Top 10 Reasons the DNC Was Right to Refuse a Fox News Hosted Democratic Primary Debate

A few weeks ago the chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Tom Perez, was asked by Fox News anchor Bret Baier whether he would consider scheduling a Democratic Party primary debate on Fox News. Perez responded saying “Absolutely, we’re having discussions with Fox and others.” That reply was widely criticized by Democrats appalled at the notion of rewarding the propaganda arm of the Trump White House with that kind of opportunity to continue their campaign of political sabotage.

Fox News Sad

However, after the publication of Jane Mayer’s article in the New Yorker that detailed the all-consuming embrace between Donald Trump and Fox News, it appears that Perez has had a wise and welcome change of heart. He now says that:

“I believe that a key pathway to victory is to continue to expand our electorate and reach all voters. That is why I have made it a priority to talk to a broad array of potential media partners, including Fox News. Recent reporting in the New Yorker on the inappropriate relationship between President Trump, his administration and Fox News has led me to conclude that the network is not in a position to host a fair and neutral debate for our candidates. Therefore, Fox News will not serve as a media partner for the 2020 Democratic primary debates.”

That decision should have been an easy one from the start. Fox News has not made a secret of it’s prejudices. They spend twenty-four hours a day promoting Trump as the savior of America, shielding him from any and all criticism, and viciously maligning Democrats and others who dare to challenge Trump’s divine right to absolute power.

It’s tempting to invoke analogies about putting foxes in charge of hen houses, but that’s way too easy. It would have to also include hiring Colonel Sanders to run the operation. And if anyone isn’t convinced that Fox News is unfit to produce an impartial and nonpartisan debate program, here are some recent segments that Fox has aired that reveal the extremities of their bias:

  1. Fox News accuses Democrats of advocating infanticide.
  2. Fox News brazenly lies to smear Democrats on a mission of mercy to reduce global poverty.
  3. Sean Hannity of Fox News thinks Americans shouldn’t ever see the Mueller report on Trump.
  4. Trump confirms that Fox News shills are his chief influencers.
  5. Fox News refused to run an ad for an Oscar-nominated anti-Nazi documentary.
  6. Tucker Carlson of Fox News insists that there was ‘no collusion’ between Trump and Russia because there just wasn’t any.
  7. Fox News Fails to see any Russian collusion in Roger Stone’s indictment.
  8. Fox News compares Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Hitler and Stalin in unhinged rant.
  9. Fox News airs Ruth Bader Ginsburg obituary graphic.
  10. Fox News hosts blatantly push him to declare a national emergency over his border wall funding.

Can anyone make a credible case for the network that spews those lies and slander to host a debate by the party they have been unambiguously trying to destroy? Well, Fox News senior vice president Bill Sammon can. He said that:

“We hope the DNC will reconsider its decision to bar Chris Wallace, Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, all of whom embody the ultimate journalistic integrity and professionalism, from moderating a Democratic presidential debate. They’re the best debate team in the business and they offer candidates an important opportunity to make their case to the largest TV news audience in America, which includes many persuadable voters.”

There is so much in there that is just plain nonsense. To begin with, it’s already been established that “journalistic integrity and professionalism” is nonexistent on Fox News. They do not have “the largest TV news audience in America.” In fact, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC has beaten her competition, Sean Hannity, nearly every night for four straight months. And Fox’s audience is the least persuadable bunch of right-wing cult worshipers in TV land. They are more reliably Republican voters than even members of the GOP. There simply isn’t a significant number of Fox News viewers who will ever vote for a Democrat.

Nevertheless, Fox News still believes that they should get a chance to host a Democratic debate. Despite being a network whose hosts and contributors have universally banded together to disparage special counsel Robert Mueller – an American hero who has devoted his entire life to public service – as a corrupt, conflicted, Stalinist, traitor to America. They remain silent when Trump calls the media “the enemy of the people.” creating an environment that encourages censorship and violence. They have advised Trump to act illegally by ignoring judicial rulings and issuing executive orders that violate the Constitution. And no one on Fox said a word when Trump declared that he knows – and could name – Democrats in Congress who hate America.

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Does that sound like a network that should be allowed to host a debate by members of the party that they are railing against in the most despicable terms? Obviously Perez came to his senses by nixing Fox as a debate host. And if anyone thinks that it’s discriminatory, just remember that Trump has already nixed the networks that he doesn’t like. While he has give more than forty interviews to Fox News, he has given zero to CNN and MSNBC. And he is supposed to be the president of all the people, not just the GOP/Trump-friendly ones he finds at Fox News. The Democratic Party has no such obligation. And they certainly have no obligation to present themselves to their sworn enemies for an orchestrated political assault.

UPDATE: Naturally Trump weighed in on this via Twitter:

Which is funny, because he actually boycotted a Fox News debate himself. It was because he didn’t like Megyn Kelly who was one of the moderators. Now he’s all verklempt because Democrats don’t want to legitimize a network that does nothing but insult them.

Also, Trump has already done the same thing. He’s given 40+ interviews to Fox and zero to CNN and MSNBC. What’s more, most Americans would love it if he boycotted debates not on Fox. The less of him, the better.


5 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons the DNC Was Right to Refuse a Fox News Hosted Democratic Primary Debate

  1. I was reminded of when a network refused to televise one of the Republican debates or something like that — think it was 2008 — and all the ReThugs were going on at how scared the Dems were for not televising it; “if the Dems are too scared to face Republicans, they’re too scared to face al Queda” was making the rounds A LOT then.

    BUT, when the RETHUGS refused to let a network televise one of their propaganda festers because it was too liberal, too partisan (pot calling the kettle black, of course) or too something or other, we were supposed to accept that THEIR objection was justified, and they condemned any attempt to brand them as cowards.

    Hypocrisy and double standards. Without which, the ReThugs would be nothing. Of course, WITH them, they are nothing….

  2. Oh for f***’s sake, ENOUGH with the fake news bulls*it. Christ almighty, grow the F**K up and let that s*it GO.

  3. The only thing the Democratic candidates would get out of a debate on Fox is increased death threats! I hope Perez doesn’t cave on this and would not be surprised if he eventually does.

  4. The First Communist first ‘lady’ was put by the Family Values Republicans, along with this Fake president, into the United State’s White House. That is puzzling since there are quite a few Republican women who are far better suited to represent the US, and they do come from the United States, than a Foreign born daughter of a Communist Party leader from Slovenia. The Family Values Republicans, from Texas, also put a man from Canada who’s father is a Communist from Cuba into the United States Senate. “Fox news” clearly supports the plan of Vladimir Putin to control the US president, a 5 time Draft-Dodger, 6 times Bankrupted, 3 time “Holy Married” braggart of an Adulterer, who keeps attacking our disabled, POWs, and Gold Star Families as he fully praises the North Korean leader. It’s an insane, inane, deplorable, reality we Americans are stuck with. Hold the Republicans fully accountable for what they have done to our Nation. Never Vote for any Republican since they will keep hurting the United States. Please vote for all of us, not the Dictator’s stooge in Washington, District of Columbia.

    • That is so true it the people that have to stand up and Voice their opinion on how they think of this man they call president Trump? I’m a senior over 70still living a full life but if it would be up to Trump he’d cut cack social security on seniors who worked to earn their retirement payments, please if you read this Please comment on your feelings and let the people in Washington the peoples or have a voice to stop this president?

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