Trump Threatens to ‘Look Into’ Social Media Bias of Diamond and Silk, James Woods, and Infowars

With all of the problems that Donald Trump is dealing with now (Mueller, Barr, Venezuela, the border, Putin, Kim) it’s odd that he would take time to push the ludicrous conspiracy theory that conservatives are being discriminated against on social media. All of the evidence shows unequivocally that there is no such bias. It’s just the infantile and self-serving whining of Trump and other right-wingers who can’t accept that they are not universally beloved by zillions.

Diamond and Silk, Fox News

The phony charge of anti-conservative treatment by websites like Twitter and Facebook is nothing new. It has been alleged by Republican politicians, Fox News hosts, and paranoid wingnuts for years. First among them is the modern minstrel duo, Diamond and Silk. They even testified before Congress for a hearing on the imaginary bias. So it is not surprising to see the Fox News “personalities” on Trump’s Twitter feed getting a boost from the President who spends countless hours watching Fox News:

Reading Trump’s praise for a couple of superfans doesn’t really deserve much attention. What’s troubling about this tweet is Trump’s threat to look into how they “have been treated so horribly by Facebook.” Exactly what authority does he think he has to “look into” that? And if that weren’t bad enough, Trump expressed the same concerns for whackjob James Woods and Infowars “correspondent” Paul Joseph Watson.

These are people whose social media contributions often exacerbate the most virulent racism that appears on the Internet. They are purposefully divisive and aren’t shy about inciting potential violence. So while Trump continues to complain that he is being misrepresented with regard to his comments about the deadly right-wing riots in Charlottesville, he nevertheless promotes people with exactly the same repugnant views. These are the cretins that he feels so compelled to defend with tweets like this, currently pinned to the top of his feed:

Indeed we do have freedom of speech, not that Trump actually gives a damn. If he did he wouldn’t repeatedly refer to the free press in Stalinist terms as “the enemy of the people.” And if his interpretation of free speech includes “monitoring” what citizens are freely posting online, his notions about the First Amendment are closer to those of his BFF Vladimir Putin than they are to anything in the Constitution. Maybe he would like it if Fox News was held to his standards of forced balance?

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UPDATE: On Saturday morning Trump extended his tweetstorm defending social media’s most dangerous and provocative wingnuts. His bonkers retweeting included three more posts of Infowars content. He has truly bought into the deranged conspiracy world.


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  1. These days, I’m glad humanity will be wiped out before long. Hoping it happens while these ********* are here to see it happen.

  2. Trumpenstein has plenty of time. Remember all that executive time he has. This is what he uses it for. He really is not a constructive person; he’s more destructive by nature. It’s this dotard’s perceived job is to divide and separate. If he would try to bring everyone together in positive ways he just might be undefeatable in the next election.

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