Tweetstorm MMXVIII: A Total Witch Hunt Like No Other, Starring Donald ‘The cRock’ Trump

As the holiday season approaches, the entertainment industry begins to trot out their best bets for Oscar worthy attention. They are a mix of big budget extravaganzas and smaller offerings that feature heart tugging stories and star-making performances. So naturally the nation’s top Reality TV mogul in Washington is rolling out his best work for your consideration.

Donald Trump Zombie

Donald Trump just released the latest edition of his Tweetstorm series with a HUGE promotional push. This episode contains all of the thrilling adventure that has made this continuing MAGA saga so popular. And of course, it is steeped in the pompous and flamboyant fiction that has characterized the series from the start. So without further ado:

Trump leaps straight into the action with an attack by the evil genius, special counsel Robert Mueller, who in this outing has “gone absolutely nuts.” Somehow, without having any access to the inner workings of the special counsel’s team, Trump has figured out that they have no evidence of collusion (they do), and that they are “screaming and shouting at people.” Which must be horribly frightening to Cadet Bone Spurs.

Trump frantically reveals the alleged conflicts of Mueller and his Angry People Brigade, who worked for the criminal Kenyan that posed as “President” Obama for eight years. An intriguing plot twist – that Mueller is actually a life-long Republican who spent his career working mostly for GOP administrations – is left for a surprise ending. But the ever present threat of the “Witch Hunt” still looms over the Trump White House. And not just any Witch Hunt, but one that is worse than any other in history. Presumably that includes the the actual Salem witch hunts where an untold number of innocent women were murdered by devoted Christians.

Trump’s story line includes his complaint that Mueller wasn’t confirmed by the Senate. Never mind that no other similar investigator had such confirmation or was required to by law. In Trumpworld facts are just annoyances to be ignored or swatted away. The story also features perennial Tweetstorm villains like “Crooked” Hillary Clinton and the McCabe gang. These are the hideous “thugs” who have ravaged America throughout the Tweetstorm legend.

Finally, Trump reintroduces some old plot lines like the forbidden “DNC Server” and the “Facebook, Twitter, Google Cabal” that has conspired against Trump and his League of Nationalists. None of his protestations on these matters are remotely true, but that’s what makes it so exciting for his Deplorables.

Tweetstorm MMXVIII is an epic adventure in pure desperation as Trump seeks to recover from the devastating “Blue Wave” that engulfed him in last week’s midterm elections. He simply cannot face up to the fact that America rejected him and his abhorrent agenda of hate and division. So he’s flailing wildly in order to create a distraction and salve his tortured ego. And that’s what makes this the most entertaining release of the season. But also the most terrifying.

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5 thoughts on “Tweetstorm MMXVIII: A Total Witch Hunt Like No Other, Starring Donald ‘The cRock’ Trump

  1. This man Trump and now his wife are denigrating the office of president and a disgracing the United States before the whole world. His unhinged rants, his bold faced lies, his really devisive, despicable and sometimes vile comments backed up by his ignorance of how the world and his own government works makes a mockery of his position.
    Perhaps the 47% minority popular vote should have been a warning to the rest of this nation that a PT Barnum character is going to fake his way through this role until 2020.

    • If it looks like a pile of feces, smells like a pile of feces, sticks to your shoe like a pile of feces, and carrys disease, it is a pile of feces. The two apes in the White House continue to fling their worthless tripe.

      • That is entirely unfair to apes, AND feces.

  2. I keep hearing what a formidable opponent Trump will be in 2020. First, that’s assuming he makes it to then. The Republicans in the Senate probably no matter what crimes Mueller exposes. He has already obstructed justice in front of the world and they have no problem with that. Trump is a filthy pig and 2 more years of his shenanigans should sicken a large enough swath of the country to send him packing.

    • I think you are right unless the huge squishy political center of the nation decides it isn’t interested enough to bother to vote.

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