly!”

    Ret@rded a$$whipe. I responded:

    Replying to @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews and 2 others
    No, it’s because they’re willing to kiss your big fat butt and say exactly what you want them to say. That’s NOT a news channel, Milord Moronikus; that’s a propaganda fester. Your Beloved Ministry of Truth.

    Treating you fairly is reporting your bullcrap HONESTLY.

    10:25 AM – 4 Nov 2018

    May Tuesday treat him to the humiliation he deserves (even though he’ll be screaming about all the “illegal voters” permitted to skew the voting to cheat the American people — we ALL know this).

  4. I think Trump is going senile. He read that 40% of Republicans are Birthers. His tweet addled mind jumbled up what he previously read. Now the Dotard believes that 40% of Republicans are Black.

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