Devastating Poll: More Americans Believe Convicted Liar Michael Cohen than Donald Trump

In more than two years as President, Donald Trump’s approval rating has never risen above fifty percent. It’s a singular achievement in failure that no other president in history can claim. He is unchallenged as the most unpopular president ever. And yet, in his fantasy bubble world he still believes (and tweets) that he is universally beloved.

Donald Trump

Trump is so delusional that he frequently refers to himself as “your favorite president” in tweets (here and here and here and here and here and here and here). However, the truth is hard to avoid considering the wealth of data that exposes how reviled he is by everyone other than his Deplorable base. And a new poll by Quinnipiac University really drives home the point in a brutal way that will surely trigger spasms from the Twitterer-in-Chief.

Quinnipiac asked 1,120 voters “In general, who do you believe more: President Trump or Michael Cohen?” Fully half of the respondents said they believe Cohen more. Only thirty-five percent said they believe Trump. Let’s put that in perspective. It’s a pretty crushing judgment when a president is viewed as less believable than a confessed, convicted liar. But then again, we’re talking here about a president who has been documented to have lied more than 9,000 times since his inauguration.

Making matters worse, a plurality (44-36) say that “Cohen told the truth during his testimony before the U.S. House Oversight Committee.” In addition, a plurality of forty-one percent approve of the way Democrats handled the Cohen hearing. But a majority disapprove of the Republicans’ antics. And a broad majority (58-35) say that “Congress should do more to investigate Michael Cohen’s claims about President Trump’s unethical and illegal behavior.” And sixty-five percent say that Trump is not honest.

There’s a lot of other bad news for Trump in this poll. Overall, his approval rating is a dismal thirty-eight percent. He’s underwater on the questions of leadership skills, caring about average Americans, foreign policy, and immigration. Fully seventy-one percent say that he’s a bad role model for kids.

What’s more fifty-four percent say that special counsel Robert Mueller is “conducting a fair investigation.” Sixty-four percent say that “Trump committed crimes before he was president.” And a plurality of forty-five percent say he committed crimes while president.

Considering how furiously Trump has been trying to malign Democrats, Mueller, and what he calls the “Russia Witch Hunt Hoax,” these poll results reveal that his efforts have been profoundly unsuccessful. The majority of the American people are clearly unwilling to succumb to his lies and flagrant distortions of reality. And they haven’t been distracted by his attempts at misdirection (i.e. border walls, North Korea) or his retaliatory attacks on his political opponents and the media.

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In fact, Trump’s wild flailing only serves to make him look more desperate, frightened, and guilty. While it might make him feel better, and fire up his most devoted cult followers, it is having zero impact on the electorate at large. Which will make it that much easier to hold him accountable via congressional investigations, special counsel and U.S. Attorney probes, and maybe even impeachment. Hopefully his day of reckoning will come before he does much more harm.


4 thoughts on “Devastating Poll: More Americans Believe Convicted Liar Michael Cohen than Donald Trump

  1. In Queens, New York there are thousands of Americans that knew DJ Trump was a scam artist, braggart, liar, cheat, and had to keep declaring Bankruptcies to rip off the Electricians, Plumbers, Sheet Rockers, and everyone else he contracted with. That is fact, and another fact is those Voters in Queens knew better. Some even tried to warn Americans. The damage he has done to our Nation is clear and present, who knows how much more will happen during the rest of his time? We will all have to pay for it, to the delight of Vladimir Putin.

  2. I still can’t trust Cohen. Just like Opportunist John Dean, he came forward AFTER he got fired and had nothing left to lose. Both knew their boss for what they were, and I have no doubt they know – and knew – more than they told.

    The difference is, people were ready to believe Dean, and the evidence proving he was right would soon be revealed [“I was aware of listening devices, yes sir.”]. The Trump Worshipers and FucksPods are still lying about Cohen and still making excuses for Their Beloved God.

    And they STILL can never get into their brainddead heads that Trump is no more worthy of their worship than Nixon was. But Nixon never demanded their worship.

  3. Yeah, yeah, yeah. NOTHING will be done about though. NOT one thing. dump’s supporters will STILL love sucking dump’s…tie and washing his rubles with their mouths. They DON’T give a s*it.

  4. You might be right , Guest. The disenfranchised are taking their revenge on the people who have more and they resent it that they are not sitting on retirement funds and taking vacations. They dont care if it hurts themselves even more in the long run. And have forgotten that if it were not for democrats over the years they would have even less than they get now.
    It’s like a video game they think they are winning since His Highness is still squatting in the Oval Office. No matter how illegitimate his “win” at the polls, he is there and we are here getting all upset while the poorest of the poor just laugh at us and take out their revenge by supporting him. They have no idea what has been set in motion and how catastrophic his edicts. Not to mention that those reaching for what is now barely middle class, ought to know their national history better and realize the RW plan is to take all that they have, too, while claiming to be the friends of the “middle class. ”
    I once had univ. sociology prof. who asked all those in the “middle class” to raise their hands. Almost every hand went up. And just knowing where they came from and how they dressed (this was years ago) it was apparent that most had not even a clue what middle class meant. We all want to be there, but have no idea how the system works against us.

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