Here We Go Again: Donald Trump Keeps Thanking a Biased Pollster for Fake Survey Results

One of the surest signs of mental illness is when someone incoherently repeats nonsense with no comprehensible purpose other than to make noise. Donald Trump has exhibited this behavior for months with his frequently repeated falsehoods about everything from his precious vanity wall to his all-consuming fear of accountability for the criminal activity being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller and the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

Donald Trump

In addition to these incessant ramblings, Trump has also been celebrating polling results on Twitter by the notoriously right-wing shills at Rasmussen Reports. And on Friday morning he did so once again with exactly the same commentary as his previous tweets on the subject. And once again, Trump’s satisfaction with the poll is misplaced considering it shows him with a forty-one percent “Strongly Disapprove” rating, and only thirty-eight percent “Strongly Approve.” Nevertheless, Trump tweeted out this:

And if that looks familiar it’s because last month he tweeted out this:

And if that looks familiar it’s because before that he tweeted out this:

And if those look familiar it’s because this seems to be a common obsession with him. To brag about a rating that only puts you at even illustrates just how desperate Trump is for anything upbeat he can promote to mitigate the tsunami of bleakness that surrounds him. But to rest his gloating on a poll by Rasmussen, the most disreputably partisan pollster in America, just makes him seem all the more pathetic. And yet, Trump frequently alerts his Twitter cult followers when Rasmussen spikes a bit. Never mind that the numbers always take a dive shortly thereafter. Here are some more recent examples:

Trump’s characterization of Rasmussen as an accurate pollster is wildly off the mark. The survey experts at FiveThrityEight give Rasmussen a C+ rating. They rank ABC/Washington Post at A-Plus. And in every case, the numbers celebrated by Trump above declined in the days following his boast. There’s no reason to think that they won’t do the same tomorrow.

For the record, the RealClearPolitics average poll of polls has Trump with a 42.2 percent approval, and 54.4 disapproval. And that’s including Rasmussen’s outlier numbers in the average. But if Trump wants to believe that he’s loved by a nation that clearly despises him and his policies, and if he wants to convince his Deplorables of the same reality distortion, well, that’s his prerogative. It’s only going to make their eventual collision with the truth all the more painful.

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LATE ADDITIONS: Trump continues to post these same nonsense tweets even though the numbers go right back down in the days that follow. He’s done it dozens of times.


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